Pokemon Court Chapter 1082

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1082 without the days of Terrance, floating astronomy
    "Have you heard that…The Fairy Elite Terrance has been on the moon for more than a month. If it weren't for his contact with Ground, I am afraid some people think he is missing. ”

    "On the moon? In addition to paying attention to it at the beginning, I didn’t pay any attention to it. I’m going to talk about it, what is going on…”

    There is no Hideki on the moon, the environment is bad, and for Fairy Elite Terrance to be able to stand in that place for more than a month, many people have an incredible attitude.

    "I don't know, anyway, I haven't received the message 'Fairy No. 1' to return to Ground. However, someone sent a post in the forum of the Center of the Universe. If it is not an official response, everyone thinks Terrance Elite is unexpected."

    After all, the two passers-by have already sat in the audience according to the seating chart in their hands.

    Here is theEver Grande Stadium!

    More than a month after Terrance's landing on the moon, the Hoenn Region ushered in another Evergrande Conference. This time, the Evergrande Conference gathered with 257 people. It is said that there are more than a dozen players who are predicted to have a chance to win. People, all of them are Trainer who are active in Hoenn this year.

    Somewhere in the audience, a tall woman sat in the crowd waiting for the opening of the Evergrande Conference.

    This woman is Kathrine, the owner of the Ballabor Gym, an Evergrande Conference. In fact, there is no need for a Taoist owner to pay attention. The purpose of Kathrine personally is mainly because it is the half-disciple of Troie. Participate in the competition.

    "Terrance, this guy, said that if you want to come together to see the game, the result…"

    When it comes to Terrance, Kathrine is speechless. I don't know what attracted him to the moon. He even made him so reluctant, and he was reluctant to come back and drag on.

    Kathrine from Steven to learn that the first lunar exploration activities have been completed, but Terrance not only did not return, but the independent extension of the date of return, said that the study of fairy Energy has reached the most critical point, can not disturb and interrupt, For Terrance attitude, the text side is also very helpless, but the good thing is that the resources in the manned spacecraft enough Terrance to maintain the operation of life, of course, if not because of this, Terrance also dare not continue to stay.

    The next time the lunar exploration is uncertain, Terrance is now inspired and naturally reluctant to give up research.

    This time Evergrande Conference actually pay attention to a lot of people, Terrance although in the moon, but also please ground people to help him get the news of Evergrande Conference, this work, and finally fell on Steven's head, Because he also wanted to pay attention to that Ash trainer, he sent Ash Mega Evolution props, if Ash eventually can not get the title, but also too sorry for his mega Evolution stone.

    "Sister, I think the hope of Ash's championship is great. He seems to have sent the main force of Kanto Region."

    ButI heard Miss Kathrine say that the Falla Gym Gym apprentice Troie will also attend the Evergrande Conference. The Trainer seems to be strong, and Miss Kathrine seems to have confidence in him. ”May shook his head in fear. A month ago, Ash, who had entered the final stage of practice, planned to challenge Terrance with the Bug Type elf received from Fallabor Gym, but it was not long before Terrance just landed on the moon, even if Ash was anxious. There is no way, he can't always challenge Terrance on the moon.

    Even if he is followed by a fairy trio that can make rockets, the most important thing for landing on the moon is to have a manned spaceship that can survive. Without enough money, I am afraid that Meowth and James will be powerless if they get the shipbuilding book. Consumption is not something they can earn from working…

    Can't challenge Terrance, a few people had to give up temporarily, but Ash didn't want to see it. He challenged Kathrine twice and finally won many attempts, but in the face of Kathrine's Fallarbor Badge, Ash didn't. Then, I want to wait for Terrance to come back and take it from Terrance.

    "Tyson, Ash, Morrison, Troie…This time at the Evergrande Conference, there are a lot of powerful players. ”

    Ash in Hoenn Region and took demon a few new elves, after Indigo Plateau Conference, Silver Conference baptism, but also let Ash have a bit of veteran demeanor, in his last record point of view, Can already be seen as Evergrande Conference to win the favourites, in fact Ash also lived up to the expectations of the masses, in the absence of a major, on the way, easily broke through the preliminary, preliminary championships, came to the final tournament.

    A total of 32 players entered the finals, and then the 6vs6 match began. After entering this stage, the Evergrande Conference has passed a day, and the players are about to play a tougher match.

    "Ash is in the top 16, it's not bad!"As Ash breaks through the top 32, Xiaosheng said with joy.

    "The next time his Rival is…Morrison That fat Trainer…"

    In the top 16, Ash has been using the elves Swellow, Glalie, Corpish, Torkoal and Sceptile in the Hoenn Region. Even in the midst of a dangerous battle, Sceptile has successfully ended Rival. Trump Card Pikachu has not yet appeared. This momentum has allowed Xiaosheng saw the hope of Ash's victory.

    know if theAsh still has a lot of cards not showing up.

    In addition to Ash, Troie and another Trainer called Tyson are also very stable, easy to enter the top 16, and become the object of the audience, in fact, there is nothing beyond the expectations of the 16th battle, Troie, Tyson Ash, these popular champions have advanced, until the semi-finals, only gradually appeared the interesting Contest Category ……

    "Troie vsTyson…"

    "Troie and Tyson?"Ash, who has returned to the lounge, looks at the two Trainers with gaze. In fact, the three players who have won the championship in this competition have already met under the circumstance. For the strength of these two people, Ash naturally recognizes it. But he…Still do not want to lose, want to win the first champion of his own, and then attack the Masters, go further to Master Bai Cheng and Terrance and dreams!

    The player Tyson is very old, older than Ash and Troie, and similar to Terrance, not a talented potential player, but a veteran who has accumulated enough experience. He has challenged many times. The Region Conference in other places has just missed the championship with bad luck, but there is no doubt that he has the strength to win the championship.

    On the grassy ground, Tyson and Troie were opposite each other. In the face of Troie, Tyson thought about it for a long time and then talked about Terrance.

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