Pokemon Court Chapter 1090

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1090 Wormhole! Floating astronomy
    Devon's interest in building the first month's stable channel has touched the forces of the Hoenn Alliance, putting pressure on the LaRousse Group, and further consolidating its position. It has long been the top of LaRousse Group's Spite.

    Under the investigation of LaRousse Group, riding Terraquaza to destroy Meteorite's Terrance, it is the core of the incident, that is, his deal with Rayquaza, this will give Dewen a chance to stabilize the moon.

    "This Terrance Elite is really a big worry. I have him, and the situation at LaRousse Group may be getting worse."

    Between President Ian and Professor Sans, the plan to eradicate Terrance has been determined. As long as Terrance can be eradicated, then the winner will be hurt by the loss of a rival and the stable passage of the moon. LaRousse Group There is also a chance to gasp.

    Since ancient times, the Alliance Elite and even the Alliance champion have been assassinated, and indeed the Alliance Elite has died in the assassination, but as the top powerhouse, the number of Elite Fours that have been assassinated is rarely.

    If Terrance is on Ground, LaRousse Group has 10,000 courage, dare not deal with Terrance, assassinate Elite Four, LaRousse Group is not that yet.

    However, if Terrance breaks when it returns to Ground from the moon, then if there is a slight error in a small link, Terrance may lose the universe, even if the text wants to rescue, there is nothing to do, even if Terrance has more strength. It is also difficult to protect itself in the universe.

    It can be said that the universe is a natural assassination place.

    And no one knows the black hand in the universe. In this way, even if the text guess is the hand of LaRousse Group, there is no evidence. It can only be considered that the spacecraft has an accident.

    "You know, in addition to winning the text, Terrance has Teacher and friends. They only think that it is an accident caused by the mistake of the plan. No one will think of us. After all, flying to the universe to assassinate Elite, this kind of thing is too It’s too ridiculous.”

    However, the LaRousse Group has no ability to change the spacecraft's orbit by remotely maneuvering the spacecraft, because Terrance's safety has been listed as the highest project, and the world's top technicians are responsible for 24 hours, even if the LaRousse Group's technology level is high, but think It’s impossible to get through the text.

    In addition, LaRousse Group can't transport large-scale destructive weapons into the universe. The remaining handles are too big, too much involved, and easy to expose, not to mention the material of the manned spacecraft, Normal. The weapon of force is hard to destroy.

    Moreover, forcibly destroying the spacecraft is not an accident at all and does not meet the purpose of the LaRousse Group.

    "Deoxys' clones are very unstable, and although they mimic all the life features of Deoxys, you still need a lot of luck if you want to do it with it."

    Professor Sans shook his head and LaRousse Group was willing to release him because he had done a clone study of Deoxys and successfully developed a semi-finished product, Deoxys, that did not have thoughts and strengths.

    That Deoxys, which was originally a failure, should be permanently sealed, but now it has its place.

    Ian's plan is to have this ability to fly out of the Hideki layer to prevent Terrance from returning to Ground.

    "Besides, there is no other way."

    The power of Assist Deoxys goes to the universe, activating the special devices of the LaRousse Group configuration, enough to erase the traces of Terrance and let no one find evidence.

    Although the Lava team and the water fleet broke with the LaRousse Group, the control core dimension shifter of the spacecraft that they grabbed from Devin fell into the hands of the LaRousse Group.

    For this black technology of Devon, LaRousse Group is also very eye-catching and secretly studied.

    As a hoenn at the top level of technology totem, Larousse Group successfully imitated the space transfer device under the core energy of the space transmission device, but under many experiments, Larousse Group identified the core technology that they did not master the text, This space transfer device is a failure product, can not successfully locate two coordinates for accurate transmission.

    However, this space transfer device has the ability to open the dimensional crack like the finished product. As long as enough energy is used, the Terrance can be transmitted to a distance other than the light years or unknown time and space, so that he can not come back for life.

    The LaRousse Group's plan was to have the Deoxys clone carry the spacecraft and activate the device when Fairy left the moon, causing Terrance to enter the wormhole.

    This kind of wormhole can be regarded as an accident in the universe. In this way, Terrance will be lost in the innocent universe until it dies, and the text will lose an important member.



    On the moon, Terrance finally completed the final study, intending to return to Ground. He stayed on the moon for nearly two months this time. In addition to the boring research, he guided the elves to assist the resources on the moon to practice, and lived two points and one line. I have missed the wonderful things on Ground.

    After laughing and talking to the person in charge of the center of the universe, after Rotom Pokédex checked the function of the manned spaceship, Terrance they had already begun to return to Ground.

    On the Ground, as fairy Elite Terrance determined to return, the Mossdeep City Cosmic Center was immediately busy, and this return, while saying there was no technical difficulty, had been safely returned from the moon decades earlier, but they were still not sloppy, Dozens of specialists in this field are supervised in ground, in order to ensure that Terrance this time can safely and unmistakably return opposite.

    “'Fairy No.1' has already left the moon and is moving closer to the Hideki floor. It is expected to arrive at the Hideki floor…”

    After leaving the moon, all the spacecraft has to do is to follow the specific track toward the Hideki layer, until it is captured by gravity, and then slow down landing, it can be said that the operation of the moon landing is very simple, with Rotom Pokédex This is comparable to half a mega computer system control, Terrance There was no need to take it to heart, but with the ship's smooth departure from the moon, two hours later, countless researchers and experts at the center of the universe stared at it, revealing an unbelievable expression.

    On the flying route of the spacecraft, the huge mysterious passage suddenly opened. This passage, blue and black intertwined, Mist lingering, looks very different, no one in the field has seen the same scene, but the spacecraft with Terrance is sucked in. They are all dead, knowing that things are broken…

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