Pokemon Court Chapter 1088

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1088, Ash's Road, Astronomy
    The champion of Bai Chengkou naturally refers not to the same honor, the Region Conference Champion and the Region Alliance champion, but there is still a big difference.

    Today, Steven wore a black dress, and the silver-blue hair was very eye-catching. When he came to Ash on their side, many people around him recognized Steven.

    "Look, Mr. Steven."

    "Mr. Steven, can you sign me a name!"

    "The championship is big and I beg for a photo."

    Alliance Champion and Alliance Elite are originally a Region's Celebrity Trainer, not to mention the fact that they are not ordinary people who don't pay attention to the elves, but instead come to watch and watch the Evergrande Conference's fans, so Steven is on the scene and instantly lets Many people gathered and excitedly shouted.

    "Sorry, everyone…Today I have some other things to deal with. ”

    Steven smiled and responded. The sound that was not loud was particularly penetrating. He suddenly calmed the crowd. When he finished, his eyes looked at Bai Cheng and Ash.

    Outside the Ever Grande sports field, in a quiet path.

    Unlike the bright lights in the venue and on the street, it is very quiet, except for the Ash people who are walking, it is difficult to find extra passers-by.

    "It was originally sent by Mr. Steven of Ash's Mega Evolution."

    As Ash thanked Steven's Mega Evolution for his help, Bai Cheng was amazed and had some luck with Ash.

    "It’s just that Ash has helped me with my thanks."Steven smiled. "Ash, congratulations on winning the championship."

    "Oh, where, in fact, there is nothing…"Ash squinted his head.

    Seeing, not only May, Xiaosheng, Xiaogang, but even the expressionless Riean couldn't help but be speechless, smug and happy to write on the face…I can see that the champion is happy with you.

    "But then, Ash, are you going to participate in the Masters?"

    "Masters…"Ash suddenly stunned and meditated. He won the Region Conference Champion and was qualified for the Masters. If he could win the Masters, he would have the chance to challenge the Elite Fours…

    This is a great Captivate force for Ash.

    "Don't you come to Mr. Steven to ask me about this question?"Ash suddenly looked up and wanted to hear what Steven said.

    "me……I am also trusted by others. ”Steven, then, smile, this person is naturally Terrance, Ash won the championship, it is reasonable to say that the Masters should be attacked, but with the accumulation of Ash now, I am afraid that I will lose more than a dozen in the Masters and win one or two games. Even very lucky.

    Pikachu, Sceptile, Charizard, Snorlax, in the impression of Terrance, Ash is the only one of these elves can be called the main force, and crucially, the Masters of the trainer, the team like Ash's Trump Card Pikachu This power level of the main force, at least 3, 4, such as Bai Shing, Norman, and even have the opportunity to use one, two elves will crush Ash team, ash strength is really not enough to strike masters, this is on the one hand, on the other hand, Terrance worry, if Ash If you don't continue to travel, you will let the world line change, let Ash lose some more important opportunities, and lead to unforeseen consequences.

    After all, Ash, this guy, can be called a disaster nemesis.

    Speaking of it, Ash can have the results of today. Terrance, Bai Cheng and Steven all have certain Helps for Ash, Beads, Birds, Mega Evolution, and the three have gathered together, so that Ash has won the championship early. Most of them are similar to the situation at Terrance.

    "It's Terrance."As Steven spoke, Ash did not respond, and Bai Cheng understood the meaning of Terrance.

    "I think Terrance should say that Ash wants to participate in the Masters, it's too early, right?"Bai Cheng smiled.

    “Probably this means, Terrance said that Ash is suitable for growing travel and embarrassment, and now challenging the Masters is not the best option.”Steven repeats what Terrance said to him.

    "Travel and yo…"Ash muttered to himself, and he didn't notice it.

    "But why can't I join the Masters now?"

    "Strength, stupid."Bai Cheng is very iron-free, even if he is, after awakening, he has carried out numerous special trainings, regained the waveguide, has the help of Darkrai and Lucario, and also performed very hard in the Hoenn Masters. Also lost two games, and then against Mr. Norman, I am afraid it is another difficult battle.

    Bai Cheng also watched Ash's game. He also knows that this student has a few pounds and two. It really should be accumulated for a while. If you drill the horns in the Masters, it will affect growth.

    "Come on, Ash, go to the battlefield over there."Bai Cheng said directly, I want to make Ash Smelling Salts a little bit, don't be proud of a Region Conference Champion, this is just the beginning.

    I said.Steven 尴尬, Terrance means that he made a coaching game for the Alliance champion Help Ash, but did not expect Bai Cheng to say it first.

    "Ash, let me position my strength first. Are you already aware?"Bai Cheng took out Poké Ball and aimed at Ash. Ash traveled to the three Regions. It was no different from Rookie in Bai Cheng's eyes. Now let Ash know the real strength of the top Trainer.

    "Forget it, hand it to Bai Cheng."Steven shook his head and said, maybe Bai Cheng is more suitable than himself.

    In order to let Ash recognize the strength, this time Baicheng has no reservations, showing the true strength of sweeping Ever Grande and the fast-rising Masters.

    Bai Cheng used only one of the Darkrai elves to defeat Pikachu, who made a big splash at the Evergrande Conference. Pikachu, under the strange attack of Darkrai, did not even find Darkrai, and he lost the hand of Darkrai without resistance.

    This one-sided desperate battle made Ash speechless and could not understand why he and Pikachu were still so vulnerable after Mr. Norman's special training.

    "A week later, I played against Mr. Norman, you remember to come."

    At the end of the game, Bai Cheng thought it necessary to let Ash watch the top match in the Masters at close range and said.

    Whether it is Bai Cheng or Mr. Norman, Ash is very familiar. However, the former Bai Cheng and Norman did not show their full strength when playing against Rookie like Ash. This inevitably gave Ash the illusion of a confused insect. Let him think that although he lost, in fact, the gap with the other side is not big.

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