Pokemon Court Chapter 1084

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1084 Mega Sceptile! Floating astronomy
    Masquerain is the last of the three Bug Type sprites that Troie has sent.

    Masquerain Flying is a good-looking artist who uses water-based tricks, in addition to Air Slash, which is enough to cut deadly wounds.

    As if Charizard would be Assist to recover his strength during this time, Troie immediately issued a command to make Masquerain attack after Masquerain appeared. Masquerain danced, numerous crystal drops of water scattered in the air, changing the humidity of the air, Troie intended to use Water Sport moves to weaken Charizard's firepower.

    "Charizard, can you still play?"

    Ash subconsciously turned his hat, and as Charizard made a powerful and wary scream, he suddenly showed a serious expression.

    "Charizard! Use the Heat Wave to resist its Water Sport moves! ”

    Masquerain's weak body made it destined to be hard to resist, but with the ingenious Water Sport, the Charizard Heat Wave was no longer enough to be called a move. With the gap of the Heat Wave, Masquerain used it directly from the founder of Fallabor Gym, Terrance. The downward airflow flying technique, the front side uses the airflow to disperse the Heat Wave, then flies past it and slams into the top of Charizard.

    “Masquerain, Water Pulse !!”

    As the whirlpool of condensed spheres appeared in front of Masquerain, Ash frowned, but he believed Charizard and saw Charizard's fearless look, Ash took a deep breath and shouted "big words!"

    Water Pulse came quickly, but Charizard was not afraid of physical exhaustion, still staring at each other with a fierce look. After hearing Ash's order, Charizard immediately opened his mouth, and at the same time, the last force broke out. Cleavage the flames towards the front of Masquerain behind Water Pulse!

    The fire burst from Charizard's body, causing it to be filled with hot red energy, proclaiming Charizard's practice in the Charizard Valley, the fire of the substance officially launched, accompanied by Charizard's full-blown big-bang explosion and Water Pulse collided with unparalleled heat. The steam swept the ground in an instant.

    Hot steam swept Charizard and Masquerain, and as Ash waited nervously for the situation to clear up, I saw Troie's face unchanged and shouted out the next command, "Relay!"

    Intense whirlwind blowing steam, all the injuries of the masquerain struggle to jump up the dance to restore sight, disgruntled look at the already fallen charizard a glance, seems to blame this Pang why not let oneself beat, Charizard burst the power, let Troie Abandoned the idea of continuing to send masquerain to fight, directly put Masquerain back, sent another Elf Durant play.

    "There are two elves on the other side, and I have three more, a temporary advantage!"Troie thought about it. He still had Trump Card Heracross and two Durant. How to use these three elves is the key to his decision.

    "Charizard, you have done a good job."After Ash retracted Charizard, he looked at Durant with doubt and made Sceptile on the field.

    Even though Host explained the basic information of Durant, Ash still didn't figure out the weakness of this elf.

    "Ash that guy…Both fireflies have lost their combat ability. The Durant is a worm and a Steel type. Sceptile is very unfavorable. ”

    As the game entered a white-hot stage, Ash couldn't help but say to Troie, "You are really strong. I played very happy in this game, but I won't admit defeat!"

    Of course, Troie was not willing to admit defeat, but when Ash firmly placed his arms across his chest and revealed a special bracelet on his wrist, Troie gave up his rebuttal and plunged into battle.

    The appearance of Mega Bracelet immediately shouted many people, especially Host, shouting the most excited, did not expect that such a high-end thing could appear on the Region Conference hosted by himself.

    "Ok." That is nothing…"

    “Sceptile, Mega Evolution, let Troie take a look at our spiritual achievements!!”

    Ash's Mega Bracelet, hanging around the neck with Sceptile, made most people think it was the stone of the jewelry. As Ash started, it immediately resonated strongly! When Steven gave Ash to the evolutionary stone, he had investigated the spirit of Ash. Finally, he chose to have three sets of Sceptilite to give it to Ash. At that time, Ash's Sceptile was still Grovyle, but in order to master this special Mega Evolution power, Ash did not hesitate to go to the depths of the forest with Grovyle alone and practice hard to get this power before the game.

    "I didn't think he really mastered…"Steven didn't come to the scene personally, but he kept watching the game. To be honest, he didn't know that Ash had mastered the Mega Evolution. After all, Groveyle didn't manage the Mega Evolution. The hardest part of the Mega Evolution is the flaw between Trainer and Pokémon.

    The fetters are the important things that connect trainer and Pokémon in Mega Evolution, but nothingness is indispensable, Grovyle is only in the last year by Ash took demon, which Steven is very clear, unless during this time ash only breeder this elf to enhance feelings, Otherwise, it is very difficult to complete the mega Evolution, for normal trainer, Normal is a number of elves at the same time breeder, Ash is no exception, so the process of building the fetters is not easy, although the elves may listen to trainer words , but faced with such a strong emotional resonance as Mega Evolution, if the two sides do not use deep friendship, it is impossible to complete the mega Evolution.

    “Mastering the Mega Evolution in a short period of time is also a talent.”Steven smiled, how many people got Mega Evolution but couldn't control Mega Evolution…However, this situation does not seem to appear on Ash.

    Sceptile The green body is wrapped in the light of evolution, the big tail extends out, and the red tip appears. The "Leaf Blade" that can be used as a weapon on the hand becomes sharper, with the killing red, and the body. The new features that emerged, all indicating the new Attribute obtained after the Sceptile Mega Evolution…

    "Dragon!"After the Mega Evolution, Sceptile immediately realized the second game, which made Ash excited for a long time.

    "Troie, how, then your Rival is it, Mega Sceptile!!"Ash stepped forward and nodded with Mega Sceptile and looked at their Rival Troie and Durant.

    MegaSceptile ……"At this moment, not only is Troie surprised by Ash's cards, but also many Trainers are also moving. It is difficult to master Mega Evolution even if it is Normal's top Trainer. If you let them know, this Mega Evolution props is just Because the collectors collected them repeatedly, I am afraid to be ashamed and want to hit the wall and die.

    "It seems…Change the strategy. ”Troie not only had no worries, but also raised his war. .

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