Pokemon Court Chapter 1093

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1093, awakening Rotom Pokédex, Astronomy
    Greatly, it will admire the power of science and technology. This is similar to the world of the elves. However, while the world of elves developed technology, it did not ignore the power of the elves. After learning about the mainstream culture of the world, Terrance was silent.

    outlanderOnly by demonstrating the scientific research ability and being selected into the ultimate investigation team will you have the opportunity to become a resident of the core area of the metropolis and rewrite the destiny. After all, you need talents.

    Although Soliera didn't say it, Terrance had already vaguely noticed the dilemma of Soliera. Helping him to be a stranger to this part, Soliera has already done his best. If Terrance continues to stay here, it will cause some trouble for Soliera's life.

    Some time ago, Soliera was reviewing the exams and wanted to pass the assessment of the ultimate investigation team. But the appearance of Terrance added a lot of trouble to her, but out of compassion, Soliera did not ignore the existence of Terrance, but instead Helped him get familiar with it.

    Now that Terrance has recovered, Soliera hasn't had much time to take care of Terrance. Realizing that Soliera is in trouble, Terrance is not willing to go out of trouble and start planning to leave.

    As for Soliera, if you have the chance, please repay the other party.

    "Showing scientific research skills…"

    "Soliera, do you know where this energy is?"

    On this day, Terrance asked Soliera about the power.

    Soliera's words are remembered by Terrance. If you want to gain certain rights in this place, you have to show considerable scientific research strength. It seems to be very important here. It is the only way for outsiders to rise.

    This is not a simple matter for Terrance, so he needs the help of Rotom Pokédex.

    “As long as Rotom Pokédex is restored, everything can be solved smoothly.”

    Terrance Mind heavy out of the Soliera home, in this world, there is no natural light, the legend of the great will in the past and Alola like the same experience of Necrozma grace and full of Lucas, but in Necrozma because of the loss of part of the body and crazy, The great will lose the light, the ancient people in order to solve this problem, they through their own science and technology to build a great metropolis Tower as a light source.

    The Great Metropolis Tower is the main source of light for the great metropolis. It brings the light of science and technology to the vast region. It can be said that it is a unique building that is unique and is the tallest building here.

    Perhaps because there is no sunshine, the great metropolis of the building have adopted the black appearance of the angular style, the people of the great Metropolis also have a different skin color from the world of the Elves, Terrance that healthy complexion, and long time to live in the great metropolis of the pale complexion is completely different, It was also the root cause of Terrance's first time being soliera aware that he was an outsider.

    Even away from the core areas of the great metropolis, Terrance can receive the light spread by the high towers at the heart of the metropolis, and after the silence, Terrance began to look for electricity, and people who would live in great ways were not used to using electricity, but were using another source of energy, which made Terrance Very helpless, no electricity, rotom Pokédex can not recover.

    He asked Soliera, and Soliera said that electricity is an extremely inefficient energy source. It has been abandoned for a long time. If Terrance wants to find it, there is a River in the distance, there is a water truck power station from outsiders, but now The river had dried up for some reason, so the power station was abandoned for a long time.

    "If the power generation unit there is still available, you can use human power to generate electricity."

    Although Solier kept Terrance from running around, fearing that he had an accident, for Terrance, restoring Rotom Pokédex is the most important thing at the moment.

    Along the way, Terrance careful, came to Soliera said the water tanker power plant, here has indeed been abandoned for a long time, looks very old, looking at that water tanker, Terrance Grunt, quickly to check the power generation device, if there is no problem, then he can drive the pedal, Without hydraulic power, it can only be produced by human kinetic energy.

    It has to be said that even the huge edge of the residents to build the power generation, looks extremely high, Terrance for a long time, to master the correct use of the method, although the wire does not appear to be connected with Rotom Pokédex, but rotom this kind of elf is very special, itself is the ionic body, So as long as there is electrical contact with them, it will arouse their instincts for passive phagocytosis.


    Terrance slammed the waterwheel and looked at the Rotom Pokédex connected to the wire. He prayed in his heart. After about ten minutes, the screen of Rotom Pokédex suddenly flashed a Cal, and although it quickly dimmed, it made Terrance happy. Incomparably, continue to work hard.

    "What happened to Rotto…"

    Rotom Pokédex more dazed than Terrance, suffered hard, in order to protect the important information within the Pokédex, the critical moment used their ability to block the data chip, but later because the energy leakage is too large, rotom quickly fell asleep, lost to Pokédex Control, until now to re-absorb to the electrical, it slowly smelling Salts over, re-and Elf Pokédex together.


    After reattaching to the Elf Pokédex, Rotom Pokédex shed tears directly, and it was really frightened. Before seeing Terrance, Rotom Pokédex didn't have such a solid moment.

    "Rotom, I have a lot of things I want to talk to…But now, you are fine. ”Terrance breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Rotom Pokédex.

    In this ruined waterwheel power station, Terrance talked about Rotom Pokédex. Since the Rotom Pokédex system controlled the entire spacecraft, Rotom Pokédex quickly made a judgment and told Terrance that they might have been mistaken. Wormhole.

    Terrance has speculated on this, but with Rotom Pokédex reconfirming, Terrance couldn't help but sigh.

    "What to do next, Rotto, how to find a way to go home."

    "There is more important thing."Terrance bit his teeth, and now he can't go back even if he puts the wormhole home in front of him. Altaria and other four elves who follow him don't know where to go. If they don't find them, Terrance won't choose to go back.

    "Rotom, you keep the technical information, help me filter it, I have to integrate into the great city, then look for Altaria."Terrance is convinced that Altaria is safe and they are definitely looking for themselves.

    I hope that Altaria will not cause any trouble…You know, Solgaleo and Lunala, the legendary elves in the Alola Region, are living in a world of great people…At this point, Terrance was hard to imagine at first.

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