Pokemon Court Chapter 1080

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1080, manned spaceship, re-enter the universe, floating astronomy
    Mossdeep Satellite Launch Center for Hoenn Region is the only satellite launch base, satellite Launch center location conditions are very harsh, latitude, climate, topography, traffic, safety are affecting the launch results, to meet the conditions, the entire Hoenn can not find a few places, Coupled with the fact that space activities are not prevalent in the Elf world, Mossdeep City has become a special place.

    This time, the rocket for the lunar exploration was manufactured by Devon Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is a new type of rocket powered by infinite energy. It is the same power unit as the drive unit of Devon's world-famous Dive boat. It is excellently manufactured and perfectly overcome. Most of the defects of existing rockets.

    In the Mossdeep City, satellite launch center, Terrance is ready. This time, the Elf Alliance is very important. There is no reason for it. Everyone is looking forward to whether the moon is likely to become the first immigrant planet of humanity, and on the moon. Are there rare resources available?

    For the shallow information of the Moon, Elf Alliance has mastered the same, and the same as the previous life, the world's moon is not Hideki, when the sun is shining in the daytime, the surface temperature can reach more than 100 degrees Celsius, at night, the surface temperature can be reduced to minus nearly 200 degrees Celsius, in addition, The surface of the moon gravity only one-sixth of the Earth, which is what humans get through the previous two lunar exploration, but this does not prevent Elf Alliance from expecting the moon.

    The technology of past life is not enough to change the moon, but for the world of elves, whether it is a variety of high-tech, or the power of Pokémon, it is possible to transform the moon into a place suitable for humans and Pokémon. For this reason, there are even scholars. A retrofit solution has been provided.

    "Are you ready, guys."

    This time Terrance landed on the moon, with only four elves, Altaria, Diancie, Ninetales, Gardevoir…

    The main thing is that there are more elves, so I can't take care of them.

    Originally, Terrance wanted to bring Togekiss, but Togekiss was a Fairy-based elf. After listening to Terrance's many benefits of landing on the moon, he was still unmoved. He still kept the resources of Togepi Park, and he was very determined. This made Terrance. Very speechless.

    However, Terrance did not force, gx energy is enough for it to digest, and this lunar exploration is not the last time. There are still many opportunities in the future. Not only will the main elves of his Fairy Legion have the opportunity to get a close look at the moon, even if it is Those Lunatone and Ribombee may have the opportunity to climb the moon.

    In addition to the four elves such as Altaria, there will be two elves and Terrance boarding the Rockets, and that is the two Deoxys.

    The four elves, Altaria, Diancie, Ninetales, and Gardevoir, did not stay in the Poké Ball, but stayed with Terrance. Now they hear Terrance's inquiries and respond in different ways.

    The name of the manned spacecraft in the launch vehicle was named "Fairy No. 1". Many people still don't understand the meaning, but Terrance thinks the name of the ship is very suitable for his purpose of exploring the moon.

    It is worth mentioning that this lunar exploration activities may not be able to end in just a few days, "fairy one" within the complete facilities, powerful can block the external impact of the outside world, can adapt to a variety of physical and chemical factors caused by problems, recycling resources system enough to support a person and a few Pokémon In which to live for several years, in addition to the previous life of the moon landing because of the gravitational site caused by the ultra-weightlessness problem, in the world's cutting-edge technology, also do not have to Terrance to experience, the ship's interior will be self-regulation.

    It can be said that within the "Fairy No. 1", even on the moon, it is no different from being in the Hoenn Region. This is the root cause of Terrance's long-term lunar exploration on the moon.

    "There are two more hours to leave, nervous?"

    "Alright, I can go up with Rayquaza. I think the rocket is more reassuring."Terrance shrugged and smiled at the head of the rocket launch.

    "Haha, too, I almost forgot Terrance Elite. You went to the universe with Rayquaza to save Hoenn's hero again."

    After the events of Groudon and Kyogre, and now to resolve the meteorite crisis, Terrance has now become a household name for Hoenn Region, even if Steven, the Alliance champion, has no reputation Terrance To be large, if someone asks Johto Region Region most well-known trainer is who, most people may answer Watanabe, if someone asks Sinnoh Region who is the most well-known trainer, Cynthia no doubt, but if asked Hoenn Region, Then it doesn't have to be Steven, the Alliance champion, who is most likely to have saved Hoenn Region's fairy Elite Terrance two times.

    The relationship with the three super-ancient elves of Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, coupled with the rising experience of Terrance, made Terrance closer to the bottom and more supported by Hoenn. It can be said that even if Steven abdicated, Hoenn Alliance directly let Terrance took over the championship, and not many people would say gossip, strength and fame, everything is a matter of course.

    This time Terrance went to the moon, did not inform many familiar friends, only told the people of Olde Green House, he set foot on the trip.

    For this moon landing event, Dewen spent tens of billions of dollars, and the sovereignty of the moon was inevitable. It was not long before the rocket was launched. Terrance, who was inside the manned spaceship, got Ground's instructions.

    The Mossdeep City Space Center, the satellite launch center, and the two centers work together to ensure that Terrance's lunar exploration activities are foolproof!

    After the launch of the rocket, from the Hideki layer, Rayquaza in the ozone layer was in the Hoenn Region, and it was naturally alarmed. However, considering the agreement with Terrance, it had almost no action and continued to digest it. Meteorite, which was packaged back, was too lazy to see if it was Terrance in the Rockets.

    After the manned spacecraft assist the launch vehicle into the universe, it began to orbit the planet, ready to look for the time to jump out of orbit to the moon, all by Rotom Pokédex operation, Terrance also happy and leisurely, to tell the truth, this moon landing activities than he thought it would be easier, There is no such cumbersome step as the previous past, this manned spacecraft, nor is it the same as the previous life restrictions of many spacecraft, but more like the "Dragon Ball" in the weak version of the spacecraft, has initially had the ability to manned interstellar navigation.

    If the Elf Alliance is willing to put its mind here, it is not impossible to make a spaceship capable of interstellar travel.

    "Here is Fairy No. 1, then the track is about to jump and go on the moon."

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