Pokemon Court Chapter 1092

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1092 is a great metropolis! Floating astronomy ?Terrance lay down for two days, and the physical condition improved. During this time, he was able to open his eyes, but for his own experience, Terrance still did not understand.

    "You are coming from outside the metropolis?"

    It was time for the meal, the blue-haired girl came in again, and gave Terrance a box of food. It looked like a lunch box. The type of food, though strange, was not bad.

    The girl who took Terrance was 1.6 meters tall and had blue long hair and pupils. The skin was very pale. Although she didn’t understand what Terrance said, Terrance could understand the other person’s words by perceiving the other’s Psywave. The meaning of sixty-seven percent.

    Terrance knows that this Stephanie saved him.

    After Terrance woke up, the blue-haired girl gave him a broken red machine and said it was found around him.

    This broken red machine is Rotom Pokédex. At this time, Rotom, because the fuselage damage and energy loss have fallen into a sleep in the data chip, I want to understand what is happening now. Terrance has to learn the language here. It is a help from Rotom Pokédex. For how to help Rotom Pokédex recovery, Terrance has already thought of a solution.

    Except for Rotom Pokédex, this blue-haired girl didn't seem to find anything else around Terrance. The Eltia and other elves all lost their sights. Terrance forced himself to calm down. Since his body is not too bad, Altaria must also be certain. safe and sound.

    The reason Rotom Pokédex is around is probably because of the spacecraft accident, they are discussing things together.

    He wants to learn to read words.

    Terrance as far as possible to express his request to the maiden, although he did not know this maiden, but now also can only rely on each other, they do not even have the language, here is probably not the elf world, at least Terrance has never seen here around the day and night change, no Altaria In the case of their side, Terrance can only be regarded as a good fighting, but this does not allow him to have no fear here.

    Since this blue-haired girl saved herself, she should be a good person…

    In fact, Terrance's luck is very good. This blue-haired girl not only refused, but also carefully taught Terrance to read the words. For Terrance, she wouldn't say the language here. She didn't have any wonders. The people in the city are very mixed, except for the great people in the core area, and the people who fled from various places.

    IIt was moved from another city with a lot of buildings. Her hometown had already been destroyed by a monster known as "Greek" and could not live.

    Perhaps it is to treat Terrance as someone who has had the same experience as her, and the blue-haired girl is very patient and serious.

    Because of the strong mentality and rapid learning speed, Terrance has been able to communicate with each other in just three days. This girl is called “Soliera” and is 14 years old. She lives alone on the edge of the Great Metropolis.


    Although the pronunciation is different, the name reminds Terrance of a lot. When he first visited the Alola Region, he also met Stephanie named Soliera, but the two were not the same person, the one called Soliera. Eevee's girl Trainer, I don't know if I have successfully qualified to use z moves…

    The name that spans time and space makes Terrance feel a bit of a sudden.

    After being able to communicate properly with Soliera, Terrance also began to quickly understand the world.

    This understanding made Terrance completely convinced that he was no longer in the world of elves…

    If you want Terrance to give it a name, it is a world of extreme aliens.

    "did not think of……I have come to the world of extreme aliens. ”

    At night, Terrance looked out of the window, very incomparably, very strange, in their elf world is seen as a different elf, another world of elves, what Terrance did not think is, the world of the ultimate beast is actually There are also human civilizations.

    This is not a parallel time and space. It is very likely that it is genuine, and it is another world in the universe that is far away from the world of elves.

    “You have to find a way to go back. In addition, you have to get Rotom Pokédex back and find Altaria…”

    The next day, Soliera first asked about the origins of Terrance. After discovering Terrance in the suburbs, she used Terrance as a person attacked by a very strange animal. With the heart of her guilt, she saved Terrance and gave it to Terrance. Special treatments are used.

    In the great capital, there is no organization similar to the police organization. The whole research will be managed by the researchers who have built the Great Metropolis Tower and their ultimate investigation team.

    Greatly, it will be an independent world. Under the same space, there are countless small worlds around. Soliera's hometown is one of the worlds that have been destroyed by the ultimate beast.

    In the great capital, there is no concept of Trainer, and there is no concept of elf. People here have advanced scientific power, but there is less interaction with the most exotic animals. The reason for this is that it is very different here. The individual strength of the beast is too strong, and the average strength of each is close to the legendary elves in the elf world.

    "Terrance…Where are you from?

    Soliera wonders, Terrance is not like a great city, it is likely to be her kind.

    These people, Normal, live on the edge of the most desolate, these places, often have a very exotic beast, although the life of the great beasts around the great will rarely attack humans, but no one wants and Those creatures live together. After all, there is a risk in everything. However, it is too rare to have a right to reside in the core area. Except for a small number of elites, the Normal people cannot get involved.

    An outsider like Terrance, I am afraid I can only live here.

    In the face of Soliera's question, Terrance really didn't know how to explain it. He could only vaguely say: "I am from a world that has been invaded by aliens…"

    According to Terrance, there are many places around the Great Metropolis. The world of the elves in which he lives is very deep. Although the strength of the exotic animals is very strong, it is impossible to occupy the world, but Terrance also It’s not a lie, after all, the elf world is often misunderstood.

    Terrance vaguely tells his own origins. Solier recalls his miserable appearance when he sees Terrance, shakes his head, fills up Terrance's experience, and once again thinks that Terrance is moving from a place like a great building like himself. The person who came over.

    "Soliera…Do you know how to become a resident of the Great Metropolis? ”Terrance asked, in the vast capital, people without a residence permit, even the central area can not enter, this is a must for Terrance who wants to investigate intelligence.

    This…You can go to the assessment of the ultimate investigation team like me…"Soliera said that although she can only live on the edge of the Great Metropolis, Soliera believes that one day she will be able to join the research team and enter the core area of the Great Metropolis. This is her only dream after leaving her hometown. .

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