Pokemon Court Chapter 1089

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1089 Breaking, Clouds, Astronomy
    The end of the first half of the Masters was a week after the end of the Evergrande Conference.

    After winning the Ever Grande Conference Champion, Ash did not leave Ever Grande City. Instead, he accepted an invitation from Bai Cheng and planned to stay close to see the real Masters.

    Tickets for the original Masters have been snapped up, but under Steven's Help, Ash and his team not only came in successfully, but also sat in the front row, allowing them to watch the game more clearly and intuitively.

    "Sister, Dad must have never thought that we would come."Xiaosheng said to May, obviously happy.

    "Wait a surprise for him."

    Unlike Xiaosheng and May, Ash is really learning. Now he has started to shake a bit. Although he won the Ever Grande Conference Champion, is he really not enough to challenge the Masters?

    This game, let Ash give up the idea of immediately participating in the Masters, as strong as Bai Cheng, lost to Norman with no small disadvantage, failed to successfully enter the Elite Challenge, recalling Bai Cheng’s advice, Ash I have seriously thought about it and started to find my own way.

    He is ready to refer to Terrance's comments, go to different places to see, pick up more elves and Trainer, and then come back to challenge the Masters.

    "May, then you are going to the Kanto Region to challenge the Contest contest, right?"

    "What happened?"

    "I want to participate, and I have to challenge Battle Frontier together. Listen to Bai Cheng Teacher saying there are a lot of powerful Trainers!"

    Ash's words, Xiao Gang has narrowed his eyes. It seems that Terrance still has a certain influence on Ash. In the Hoenn Region, Ash has participated in several Contest competitions. This time, going to Kanto, I am afraid that May will harvest one. A new strong enemy.

    Battle Frontier's challenge…The rhythm is faster than the Region Conference, which is good for Ash to further hone his strength with today's lineup.

    Terrance is just a casual mention with Steven. He didn't ask for it. He mainly looked at Ash's own wishes. What he didn't think was that it was such a mention that Ash's travel line did not change anything, and the strange ones followed. The original world line went on.

    Ash made a decision quickly, but the last game lost to Norman's Bai Cheng, and I was very depressed.

    Although Lucario and Darkrai also made Norman feel difficult, but Bai Cheng's strength is still a lot worse than Mr. Norman who is not inferior to Elite Four. When he defeats Mr. Norman's fifth elf, all his elves lose their combat ability. It is. As for Norman's use of all the strength, Bai Cheng is not known. After the game, Bai Cheng looked at the direction of Ash sitting and sighed. Ash's road is still far away. He wants to catch up with Terrance. It is not very far away.

    Fighting, becoming stronger, dreaming, chasing after enemies, Bai Cheng does not know when he has forgotten all the things on Mengyu Island, and has started a new life. As for Bai Cheng, he can forget the past and find a new beginning. There are two people.

    In the Hoenn waters, in a Dive boat, Maxie, the leader of the lava team that escaped from Groudon and Kyogre attacked, under Courtney's gaze, said his decision and gave up the means of pursuing his dreams.

    After the escape, Maxie felt her own smallness under the absolute power of Sea King and Groudon. It is most important to understand the balance between humans and elves. Whether it is their concept of human supremacy, or the spirit of the water fleet, it is not advisable. Under the pressure of Alliance, the two organizations have no ability to implement their ideals of wrong paranoia.

    "Maxie adults…Anyway, I will follow you. ”

    With the interruption of the trading channel with LaRousse Group, and the accumulation of the previous ten years has been fully consumed, Executive was shackled, the chaser was arrested, the old Maxie has no hot heart to continue to resist, he summoned the old department intends to be in the Alliance Search for the shackles, use the last power to secretly maintain the balance between the elves and humans, and make atonement.

    Maxie made the same decision as the Archie, the two organizations had a close trading relationship with Larousse Group, and the original commitment of the Larousse Group Water fleet was to help them take advantage of Kyogre Symbolizing the power of the source to return the world to the Elves of the contest condition, but with the meteorite incident, let the two organizations understand that Larousse group has been only using them to do some dirty things to develop themselves, is not sincere cooperation, Just trading with two opposing organizations at the same time is an act of playing with their ideals, so the two organizations are completely breaking with Larousse group.

    Since the start of the suppression of LaRousse Group, LaRousse Group has been in chaos. Chisongyan and Archie carried out the first round of Revenge, which divided the underground trading channels of LaRousse Group and planned to form a new lava team and water fleet.

    It is a pity that the LaRousse Group has erased all traces of transactions with the two organizations, leaving the Lava team and the water fleet unable to further Revenge.

    "The two bastards of Maxie and Archie."

    Larus city, Larousse Group's president a cloudy face, did not think Maxie and Archie so not funny, Larousse group trough, the two major organizations directly away from Larousse Group, let Larousse Group At the same time as the positive business battlefield was defeated, the underground trading channels were all interrupted and the chances of a quick retreat were lost, and until now Ian did not understand why organizations such as the lava team and the water fleet, which had survived underground, could decisively reject Larousse group's superior conditions, Is this interest not enough to impress the huge Larousse Group as the force behind it?

    "The mistake is wrong…You have been dealing with things with the minds of businessmen. ”Next to President Ian, sighed in the heart of Professor Sans, who was imprisoned for involvement in the Deoxys incident and later released by LaRousse Group.

    "Professor Sans, we can't drag on any more, then you go to start the project."

    "President, do you really want to do it? In doing so, it is completely and smashed. ”Professor Sans trembled.

    "I have already torn my face, and if I wait, the LaRousse Group may have to be swallowed up with no bones. If you want to catch your breath, you can only reinvent it once."Ian is faint.

    Today, the LaRousse Group has found a way to reinvent it. The entry point is on Terrance, which is going to return to Ground on the moon.

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