Pokemon Court Chapter 1081

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1081 Lifetime Events, First Landing, Astronomy
    "Here is Fairy No. 1, then the track is about to jump and go on the moon."

    Rotom Pokédex was re-identified as the "Fairy No. 1" main system with the Cosmos Center on Ground.

    "You can go to the moon."

    When the rocket was launched, countless people from various Regions watched this shocking scene through TV broadcast.

    Now that the time of the moon landing from Terrance is getting closer and closer, the broadcast of the TV has not been suspended, and the picture of Terrance's activities on the moon is also being played.

    How are you feeling?

    "Fortunately, it's no different from Ground."

    When contacting Ground, Terrance performed very calmly. From the launch of the rocket to the confirmation of the moon landing, although the time was not long, it was not short. During this period, he was reviewing the information about the moon and rearranging it for Fairy Type. The problem solved smoothly.

    Altaria and Ninetales are on the side of the Rest, Diancie in the Gravity room to understand the Gravity system of the manned spacecraft, as for Gardevoir, to communicate with the two Deoxys, exchanged Psychic's experience.

    Although Deoxys is very strong and exceeds Gardevoir, the two Deoxys are not very subtle in terms of the use of Psychic. They only use Superpower and racial talent to control this huge spiritual sea, and the genius of Mewtwo. The elves are very different.

    But Terrance also some understanding, after all, these Deoxys although the IQ is very high, but never want to go to the human perspective to learn, but Mewtwo, from the Rockets detached, began to study the human carried out elf cloning, but also independently learned most of the human mastery of scientific and technological means, Had it not been for these experiences, Mewtwo would not have behaved so much like a human being.

    In the exchange with Gardevoir, two Deoxys, although they are rare elves born from the cosmic virus, but Gardevoir is also the rare elves born in the Mewtwo experiment, but also by the MEW and Mewtwo of the common baptism, So Gardevoir and two deoxys in fact there is not much gap, the two sides have their own strengths, learn from each other, but also let Terrance this gardevoir trainer and two Deoxys once again brought some relations closer.

    "The next step is to separate, but we will stay on the moon for a while, you can come to us at any time."

    After receiving a reminder from Rotom Pokédex, Terrance smiled and came to Deoxys and said that now, Deoxys can understand human language.

    The elves are sometimes very simple, you are good to them, they are good to you, and the freedom of Terrance and Devin has undoubtedly achieved the greatest favor of the two Deoxys, not to mention the fact that they have The helplessness, so the two Deoxys also began to trust the humans led by Terrance and Steven.

    "Space suit…"

    Although in the spacecraft can ensure life activities, but once left the spacecraft landing on the moon, or inseparable from the protection of the space suit, Terrance in and every Pokémon communication, immediately to pick up the space suit, this spacesuit and he before wearing the same function, but the transformation is more intimate, not too heavy, Just like wearing ordinary clothes, and the oxygen used to breathe, is also condensed into a mini gas tank, which uses a special space compression technology, carrying convenience, Altaria, Ninetales, Gardevoir also carried this device, as for Diancie …Even if you don't breathe, it doesn't matter, which makes Altaria a little envious.

    Upon arrival at the moon, the exploration of the Moon does not need to Terrance Energy, Ground over there will be through the Rotom Pokédex system to control the spacecraft's intelligent robot to explore the moon, these robots cold and heat resistance, can be 24 hours of activity, and built-in a variety of detection means, More efficient than artificial exploration, that is to say, Terrance only need to be busy with their own things, and occasionally to the ground side to report a peace on the line.

    In addition, Terrance, a long-time lunar exploration activity, estimated that he was thoroughly familiar. This broadcast, coupled with the fermentation of the previous two events, made Terrance somewhat tickle…I don't know how others think about themselves. Is it possible for them to get some admirers and solve the lifelong events by the way? Thinking of this, Terrance subconsciously scratched his cheeks. He had no time to think about it. After 40 years of singleness, Grandma Ellen started to remind him, but Terrance knows nothing about this…

    "When I go back, try it out…"

    The moon, the largest mass satellite, is covered with a Tackle pit formed by a small celestial body, Tackle. It has dark parts and bright areas. The bright area is the high ground. It is also the place where humans landed when they explored the moon three times.

    As the manned spacecraft landed safely, Terrance and Deoxys, dressed in silver spacesuits, took their first foot toward the Moon ground, and Rotom Pokédex, who followed Terrance, immediately preserved the picture, which for decades of human development in the future, is a historic moment, and it represents a means by which humanity can finally have a stable journey to the moon.



    At the Mossdeep City Universe Center, as Terrance successfully landed on the moon, his photo of the Moon's Ground was sent back, and suddenly many people showed their longing expression.

    “The level of technology before the two lunar explorations was not enough for humans to stay on the moon for a long time to explore the whole picture. Now that the conditions are complete, they can finally explore without any fear.”The person in charge of the center of the universe smiled. He felt that joining the text after graduation was the most sensible choice in his life.

    The text of the day is unpopular. When I chose this because of my love, he has been worried about the achievements of his life, but who knows, will turn around today, and let his name be fortunate to go into history with Terrance Elite.

    Wen high-level also on the Terrance this action is very concerned, the original text means to send other astronauts to the moon first, do not want to let Terrance take the lead in the risk, but can not bear the deoxys things are important, and Terrance curiosity about the moon with his conditional moon landing more and more weight up, By all sorts of factors, the candidate for the Moon eventually fell on the Terrance head.

    In fact, the results of this moon landing are remarkable, Terrance they not only with more sophisticated shooting technology took a lot of pictures of the moon, but also harvested countless lunar ores, the moon's soil, trace elements and other exploration projects also into the process, the main thing is, from the "Fairy one" The semi-automatic detection of intelligent robot, has found the existence of "water" in the dark Side of the moon, found evidence to confirm the existence of moisture!

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