Pokemon Court Chapter 1096

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1096, The Existence of Terror, Astronomy
    For this "space ball" of his own research, Terrance made up a decent research original intention.

    After the investigation of Terrance, Poipole is considered to be a very exotic animal in the great metropolis. Many people have raised Poipole as a pet.

    However, Poipole has a habit and likes to spray colored liquids for graffiti. This is not the main thing. The most important thing is that their huge heads are filled with venom. Some Poipole accidentally put the venom along with the colored liquid. Sprayed out, because of this habit, Poipole is not too big to cause confusion.

    After all, the ultimate beast is a threatening creature. Even though most Poipole is close to humans, there are places where Poipole is still banned.

    This has led to some families with Poipole who are very difficult to travel when they travel, but if Poipole can be put into a portable ball, these difficulties can be solved very well. This is the original intention of Terrance. Very simple and naive, but these researchers eat this set.

    Terrance can't say that he wants to create a "space ball" in order to conquer those powerful extra-beasts, and then form a different army to compete for the site. After that, he will be taken away by the relevant departments the next day. ……

    However, Terrance believes that the 100 Flower Company can see a greater benefit from the "space ball."

    You're back? How about the interview? ”

    When Terrance returned to Soliera's home, Soliera was drumming up a machine that Terrance had never seen before, and Terrance was already eccentric about the things that everyone in the world would invent.

    "There should be no problem."Terrance smiled and smiled.

    By the wayThe flying robot in the room is your thing…"

    Soliera was silent for a long time, looked up at Terrance, and this made Terrance quite embarrassed.

    Rotom Pokédex this guy…Didn't you tell it to be lying in the drawer, how was it discovered?

    "Well, that is the thing you found around me. It is an intelligent robot that assists in research. I brought it from my hometown."Now that it has been discovered, Terrance will explain it casually.

    smart robot.Soliera looks the same way: "Terrance, remember to look at it, don't be discovered by others."

    “Even in the vast metropolis, this kind of robot that can have intelligence and can assist in scientific research is very rare. In order to cause unnecessary trouble, you better cut off its energy when not in use.”

    ok! thanks

    Terrance condensed in his heart, seriously nodded, intelligent robots capable of assisting scientific research…Even if it is extremely large, it will be very rare.

    After returning to the room, Terrance took out Rotom Pokédex and asked why it was wandering around, but Rotom Pokédex was innocent, serious and snarled with Terrance.

    NoI found Altaria's energy fluctuations Rotto…"

    "Do you really?!"

    Terrance was overjoyed, and his original purpose was forgotten by him, and he quickly asked about Rotom Pokédex.

    "About 1 hour, 25 minutes and 43 seconds ago, I suddenly detected the energy fluctuations of Altaria. If the distance is too, Rotto should be within 30 kilometers…"

    "I was originally looking for Rotto…ButRotom Pokédex covers his face and is a bit embarrassing.

    Although I woke up, Rotom Pokédex has lost a lot of features due to broken body.

    In addition to simple calculation analysis and huge database, the functions that can be used in other fields are currently only 4 or 5 with practical value. They are all functions that Rotom Pokédex combines with Elite medals and data chips. It can be used as Terrance. The cards, but compared to these cards, Terrance still feels that Altaria is more at ease.

    "Okay, but this is also good news, you are doing very well Rotom Pokédex."Terrance opened the window and looked out to the outside world. There was no sunshine, only the light that was illuminated by the tower.Altaria When they come to such a world, they must be very scared. They must speed up to find them.

    It was discovered that Altaria was nearby, and Terrance was relieved. It seems that Altaria is safe.

    "Would you like to look for Rotto?"Asked Rotom Pokédex.

    "You have Lock On in the area where the energy is coming."Terrance nodded. "Let's go early."

    In order to avoid missing with Altaria, Terrance is not willing to waste time, intends to take the initiative, although the wild may be dangerous, but as long as you are careful, Terrance believes that he is no problem, how to say, he is also Elite Four!

    even though……His Elite Four has no elves at the moment.

    ButSoliera here, some are not well explained.

    In order not to be suspicious, Terrance can only continue to make a small panic, saying that he has something to forget where to apply.

    "This Stephanie…Really only 14 years old. ”

    Hurriedly came outside, Terrance had an illusion, Soliera found that he was lying, but did not foresight, but just think about it, Terrance himself to dispel this absurd idea, master psychic and the body has the power of the material waveguide, Long ago for the control of facial expression and heartbeat speed superb, on the Act, Terrance can now do very lifelike, he does not believe that outsiders can foresight.

    The boundary of the area detected by Rotom Pokédex is much farther than the location of the watermill power station, because the place where they are located is the edge of the great city, so the next place where Terrance needs to stay away from human habitat is already Completely entered the unregulated wild region.

    In fact, Terrance's fears are unnecessary. Altaria relies on the guidance between the two to find this place. It will definitely stay here for a long time until it finds Terrance.

    As the only Terrance team in addition to the Gallade, built with Terrance, Altaria can feel the existence of Terrance through the elf as the key Mega Evolution, but after arriving at the edge of the Great Metropolis, Altaria stopped Flying.

    It's not because there is human habitation here. It doesn't dare to break in directly. Compared to finding Terrance, it doesn't care about this kind of thing. What makes Altaria jealous is that the Great Metropolis Tower is a great metropolis tower, which makes it strong. The sense of crisis, as if it is a great deal, will be immediately suppressed by Normal.

    Half a foot enters the legendary level, Altaria is very convinced of her sixth sense, that tower…With a very terrifying force, it is enough to suppress it in an instant, which is the main reason why Altaria does not dare to act rashly.

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