Pokemon Court Chapter 1094

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1094 Naganadel vsAltaria! Floating astronomy
    In the great metropolitan world, Poipole is the most inhabited animal.

    Poipole's strength is not strong, but they also have an evolutionary form and have a habit of living together.

    If there is a relationship between human beings and human beings that is quite kind, then non-Poipole is no doubt.

    Even in the Great Metropolis, Poipole was raised as a pet, because Poipole is a sentimental elf, and it is said that he can understand human language for a long time.

    But this does not mean that all Poipole are intimate.

    In their evolutionary form, there are no rude guys.

    At this time, in the dark valley, a giant beast of up to three meters is venting his own Rage.

    The behemoth has long needles on the lower body and shoulders. The seemingly large abdomen is filled with its brain and hundreds of liters of venom. The most threatening creature is Naganadel.

    Looking at the alien creatures that invaded his own nest, Poipole's evolutionary form, Naganadel, was hostile and launched a strong eviction of Altaria.

    The Naganadel venom is very sticky, with a glowing Ambition, a special substance, and Altaria is even awkward under its venom attack.

    "Compared ~"

    Altaria had no choice but to revolve. After regaining consciousness, it found that she was falling, and she had lost the trace of Terrance. In order to find Terrance, Altaria crossed the mountains and waters and continued to fly in this dark world.

    This time, Altaria wanted to inquire about some creatures, but because of the natural Attribute reasons, it seems to be regarded as an intruder by Naganadel.

    It’s not the time for Altaria to come. This nest is just a new generation of Poipole, and Naganadel is the only guardian here. In any case, Altaria is not allowed to come close to it.

    Naganadel flew out of the nest, the speed is not inferior to Altaria, and the tyrannical Toxic is ejected from the greatest needle in the lower body, and it is coming to Altaria…Looking at the venom that passed by, Altaria's eyes condensed, this force, it is estimated that the range can be several kilometers away.

    If Naganadel is considered Pokémon, then its Attribute is Dragon and Poison.

    Naganadel's Toxic undoubtedly made Altaria feel a headache. Altaria really didn't want to fight with each other, even gave up Struggle and planned to fly away, but…Naganadel is still in hot pursuit, which makes Altaria very angry.

    The strength of this Naganadel is very strong, making Altaria feel tricky, but it is because it is in the normal state at this time, and after a few days of Flying is very exhausted, this does not mean that Altaria is afraid of this purple big guy.

    In order not to let Naganadel continue to chase after it, Altaria sorghum, direct Mega Evolution, released Fairy Aura shocked Naganadel!

    "Look there!!"

    In the dark mountain, four people wearing special protective clothing, the people walking here suddenly stopped, and one of the tall men slammed their eyes and looked at Soaring in the sky incredulously.

    They are already in the battle between Altaria and Naganadel, so they clearly see the light in Soaring in the sky. The light of the Fairy that Altaria released during the Mega Evolution in the sky directly enveloped the half of Soaring in the sky, and let the darkness The Yamazawa is as bright as the great ones.


    Sioniella holds the light detector in her hand, her facial expression is a bit dignified and surprised, and the intensity of the strange light on Soaring in the sky is far beyond the intensity of the light that the Great Metro Tower shines.

    You must know that the Great Metropolis Tower is the crystallization of their great science and technology. Normal ordinary lighting tools can't compete with the great metro towers, even though the light on Soaring in the sky is only a moment. The intensity exceeded the glare of the Great Metropolis Tower, but it also shocked Sioni.

    "Hong!" "Hong!" "Hong!"

    The four people were incredulously watching Soaring in the sky, and there was another burst of blasting sound from the sky. At the same time, countless venoms and swells swept directly in all directions, even if they were in Ground, they were also affected.

    However, the aftermath of the battle did not affect the four people watching the battle, they have their own means of protection and reconnaissance means.

    "Captain Sioniella, it seems to be…Naganadel! ! ”

    Naganadel? ? ! !

    Sioniila turned his head violently: "Are you sure it is Naganadel? I remember that there is only one Naganadel in this area. ”

    "It is true that this is true…"

    The four are the researchers of the ultimate investigation team. In order to make the world of the great metropolis re-emerge, the organization of the ultimate investigation team has been looking for various methods, and now it is the task of investing outside the great metropolis. one.

    Although the hands of a variety of advanced technology weapons, but the polar investigation team is still afraid to underestimate the wild, especially in the wild exotic, in the outside world, there are many Naganadel guarded by the Poipole ethnic group, Normal situation, even the Polar investigation team is not willing to provoke them, will use the detector in hand to avoid these extremely exotic, if Sionira is not mistaken, this area of Naganadel is very threatening, in the investigation team is also regarded as one of the many objects not to provoke.

    "Who is it fighting with?"

    The team was cautious, but as they watched, they became more and more dazed and shocked, a creature they had never seen or even been documented in the team, and Mega Altaria, after using fairy Aura and fairy to fight Naganadel, had a short moment, Under the astonishing Lucas released by Mega Altaria, the Naganadel was defeated, fled in a hurry, and did not understand why the invaders, who had been expelled by themselves in the first place, suddenly had such a terrifying force.

    Mega Altaria easily repelled Naganadel's picture, which was naturally captured by this research team. The powerful power of Altaria and the special light they had never seen before, made these researchers show a dignified expression.

    "It flew away…"

    "Just let it go."

    "What can I do, how can we face it with our current strength?"Sioniela is in a heavy mood: "Is that a foreign animal? New type? But that light…"

    The light of Altaria made Sioniela think of the legendary Necrozma.

    "The scene of the battle between the creature and Naganadel has been recorded. Let's take it back and discuss it. As long as it does not leave the world, there will be opportunities to meet again. In addition to the emergence of new exotic animals, it is also a big event, we will go back immediately! ”

    This ultra-quick investigation team, because of the accidental encounter with Altaria of the Naganadel, interrupted the mission ahead of time and returned to the great city.

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