Pokemon Court Chapter 1085

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1085 Relay tactics, the worm king appearance, floating astronomy
    In the venue, Durant continued Agility and carefully stared at the Mega Sceptile. After relaying from Masquerain's Quiver Dance to speed, the Durant of Agility is now speeding up, and the silvery skin makes it a silvery one. The afterimage is hard to see.

    "Is it faster than speed? Sceptile is not afraid."Ash saw this, smiled slightly, and let Mega Sceptile Agility chase it. In an instant, the green afterimage caught up with the silver afterimage. With the Sceptile Leaf Blade, Durant was instantly shot.

    "Digging a hole!"Troie saw the exaggerated speed of the Mega Sceptile, and the eyelids shook and gave a new order. Durant immediately sneaked into the ground after landing.

    "Sceptile, keep moving, don't give Durant Lock On your chance!"Ash shouted.

    Upon hearing Ash's instructions, Troie's mouth picked and began to silence, leaving only the moving Mega Sceptile on the field.

    As time passed, Ash's mood gradually became irritating. It wasn't so long, Durant couldn't lock On to Sceptile's position. Isn't it going to look for other offensive methods?

    Mega Sceptile on the field constantly moving, Durant in the ground always refused to come out, the situation with the passage of time gradually embarrassed up, watching this battle Kathrine, in Ash's Charizard and Mega Sceptile appearance, has re-examined ash The strength, and when he played against him, Ash did not send the two elves, but used the bug Type elf obtained from Fallabor Gym, and that Charizard, compared to Ash and Terrance when the battle was a lot stronger …

    In fact, this is another way of practicing Ash. It does not rely on Charizard, Pikachu and other elves in the Dojo competition. Otherwise, Pikachu's strength is enough to help him get Badge. So far, only Petalburg and Sootopolis have made it. Ash sent Pikachu.

    InterestingTroie's move made Kathrine laugh. She laughed that Troie paid attention to Ash and played a dirty routine.

    If she didn't guess wrong, Durant was doing the reinforcements like Iron Defense and Rock Polish under the ground. Since the speed is better than Sceptile, Troie chose to continuously strengthen the defense and invalidate the Sceptile attack.

    "Although Rock Polish is also speeding up, but that Sceptile is also adapting to faster speeds in Agility, what the consequences will be, see the next battle."

    After a while, Ash couldn't wait any longer. Thinking about the moves that Sceptile mastered, Ash's Sceptile didn't have a lot of moves, and didn't use Earthquake, a move that could be used to dig holes, the only option that Ash thought was feasible. Just let Sceptile condense the green energy vines and start Giga Drain to start following the hole to capture Durant!

    "Durant, Toxic."

    Follow the hole, Sceptile smoothly will Durant pull out, and began to suck Durant physical strength, but at this time Troie but temporarily issued a let everyone clap hands praise instructions, Durant in the body condensed toxins, and energy together by Sceptile absorb past, Sceptile, which led to the erosion of toxins, immediately interrupted the Giga Drain, and something was wrong, and the yellow sphere above its body, which was used to store energy, began to be invaded by purple toxins.

    Giga Drain's power is great, and Durant is hit hard, but Sceptile is also recruited.

    "I was able to see such a showdown at the Region Conference. That is really good for Troie."There are quite a few Trainers who nod.

    OopsSeeing Sceptile poisoning, Ash immediately panicked and decided to make a quick fix, let Sceptile solve the enemy in front of him.

    With the willpower and physique of Mega Sceptile, this Toxic has no effect on it in a short time.

    Endure the erosion of toxins, green shadow flashing, the speed of the Sceptile more accelerated, but also do not wait for Durant reaction, it will be used to split the Durant into the ground, but, in the face of Mega Sceptile strong attack, Durant unexpectedly again tenacious stand up, its whole body of iron Defense has Defense x to the extreme, turned himself into a degeneration, the defense exaggeration is amazing, Ash did not see the inside of it, eat the loss of less insight, at this time is still grappling with how to solve the sceptile toxin.

    By the way… Sceptile, with Plant Frenzy! ”Ash suddenly thought about it, this is sceptile evolution to understand the trick, in the first place sceptile in order to show this trick spent a lot of physical strength, in order to provide plant frenzy nutrition, its body of the yellow sphere dimmed a lot, when Shikaogang told him, that is Sceptile Where nutrients are stored, all toxins are now inhaled there, so just release them through plant frenzy.

    Shua! Shua! Shua!

    Plant Frenzy raging, the thick branches continue to fly and block Durant's position, seeing the toxins released along the plant, Troie's face is not calm, this Ash…More than he expected.


    "Durant, use relay!"

    Troie shouted, Durant relayed again, and another Durant appeared in a complex plant.


    Suddenly, Ash realized that it was not good. The original Terrance seemed to use this trick to defeat him…

    Can't give the other party a chance to relay again!

    “Durant, continue to strengthen, after Plant Frenzy, Sceptile can't move!”Troie fast track.

    As Troie said, sure enough, when Ash re-directed Sceptile, he discovered that Sceptile was too aggressive when releasing toxins, and now he can't use his strength. He can only watch another Durant continue to strengthen himself.

    "Sceptile !!"

    On the moon, while waiting for Moon Rock's catalytic reaction to end, Terrance contacted Steven and discussed Ash's battle. This match really made the two top Trainers look too worried.

    "Ash's momentum is good, but also very personal charm, but this command…It seems to be weaker than when you first debut…"Steven is speechless.

    "What is this evaluation…Forget it, this is his fighting style. He is not the kind of person who is suitable for system learning. Occasionally, a good command is basically a move. ”Terrance shook his head and said: "This kind of Trainer is a late bloomer and requires a long travel time to let them accumulate experience."

    It makes senseSteven recognized Terrance's statement.

    "Hey you two, don't float around me."The one-hearted Terrance, suddenly looking black and black and looking at the Ninetales floating in the air with Altaria, was troubled.

    At the same time, Ash's Sceptile once again suppressed this Durant, but the consumption is not small. With two Durant, the advantage of Mega Sceptile is polished, and Troie's command is indeed beyond Ash, making up for the strength. difference.

    "Ash, my layout is complete, your Sceptile…Can you deal with it? Durant, relay again, go, Heracross! ”


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