Pokemon Court Chapter 1086

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1086 Thunder and Gallop, the Jedi counterattack Ash, floating astronomy
    The appearance of Heracross gave the venue a dignified atmosphere. Ash's offensive rhythm was chaotic and could not interrupt Troie's infinite relay, which led to the emergence of a limit-enhanced Heracross.

    This Heracross, the elf of Troie's main Breeder, is superior to the previous elves, and now, like the Oreburgh-like body, makes this Heracross look particularly embarrassing.

    Ash's Sceptile is very impatient, cold and proud to look at Heracross, Mega Evolution's Sceptile has to say that the physical strength is very amazing, continuous support for such a long period of consumption has no physical exhaustion.

    "This is your tactics!"Ash is not happy with Troie's cautious fighting style. He likes the kind of straight-forward battle. Now that he sees the sly Heracross, Ash is relieved. Troie drags it to the present, just for this moment, then Down, finally you can have a hearty battle!

    "Heracross, Mega Horn!"Troie nodded.


    Accompanied by Ash, with the "two-in-one" attack, the two elves collided together at the same rapid speed. What made Ash change was that Sceptile's first flaw was directly suppressed by Heracross, and Sceptile was ready for the second round. At the time, it was already flying by Heracross, and it was followed by countless Pin Missile.

    "With Leaf Storm!"

    Ash quickly shouted, Sceptile rushed to withstand the attack with Leaf Storm, but Heracross's offensive was fierce and quickly passed away from Mega Sceptile.

    Heracross is flying, Heracross's Flying speed is not fast, but after the relay, it is faster than many Flying genie!

    The audience exclaimed, Heracross had condensed the white blade, and suddenly turned to use the Aerial Ace move, cutting a deep mark on Sceptile.

    Because of the extreme relay, Heracross is not inferior to Mega Sceptile, so now Sceptile is struggling to face the ultimate in Heracross and can't quickly gain the upper hand.

    "With Mega Horn!"

    "Stop it!"

    Facing not inferior to their own heracross, Mega sceptile a shout, full of efforts to fight back, in this time of crisis, Ash's mood and sceptile again through key stone, Mega stone connection, so that Mega Sceptile continue to fight hard , both sides you come to me, but in the end it is heracross highly skilled, assist Attribute advantage, stoutly with a strong defense will be mega Sceptile dragged down, because the strength of the exit mega Evolution Contest condition Sceptile, directly by the Heracross to find a chance to kill, this ash only left an elf.

    "You have done a good job, Sceptile…"Ash grips Sceptile's Poké Ball and comforts.

    Although not defeating any of Troie's elves, Sceptile's record is really good.

    Even Kathrine can't deny the strength of this Mega Sceptile. Although it doesn't seem to beat any of the elves, its Rival, which has consumed almost all of its strength, added to the injury and has relayed the enhanced Contest Condition, two Durant. There is no power in the battle.

    That Masquerain has no possibility of fighting again. That is to say, Troie's Heracross is the only elf that can fight in high intensity, but even Heracross has lost a lot of energy under the attack of Mega Sceptile… …

    "However, Ash's last elf needs to face the wheel of four elves and stand until the end. Although there are already three Rivals exhausted, but Heracross is an insurmountable peak. What will he do? ."Kathrine smiled and it seemed that she had won with Terrance.

    Unless, Ash can send a stronger sprite than Mega Sceptile…But is that possible?

    "I will hand it over to you, Pikachu."Ash looked at the powerful Heracross and approached Pikachu.

    When the words fell, Pikachu clenched his fists and confidently waved, and ran straight up.

    This scene……It really makes many people stunned.

    Pikachu ? ?

    Wait a minute, the electric mouse that is at your feet, isn't it the mascot and pet of this Trainer called Ash? ! Did it actually go on the battle? !

    This time, Evergrande Conference, Ash was indeed the first to send Pikachu.

    In fact, few trainer put the main force around, do not put in the Pokéball, which led to many people think that Pikachu is Ash brought the mascot, only a small number of people know that Ash's Pikachu because can explode out of the extreme combat power is too powerful, so it was Ash Restricted appearances, because once Pikachu appeared, Ash's other elves would have no chance to fight.

    So if it is not a strong enemy, Ash Normal will choose to play with other elves, Pikachu used to finale.

    "Pikachu, this time, you don't have to suppress the strength, let's release the power of the electric beads in your body!!"Ash shouted, put the hope of this win all on the Pikachu body, smell, Pikachu all the body suddenly burst into a strong of electrical energy, beads and body fusion, let Pikachu have another very violent electrical, not only the scale of the lethality is also very amazing, The main thing is that this electrical will stimulate the Pikachu body, so that its movement, reaction speed, body strength, explosive limit increase, and pain greatly reduced!

    "Ash won."Xiao Sheng Hey a smile, you know, in order to more perfect mastery of beads, ash but followed his father Mr. Norman practice for some time, Mr. Norman's Trump Card elf slaking Reizhi curse armor, and beads Pikachu situation is similar, is to let Terrance also for the headache of the skill, under the guidance of Norman, Pikachu completely became Ash team in the ban out of the bug-level elves, the outbreak, Pikachu the strongest trick can hurt the top trainer main.

    What happenedThis Pikachu…"The small Pikachu burst into such an amazing electrical body, creating a thundercloud to chop off the lightning, instantly let the site gravel, Ash through the Sceptile and Heracross battle to understand that the close Combat bucket is Heracross's strength, and now directly avoid its edge, Let Pikachu carry on the remote attack, Strong's thunder trick, the penetrating force is extremely amazing, Troie pupil shrinkage, realizes this thunderbolt is not heracross iron Defense can resist.

    Under the thunder, Pikachu and Ash made a strong counterattack!

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