Pokemon Court Chapter 1097

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1097 Altaria return, the way home, floating astronomy
    So now, Altaria can only stop here for the opportunity to enter, it feels…I am very close to Terrance.

    The great Metropolis Tower, as the highest crystallization of the world's extraordinary technology, has the power to transcend the taboo weapons of the elf world, but also the controllable strategic suppression of weapons, is a great way to deter the wild those powerful exotic of the ultimate means, in the great metropolitan Tower of the deterrent, even if the Solgaleo and Lunala such elves, are afraid to come near the great will be inhabited by human beings in the area.

    Altaria's jealousy is not unreasonable, but as time goes by, Altaria has a new perception.

    Terrance…It seems to be getting closer and closer to it.

    Perceived this, Altaria flew back and smashed in the dim Soaring in the sky. Even if the current Altaria is very powerful, it is still like a child. If you come to a strange place without Terrance, you will feel it. Uneasy.

    "Altaria ……"

    At the same time, Terrance, which is constantly accelerating the use of Rotom Pokédex's Telekinesis function, suddenly raised his head.

    To Terrance physical strength and physical fitness, their own run is not slow, but still more than Rotom Pokédex telekinesis function, telekinesis originally is rotom a psychic Type of the move, but with Pokédex Fused together, rotom to make this attract, the use of not only did not reduce, but also because the spiritual level connected to the machine, so that the move become more stable.

    The whole body is wrapped in Psychic by Rotom Pokédex. Terrance is flying at low altitude and has the reconnaissance function of Rotom Pokédex. They can also avoid many living bodies and prevent danger.

    On weekdays, Terrance is mostly riding the Altaria Flying or Assist Gardevoir's Psychic Flying. It relies on Rotom Pokédex, which is the first time for Terrance. Although the Psychic of Rotom Pokédex is not as powerful as Gardevoir, it now makes Terrance feel very reliable.

    "Found Rotto."

    As Terrance looked up, Rotom controlled Terrance's body to stop and looked at Soaring in the sky.

    In Soaring in the sky, Altaria kept hovering, and finally the eyes were locked to the bottom, and the moment it galloped down!

    The Trainer and Pokémon from the Elves of the World, although they came to different places, were finally reunited by the guidance of the embarrassment.

    "Altaria, haha."When Altaria learned to follow Arcanine, Terrance did not evade, happy to open his arms and want to hug Altaria.

    Altaria this guy…Certainly not as unconventional as Arcanine.

    In fact, the same is true. The resurgence of the two sides, the power of Altaria will naturally not affect Terrance. After all, Terrance's physique is not blown out, but it is obvious that the victim has another person.

    "Hey…"Rotom Pokédex burst into tears, I…I am still in your chest.

    Press me again…I really should have broken Rotto! !

    "Jiu…Rotom Pokédex's big bang, let Altaria rush to leave Terrance quickly, until Rotom Pokédex flew out, Altaria was relieved.

    "forgotten……"Terrance looked at the angry Rotom Pokédex and laughed.

    “However, it’s really not easy for Altaria to find it here.”

    Terrance looks at Altaria and gives birth to his heart. Now that Rotom Pokédex and Altaria are back, he is not alone. Whether it is personal strength or scientific research ability, then you can try to find Diancie. The home is planned.

    The way to go home, Terrance has a few ideas, since the ultimate alien can reach the Elf world through the Ultra Wormhole, why can't he go through the Ultra Wormhole and return to the Elven world.

    Moreover, Rotom Pokédex also records the indispensable information that Lunala, the "inviting moon beast" and Solgaleo, "the beast that devours the sun," have the ability to open the Ultra Wormhole. Terrance has two plans, one of which is Conquer one of Lunala or Solgaleo and then Assist their power back to the Elven world.

    "Alola is known as the legendary elf, the status is not inferior to the various elves of the Region mythology Lunala, Solgaleo in this world more than one…It is also a good news. ”Terrance thought and sighed.

    The strength of Lunala and Solgaleo in the Alola Region is undoubtedly strong. It is said that it has also had a terrible battle with the patron saint of the Four Islands in the Alola Region…It’s just that I don’t know how powerful the Lunala and Solgaleo in the world of great metropolises are. If it’s really as powerful as the legendary elves like Groudon and Kyogre, Terrance really has no confidence in conquering one of them.

    However, since the world's Lunala and Solgaleo number of more than one, then in theory there should be weaker individuals right, after all, the race ceiling this kind of thing, not every elf can achieve, do not say Moltres, Articuno, zapdos such a god bird, It is said that the Lugia ethnic group, there is also a weaker presence, Terrance has even seen internal information, in Johto Region Region perched in Lugia, has been captured by the Rockets experience, that Lugia, there is certainly no real sea god Lugia the same strength, So Terrance in prayer, here the Lunala and Solgaleo strength is best not too strong …

    "Altaria ……In the current situation, I am afraid that you cannot enter the great city. ”Terrance suddenly said.

    Altaria's Poké Ball is not here, which leads to Altaria's inability to hide. Bringing into a great city, it will definitely cause a lot of trouble. Terrance thought: "In this way, Rotom Pokédex and I will strive to create a new one quickly. Poké Ball, during this time, you come to help us collect supplies in the wild."

    The great will, along with the darkness, is also scattered with many rare resources, among which there are tree fruits that can make pokéball, which Terrance has compared the information recorded in Rotom Pokédex with some of the information contained in the Soliera home about the world, although the names are different, But it is indeed a species, in addition to, there are a lot of resources, but also Terrance desperately needed, compared to earning money after the purchase, let Altaria explore no doubt faster.

    "I just don't know, Diancie, how are they…"Altaria returned and Terrance began to worry about Diancie.

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