Pokemon Court Chapter 1098

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1098 Incomplete Sunny Day! Floating astronomy
    After meeting with Altaria, Terrance explained some things, but the most important thing is to keep Altaria safe.

    At the same time, Terrance and Altaria confirmed an important thing.

    That is,In the vast metropolis, there is no free Fairy energy.

    It was said that Altaria shook his head and told Terrance about his experience with Naganadel.

    "Is it not felt…"Terrance frowned, when Altaria fought against Naganadel, Altaria was going to make a quick fix, but it unexpectedly discovered that there was no Fairy energy in the world and could not exert its strength.

    Altaria's natural energy for Assist is only life energy and Fairy energy. Fairy energy is the foundation of its ultimate strength. Now without Fairy energy, Altaria's combat power can be said to be a big discount.

    Terrance sighed, and sure enough, the origin of Fairy's energy is the amount of solar energy, and in this world, other light has been completely deprived, and there may be no Fairy energy at all.

    "Then it's a little low-key."

    andI originally wanted to go back to the Hoenn Region and let you practice the research on the moon. But now, since you can't Assist the Fairy energy in nature, this skill needs to be done ahead of time. Maybe this technique can be done on the other hand. Enhance your strength. ”Terrance is serious.

    After the Altaria Mega Evolution, relying on Fairy Aura, the use of life energy, even without Assist natural energy, the strength will not be inferior to Steven's Metasols, Dragon's Dragonite and Wallace's Milotic, but now Terrance faces a more dangerous situation. The essence is naturally stronger and better.

    Altaria absorbs the energy and life energy of nature, mainly in enhancing the physical fitness, enhancing the power of the Fairy system and the fire of life. The Fairy system is the main enemy of Altaria, so now there is no natural ability to enhance the strength of 30%. The increase in energy, Altaria said that it is not an exaggeration to break a wing.

    In this case, Terrance can only think of the results of their research on the moon.

    This trip to the moon, although they got this ghost place, but the harvest of Terrance is extremely huge.

    On the moon, they tried to understand the process of converting solar energy into Fairy energy through many experiments, and sorted out the transformation process with two homemade formulas.

    This conversion process is very interesting.

    Altaria, Diancie, Gardevoir, and Ninetales all tried to convert solar energy directly into Fairy energy, but unfortunately, they all failed, even Altiya with Fairy Aura, failed.

    But Terrance was not discouraged, and turned to study the energy conversion between Moon Rock and Moon Stone, and determined a new formula.

    Coupled with the formula that solar energy converts fire energy and grass energy, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex have compiled five conversion formulas in one month.

    These five are the formula for converting solar energy into fire and grass energy, the formula for converting solar energy into Moon Rock energy, the formula for converting Moon Rock energy into Fairy energy, and the formula for converting Moon Rock energy to Moon Stone energy.

    Analysis and combination of the five formulas, in the end, although still failed to let Altaria succeed in mastering new skills, but Rotom Pokédex has a new guess.

    That is, it is only possible to directly convert the amount of solar energy into Fairy energy by grasping the energy change in the reverse direction.

    This speculation, Rotom Pokédex is not imaginary, but with reference to the Sunny Day trick, Sunny Day, a trick that is mastered by grass and fire elves, can create a mass of solar energy.

    This amount of solar energy is theoretically made by Pokémon's own energy. However, Sunny Day can increase the strength of Pokémon more efficiently. It must be said that Pokémon's moves are amazing.

    The core of the Sunny Day is composed of fire energy and life energy in the grass energy. After successful shaping, it can be more efficient to increase the power of fire energy and grass energy. It is a very special powerful move. Some of the Wizards of Sunny Day clearly grasped the reverse transformation of grass energy, fire energy and solar energy, and successfully turned Sunny Day into a unique skill, making it a move.

    Although it is impossible to trace the origins of Sunny Day's moves, there is no doubt that this trick has been engraved in most of the elf's blood memories.

    The reverse conversion mode of the Sunny Day move is in line with Altaria's current situation, so Rotom Pokédex is thinking, can you let Altaria master such reverse use.

    Using the life energy in Fairy energy to replace the life energy in the grass energy, combined with the fire energy to create a special Sunny Day, so that it is possible to make the Sunny Day increase the Fairy energy, which becomes the subject of their research. .

    Energy fusion has always been the ultimate means of moving to higher areas. Around this element, Terrance has made several attempts, but it has failed.

    However, they have proposed several new possibilities.

    For example, in the grass energy, fire energy, Fairy energy and solar energy to find a balance point, the manufacture of Sunny Day. The essence of the exploration direction is the same. It is a kind of Sunny Day move that can increase the energy of Fairy. If you master this trick, it means that Altaria's understanding of solar energy is very thorough, even if it is directly Assist the energy of the sun. It may be possible to convert to Fairy energy.

    And this skill, it is estimated that even Xerneas and Tapu have never mastered it and never thought about it.

    Because Altaria's conditions are unique, not only master the Sunny Day moves, but also the flame system of the Flamethrower, the big word explosion, the grassy Cotton Guard, the sun flame, can be said to fit the Rotom Pokédex speculation.

    Now, Terrance let Altaria to practice is this skill, rotom Pokédex through the calculation, has determined that the fire system, grass system, fairy system between the three there is a balance point, this, Terrance they can be said to be the first to find, in other words, Now widely spread can only strengthen the grass system, fire system style of the sunny day moves, are not perfect, although Terrance master the top sunny day trick cheats, and gave arcanine, floating bubbles, beautifly, altaria them practice, But this sunny day cheats, is only based on grass, fire two kinds of energy, does not contain fairy Type.

    Obviously, this Sunny Day is not perfect, you know, the origin of Fairy energy is the sun.

    Even Terrance's sturdy sun on the Elite replacement battle, Drake Elite's Salamence, is only the limit to strengthen the fire system, not including the Fairy system. These weather styles are played by the Trainer, but it seems No one has ever thought about it…Whether the Sunny Day moves are complete, whether it really restores the true look of the sun in the universe.

    If Altaria master, then its fairy style will change how, even now Terrance and Rotom Pokédex also say bad, after all, this road has never been passed, everything is in the unknown exploration, on this road, Altaria Even before the Xerneas and Tapu, after all, even the legendary elves may never have been to the moon, to assist a variety of sophisticated instruments to study the sun, Moon, Fairy energy relationship.

    At present, only Altaria is likely to practice successfully. After setting up the task for Altaria, Terrance did not continue to chat with Altaria because of the need to rush back. Time is tight, he plans to take all the time to complete his own research. The layout of the metropolis.

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