Pokemon Court Chapter 1083

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1083 Ever Grande summit battle, Ash vsTroie, Astronomy
    “I remember you are an apprentice at Fallaboro Gym?”

    “Um? What's the matter?Troie is puzzled.

    "Nothing, just remembering an encounter just after traveling."Tyson smiled, in the first time he had just traveled a year, in the green town of Rusturf Tunnel on the other side of the Terrance, and Terrance had to team up and work together to solve the Diglett incident, at that time Terrance is a veritable rookie Trainer, but also because the number of elves are less teased by teammates, now think about it, let Tyson have a earthly illusion.

    "Terrance, who only received two Pokémons, has become one of the Elite Fours, and I am still in the Evergrande Conference, so even if I want to catch up with the Terrance, I can't lose him here. The younger generation."

    "The only thing to say is…"After a brief glimpse, Troie looked serious and said: "I am sorry for my predecessors, I am not willing to lose, even if it is the following!"

    The two powerful Trainers immediately launched a fierce 6vs6 battle after the referee announced the start of the game.

    I have to say, if Tyson is an experienced player, then Troie is a gifted player, two people fighting down, there have been several times conference the experience of the Tyson, unexpectedly just and Troie close, to know that the animation series, Tyson is a good advantage to obtain ever The trainer of Grande Conference Champion, now the champion of the Championship, began to move under the gears of Fate, and with Troie expression solemnly sent his own Trump Card elf Heracross, Tyson Sent a standing meowth, inside and outside the field instantly burst out a warm noise.

    "Meowth loses combat power, so the winner is a Troie player!"

    "It turned out that Troie won…He is really strong. ”Xiao Gang was surprised by the result, but the eyes of the venomous he found a problem, that is, in the fight with Troie, Tyson always tied up, although experienced, but Tyson accumulated are the experience of regular combat, and Troie Pokémon out, but is to recruit hot, recruit the key, Seems to be in the same way of life and death, such a method of combat, accidentally will let the elves suffer difficult to treat serious injuries.

    ASHSee Troie new show of the fighting style, small just began to worry about, in the face of this fighting style of trainer, like Ash they have not experienced life and death to fight the trainer, will certainly be greatly affected, on the overall strength Troie is not really as good as Tyson, but Troie But by such an advantage to achieve victory, which let Xiao Gang finally understand that Miss Kathrine said Troie very strong true meaning.

    This guy……It is not an ordinary Trainer at all.

    On the other side, Ash also made a successful promotion. The Evergrande Conference finals decided the next one to attack the Hoenn Masters. Both players are younger Trainers with great potential, so they are also highly anticipated. .

    "What to do now?"Troie is going to play the finals…"In the audience, Xiaojing is very nervous.

    However, under the Troie and Ash below, the two are not as nervous as their friends. One of them is trained by Kathrine and Rotom Pokédex. One is a bloody player who runs the word "莽" and will hardly be This scene affects.

    "There is finally a fight."Ash sorted out the position of the hat and was excited.

    "War!"Troie also heard from Terrath about Kathrine's expectations for Ash, not sloppy.

    Ash, Swellow, slashed Troie's genie Dustox from Attribute, but what Ash didn't think was that the Troie's coordination skills for Fallabor Gym were better than May. Just one round, let's just let Swellow was poisoned, and even Swellow activated Perseverance and failed to solve Rival.

    ‘How?’Less than a minute later, Swellow lost his strength. Is Poison Powder's Poison Powder so deadly? ”

    In order to deal with Troie's Bug Type sprite, Ash sent Attributes to restrain the opponent's Torkoal and Glalie, but Troie took the way of saving physical strength. For each win, he changed an elf. In just three rounds, he easily killed Ash. The three elves that were newly conquered in the Hoenn Region, this strength almost made the audience stunned. It seems that the champion has appeared…

    "Sure enough, this Ash is better than the Tyson."Kathrine shook his head.


    "It doesn't matter, Ash's real strength has not yet been shown."Xiao Gang saw the worried May, comforted.

    "Unfortunately, the Ash player lost three elves!! Then the game enters the intermission stage. I don't know if the Ash player can catch up with the advantage in the second half~"

    In the case of Attribute's advantage, the three elves were defeated in succession, and Ash began to reflect.

    However, the Elf lineup in the hand can't make Ash have more choices. In the second half, Ash gritted his hand and sent out his absolute main elf, Charizard from the Charizard Valley!

    "Is it a fire system? It seems that you still don't realize that Attribute doesn't work for me. ”Troie's expression is unchanged.

    However, when Charizard swiftly flew and spurted a violent orange-red flame, Troie finally realized the crisis. The elf and the three elves sent by Ash were not a heavyweight at all, and the overall strength was to suppress him. All the main spirits outside the Trump Card.


    "Charizard! Burn everything! ! ”Ash shouted.

    Charizard, a regular help Ash to turn the situation of the powerful elves, once because of disobedience to make a lot of oolong, but in Terrance's help, Charizard re-recognized Ash this trainer, and with warlike, unyielding character quickly grew up, Became the ASH team in addition to Pikachu outside the true sense of the absolute main force, in order to win, Ash from the Charizard valley called back this old partner, the latter half of the hope all pinned on this group of old partners!

    Charizard ! Burn everything! !

    Under the raging fire, Ash finally reversed the situation and directed Charizard to defeat Troie's two main forces in succession, but Charizard, also because of Troie's layout, fell into paralysis, facing Troie's third main elf Masquerain It seems a bit difficult.

    "The situation is v4…Ash has hope! ”As the situation reversed, Xiaogang breathed a sigh of relief. In this way, Ash, who completed the Sceptile Mega Evolution training and had the electric ball Pikachu, did not necessarily lose!

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