Pokemon Court Chapter 1087

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1087 Champion and Champion, Astronomy
    The strength of Pikachu has made countless people look shocked.

    This destructive power…It’s amazing, it’s hard to imagine being released from the small Pikachu body.

    Kathrine had already concluded that Troie would win, but with Pikachu's prosper, her expression could not help but condense.

    "This is why Terrance is optimistic about him…"

    "This Pikachu is indeed very strong. Even the electric system Elite Laiyue who used to play against you, it is estimated that Breeder does not come out like this Pikachu."Steven was amazed, but Terrance shook his head. You know, Ash still has hidden cards that are not used, but it is estimated that Ash will not be easy to use in this kind of game. After all, Bai Cheng warned Ash many times, that card…It is the power of the waveguide.

    "Troie, the kid, this year is too hard. Listening to Kathrine said that he has hardly experienced any defeat. This time, let him taste the taste of failure. Losing to Ash is not a shame."

    boom! boom! boom!

    Under the sweep of thousands of lightning, Heracross quickly evaded and took the opportunity to approach Pikachu.

    Just after being rubbed, the skin started to smoke and was almost cooked. This trauma made Heracross and Troie realize that it could not be smashed by the electric power of this Pikachu, or else it was lost.

    "In this outbreak, how long can Pikachu's small body last?"

    Troie muttered in his heart, and Pikachu's Close Combat fighting ability was notoriously weak. As long as Heracross succeeded in hitting a hit, this Pikachu might lose its combat ability!

    With such a plan, Heracross keeps moving forward, and it is close to Pikachu, but sees Ash smirking, and Troie is really scared by this indistinguish Thunder trick, and does not predict his layout.

    It turned out that when Thunder's crazy fall, the electrical did not disappear, but spread into the air and Ground, forming an electrical network. When Heracross became aware, it was already entangled in Electro Web, and it was very incomprehensible. move.

    Pikachu does not often participate in the Dojo competition as the main force of Ash, but in order to become stronger, Ash has taken a different approach and learned the original Terrance. He participated in several Contest competitions to train Pikachu's coordination skills. The Electro Web move is one of the achievements of Ash's entry.

    "Pikachu, let it see your speed, Quick Attack!"

    Ash issued an order to hear that Pikachu immediately "picked up", Lock On Heracross bundled with Electro Web, with Heracross's strength, playing Rock Smash stone is fine, but the thrill of the lightning power of Electro Web makes it Physical paralysis, no effort at all, Iron Defense's enhancements, making Heracross's ability to withstand Thunder Shock a level lower.

    “Heracross, wear Electro Web with Pin Missile.”Troie hurriedly shouted.

    However, Spark is here, and as Pikachu's speed beyond the Mega Sceptile is revealed, when Heracross has not responded, it is released by Pikachu from above. Thunderbolt directly smashes Electro Web, and hardly drives Heracross into it. Ground, a huge pit.

    "As always, Pikachu's combat power has exceeded the number of other elves in the Ash team."

    Terrance shook his head and didn't realize that his Altaria and Ash's Pikachu were a virtue.

    Heracross has lost combat ability, the game has nothing to look at, Tyson, Troie, Ash and other people have won the strength of the masters, but that is, the threshold level, strong beat Heracross, Pikachu immediately no longer use that raging electrical energy, Dealing with the most powerful enemy, has consumed most of the physical strength and energy of the Pikachu, the next harvest, there is no need to maintain such a high intensity of combat posture.

    Troie's expression was serious, and two Durant and Masquerain were sent in succession. However, Pikachu's physical strength was clearly maintained, and there was a card move like Reversal. It was difficult for Ash to lose.

    "Durant loses combat power, the winner…It is the Ash player of Pallet Town! ! ”

    In the end, as all of Troie's elves lost their fighting power, Ash was different from the original, winning the Region Conference in the Hoenn Region and qualifying for the Masters.

    "The Pikachu is out of power, even if it will be a headache, let alone Troie, he will lose…"After hearing the referee's announcement, Kathrine looked at Troie who didn't take the victory. Some didn't know what to say.

    At the same time, when Terrance asked Steven about one thing, he ended the communication and continued to observe the catalytic reaction of Moon Rock. After completing this final research, he can go home. This time, the harvest really surprised Terrance. .



    After winning the championship, until the closing ceremony of the Evergrande Conference, Ash did not slow down and felt that everything was like Mew Normal.

    At the "嘿嘿" celebration, Ash accepted the congratulations from others and smirked. He saw that May, Xiaosheng and Xiaogang were silent, so that such a guy won the championship. Is there really no problem?

    "I say you……Will not win a small Region Conference and start to forget it? ”

    Just as Ash was so happy that he couldn't find the North, a helpless voice came, and as the shoulders were photographed, Ash was shocked and quickly looked back.

    "Bai Cheng Teacher…"Seeing Riean with a face laughing and following Bai Cheng, Ash surprises: "Bai Cheng Teacher, you saw it, I won, I remember you said that I will come to see my game, I won the game!" !"

    When it comes to winning, Ash starts to talk incoherently. When he sees it, Bai Cheng makes a pat on his head and says, "What do you want, you Teacher, I used an elf to get the final from the preliminaries, and I didn't change the elves at all. I am not proud of what you are proud of here."

    At the last Evergrande Conference, Bai Cheng used one to enter the top field, which was enough to suppress the Darkrai sweep of many top Trainer Trump Cards. Now, many contestants have been yelling.

    Ash's Teacher?

    Seeing Bai Cheng and Riean, Xiao Gang is no stranger, but May and Xiaosheng are relatively strange. They only learned about Mr. Bai Cheng in the description of Ash.

    Ah ah ahyou……"Seeing Bai Cheng, Xiao Sheng suddenly remembered something, incredible: "You are the Trainer who has won 15 games in the Masters, right!"

    As the Rookie of the Hoenn Masters, Bai Cheng has accumulated 15 wins in the first competition, only lost two. It can be said that it is already very powerful, only inferior to Terrance.

    However, if he loses in the next game, from the point of view of the points, it is really missed the Elite Challenge.

    Xiaosheng recognized Baicheng at a glance, not because of anything else, but his father, Mr. Norman’s next master, Rival…It is Bai Cheng.

    "Hey, kid, do you know me?" Why do I always feel that your eyes are not good…"

    Bai Cheng suddenly, just want to ask how Xiaosheng is going, but his eyes suddenly sharpened, watching the figure coming over and laughing:

    "What day is today, the two champions have gathered together."

    Come, it is the Hoenn Alliance champion, Steven.


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