Pokemon Court Chapter 1091

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1091 strange people, floating astronomy
    "No way?"

    At Devon's headquarters, Steven learned that this was a bad news, the brain immediately fainted, and some could not accept this information.

    The Center of the Universe has confirmed many times that they completely lost contact with 'Fairy No.1', and the Rotom Pokédex system could not connect with Ground's computer. This indicates that Fairy No.1 has been completely lost in the universe.

    The resources in Fairy No.1, although enough for Terrance to live for a few years, will eventually be useful for a day, even if the ship is safe, but if it can't be replenished in time, Terrance can't avoid the fate of dying in the universe.

    "Mr. Steven, please calm down, and now you have analyzed the composition of that mysterious passage."

    "The mysterious passage is probably composed of dark matter in the universe. It is a narrow tunnel connecting two different time and space, which is what we often say academically…Wormholes

    When these researchers analyzed that the passage that the spacecraft had entered was probably a cosmic wormhole, it showed a desperate expression.

    In theory, a wormhole is a space tunnel that connects two distant time and space. It is like a whirlpool in the sea, it is ubiquitous but fleeting. When it comes to this kind of thing, it can be said that luck is so bad.

    These researchers believe that this wormhole is caused by the rotation of the stars and the gravitational force. They are consistently damaging the wormhole and thinking about their own future. In fact, they can only attribute the mysterious passage to the worm. Caves, it is impossible for them to make accidents in the spacecraft due to their technical mistakes.

    After ending the conversation with the center of the universe, Steven was silent, he still couldn't believe that things would be so coincidental, and he didn't believe that wormholes would happen when Terrance returned to Ground.

    For the wormhole, Steven is no stranger. Devon has studied this, and has also developed a technology that can stably open space-type wormholes. It can also be said to be a space transfer technology.

    Therefore, for those researchers in the center of the universe, Steven has a certain degree of skepticism. Be aware that in addition to the dark matter in the universe, there are many substances that have the potential to open space channels…

    For example, the energy of Pokémon…

    OrHuman technology?

    At this moment, Steven thought a lot, and even suspected that there would be a second space transfer device inside the text, but not long after, Steven thought of the second shift that was stolen by the lava team and the water fleet. Bit device.

    At the end of 217, the whole world learned about this bad news. Elite Four and Terrance, the first to land on the moon, encountered a possible narrow tunnel wormhole connecting the two different time and space in the universe during the process of returning to Ground. Lost information…

    In this case, the text is also completely obscured. According to the picture taken by the center of the universe, it is clear that the wormhole suddenly appeared in the universe, and then the spacecraft that Terrance took was attracted to it.

    Ash, who has returned to the Kanto Region, suddenly stopped and looked at Soaring in the sky. The original silly Ash was so stubborn that he didn't believe it anyway.

    Just lost from the Masters, intends to continue to practice, and then prepare for the next Masters of Bai Cheng, after learning this information, shut himself in the house for a whole day, the particles did not enter.

    Seeing Bai Cheng’s depression, Riean wants to comfort, but she doesn’t know what to say.

    I'm fine.Terrance, he…He will be safe, and he saved me from being half-dead.This time he must have no problem. ”

    Fairy Elite Terrance is still alive and dead, and the most turbulent is the Hoenn Alliance itself.

    This is the turmoil in the political landscape. In addition, there is a lot of turmoil in the mind and emotions, which belongs to everyone in the Olde Green House.

    For Olde Green House, Steven chose to go in person, because Steven knows that there is an old man in Olde Green House. The news can't let the other person know, or the old man's body may not be able to bear the bad news. .

    When I arrived at the Naplu Road Hall, Steven first told Kathrine, and the children of Olde Green House also knew what happened to Terrance. They were quickly rushed back to Hoenn and returned to Napru Road. Pavilion.

    In Olde Green House, Grandma Ellen still doesn't know about it. No one wants her to know about it, although I don't know how long it will take…

    In addition, there are many people related to Terrance. After learning the news, Master Wicktor is like a ten-year-old, seriously ill…There are still many people who have only had a little bit of intersection with Terrance, and it is hard to believe this.

    However, the most painful thing is that Terrance is a sprite of Breeder…

    Take care of Power Herb's Beautifly, floating bubbles, Arcanine…Banjara eating stone…Playing against Gallade and Greninja, Mismagius, who was not comfortable with Terrac to protect him, couldn't help but shed tears after revealing it, revealing the simple side of being a fairy.

    Even the Togekiss, who was chic in the Togepi Paradise, was silent and ran out alone to fly towards Soaring in the sky.

    Unbelievable or unwilling to accept, but as time goes by, people have indeed lost contact with Terrance.

    There are only a few people who are never willing to believe, and are still desperately searching for the truth of the matter and where Terrance is.



    Where is this?

    Terrance feels that his consciousness is very vague. If he wants to open his eyes but can't see anything, he can only try to use the waveguide and mental power to feel. He can be sure that his current injury must be very heavy, because he is full of tears. a feeling of.

    He didn't know what was going on, when the spacecraft suddenly sounded an alarm and he lost consciousness.

    "Altaria, Gardevoir, Diancie, Ninetales, Rotom Pokédex, what about them?"

    Using the force perception of the waveguide, Terrance knew that he was in an angular building and should be lying on the bed. In order to quickly figure out what was going on, Terrance ran the Wave Fighting operation in an attempt to recover the injury.

    During this period, a girl with long blue hair came in once, but she went out again after talking to herself.

    Terrance is very aggressive, because the consciousness is still Smelling Salts…I can't understand what the other person is saying.

    "It’s a strange person…The injury that has been so severe has recovered almost, and there are…His skin color is also strange, isn't it the resident of the great city? ”

    What Terrance still doesn't know is that he has fallen into a wormhole, and he has come to a world without light, beyond the countless light years of the Elven world.


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