Pokemon Court Chapter 1095

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1095, the genius researcher? Floating astronomy
    In fact, in addition to Altaria, Diancie, Gardevoir, and Ninetales, these elves with Terrance coming to the Ultra Space have also set off different storms.

    After all, as a foreign species, it also has the strength to surpass the ultimate animal, no matter where it is, it is the focus of sensation.

    At the same time, Terrance, which awakened Rotom Pokédex, has returned to the neighborhood with it.

    Although it is only on the edge of the great city, the facilities here are very complete, because Terrance wears the hat that Soliera gave him, and the low-key road has not caused any trouble.

    Where did you go? "

    "You said the watermill power station."When Terrance came back, he hit a face with Soliera and shouted.

    Silence, Terrance still waits for Solier to continue to ask questions, he said: "Soliera, this time to bother you, I saw a job that I can do before, eat and wrap, I want to apply for a look, that… …"

    Terrance wanted to say that the money for the treatment and the meal would be picked up and returned to Soliera, but Soliera shook her head. "No need to worry, the room is still empty, wait until you are completely sure." Not too late."

    It makes senseTerrance smiled.

    Soliera is a talented researcher near here, never mind only 14 years old, but the scientific research ability is estimated to surpass the elf world those who come out of the senior University, she works in the organization, has recommended her to participate in the investigation Team assessment, Terrance if you want to join the research team, It is also necessary to recommend some institutions with the right to recommend.

    This, with a more detailed understanding of the world, Terrance has figured out.

    However, it is imperative to forge a perfect identity. The Soliera family has a lot of information, and even a computer-like machine "crystal brain". At the request of Terrance, Soliera did not refuse to use it for Terrance, because these things are almost human. One, not a precious thing.

    Two days later.

    Terrance put in the resume finally had the news, he began to go to his selected institution for interview, in the great metropolis, only engaged in scientific research institutions have to study the team's assessment recommendation, and this kind of scientific research institutions, in the great will be very much inside and outside, they are engaged in various aspects of scientific and technological product research, In number, it's even more than restaurants and things like that.

    The research institution that Terrance is looking at is a branch of an institution in the core area of the Great Metropolis. It is mainly engaged in the research of space compression technology. The compressed backpacks produced in the vast cities are popular items in various places.

    Of course, if you want to work in such a top research institution, it is not something anyone can do.

    Soliera originally thought that Terrance only found some parts like assembly line assembly and after-sales work. After all, she learned that Terrance is a thorough research white.

    As soon as I came up, I immediately pointed my attention to the "100 Flower Company", which even took a pivotal position within the Great Metropolis. It must be said that Terrance has been reluctant to delay time.

    In fact, even if it is only a branch, the 100 Flower Company's generous treatment also makes the candidates here endless.

    100 Flower Company branch building, Terrance is behind a long line, waiting for the interview, unlike the people around the face, Terrance is calm, because he believes that the technology he brings has a certain value for the 100 Flower Company.

    "No. 8, Terrance."

    A clear female voice came, and Terrance took a half-finished design that summed up with Rotom Pokédex for a day and promised.

    Under the guidance of a woman dressed in professional attire, Terrance went directly to the interview room and introduced herself according to the process and three interviewers responsible for the interview.

    “Three interviewers, hello, I am Terrance, and the job position is for the staff of the Innovation R&D Center.”

    "Terrance…I remember that you have no proof of identity, right? ”The round-faced female eyes sitting in the middle smiled away from Terrance's resume.

    "That's right…"The biography of Terrance was almost forged. He combined the information of Solier's family and let Rotom Pokédex do the work for him. Now he comes from a remote place where the aliens are invaded.

    "Look at your skin tone and accent, shouldn't it be here for a long time?"

    Terrance nodded.

    "Let's show us your research ideas first."The interviewer on the left shook his head. Like Terrance, who has no identification, many organizations are not willing to accept it. However, this is the case in the world. It is not necessary to kill a stick, but the entry requirements will definitely improve. It is.

    "Innovative products you conceive…Call the space ball? ”

    The original three interviewers were still puzzled by the names of the products that Terrance conceived, but when they carefully watched the design ideas that Terrance handed over, they were not calm at the moment.

    In the middle of the round face of women, and even "miso" suddenly stood up, all three of them are connoisseurs, is a very good researcher in this division, naturally can tell whether the interviewer is a real talent or no talent, it is not exaggerated to say that Terrance hand over the "space ball" design ideas and design ideas, there is no problem, With the exception of some critical cores that have been omitted by Terrance, a complete product design diagram has been approached.

    If such a product really exists, it is not a rare thing for the 100 Flower Company.

    In front of this person, where is the ordinary candidate, it is simply a genius, even if the division minister of this division comes, he should also be a great god.

    The so-called space ball is Terrance's own name. The real name of this product is actually called…Poké Ball.

    Yes, Terrance consulted the modern Poké Ball manufacturing technology and the ancient fruit ball manufacturing technology recorded in Rotom Pokédex, and then combined with the information found in the Soliera family, so that Rotom Pokédex helped him design a viable Poké Ball manufacturing solution. In theory, it can be accepted as the ultimate beast of Pokémon.

    You know, because of the different cultures, there is no such thing in the extreme. Terrance is also a product that has been carefully selected. Some people need this thing here. Poké Ball is not without a market, and can even become A luxury item.

    So the emergence of the Poké Ball concept has had an impact on the minds of these researchers.

    Terrance looks calm and not afraid of taking out this innovative thing at once. Rotom Pokédex has already given him a lot of backhand and confidence.

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