Pokemon Court Chapter 1099

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1099, Minister of Terrance, Astronomy ?“But then again, is it really okay to absorb this light? ”

    "No problem with Rotto."Rotom Pokédex made sure that while moving Terrance forward.

    "The light that shines from the Great Metropolis Tower only affects the life experience of human beings. For me who is now a machine, it is delicious Rotto."

    Since the water tanker has absorbed electricity once, Terrance they have not seen the electric power, Rotom Pokédex in the beginning only by absorbing the ions in the air as energy, but soon Rotom Pokédex discovered the world's unique food, The light of the tower, which seems to be a very pure source of energy, although prolonged contact may be harmful to human skin and lead to pale skin, but for it, this light energy can be transformed and absorbed, and through its unique ability to convert light energy into electrical energy, so that it does not have to prepare the power of the thing.

    Although it sounds like solar power, it's obviously not a process, and Terrance doesn't know how Rotom Pokédex gets it.

    "Forget it, you must be steady."

    Terrance no longer manages Rotom Pokédex. This guy is a versatile database. He has copied countless materials in the world of elves. He is proficient in everything except fighting. It seems that he is hungry in a different world.

    After returning to the Soliera family, the two did not say much. Rotom Pokédex continued to copy the information of the world from the crystal brain and books. It was hard to learn, and had to say that it provided countless conveniences to Terrance.

    The next day, Terrance got the news…His interview was successful and he can be directly employed.

    This also shows that Terrance can be moved out of the Soliera home.

    The 100 Flower Company branch building, Terrance's treatment is different from that of other interviews. Upon arrival, it was immediately received by the head of the 100 Flower Company division. Yesterday, after Terrance left, the three interviewers of the 100 Flower Company division reported the semi-finished "space ball" design and design concept submitted by Terrance, which immediately triggered a sensation inside the 100 Flower Company.

    The head of the company's division even contacted the headquarters directly because of this matter to discuss how to treat Terrance.

    "The person who can create this design…Is undoubtedly a genius, which omits the core part, probably because it does not have a thorough study of its own, the need for a higher level of instrument assistance, it is possible that he has been studied, deliberately omitted, in order not to let people see ' The core structure of the space ball, I prefer to be the latter, because this omission is just right, not only can people understand the general context of the ' Space Ball ', but also do not let a person clearly know its manufacturing methods …No matter which one, this person is a talent, it is worthy of being wooed, can not give him ordinary staff treatment, you should prepare a contract for the division head of the corresponding department to him. ”

    The news from the headquarters made the person in charge secretly surprised, but some of them could understand that the other minister mentioned by the other party is the division head of the innovative research and development technology center that Terrance applied for. The innovative research and development technology center is 100 Flower Company. Each branch has an important research department. Whenever the innovative R&D technology center researches and develops valuable new technology, the employee's award Gerard is the most in all departments.

    Before Terrance brought any practical benefits to the 100 Flower Company, he got the position with a design drawing with a general idea. It must be said that the 100 Flower Company pays a high degree of attention to the “space ball”.

    If Terrance can lead a team to actually develop a "space ball" finished product, then it is not impossible for the 100 Flower Company to directly supply Terrance to the headquarters.

    "Mr. Terrance, this is a contract. Please check it out. If there is no problem, then you are the division head of our 100 Flower Company Innovation R&D Technology Center. We will also arrange a research team for this project… …"

    The head of the 100 Flower Company division is a man in his forties. Like most of the great people, he also has blue pupils and pale skin. He laughs and feels very kind. At first glance, it is a The business veteran, Terrance was unmoved, nodded and continued to read the contract.

    The contract is simple, just a description of the Terrance led by the research team, whenever the "Space Ball" project has some progress, this investment will increase, including the contract promised Terrance a lot of fixed pay, but the limit is also obvious, may be worried about Terrance Change, Bringing "space ball" manufacturing technology to competitive enterprises, the contract period of the Flower Company is 10 years, and there is a huge penalty for normal people can not afford, in addition to, such as "Space ball" after the creation of patent ownership problem, Flower Company Also very humanized distribution to Terrance enough benefits, you can see that Flower Company is sincere choice and Terrance cooperation, and did not play any clever.

    Even the person in charge secretly revealed to Terrance a bit of news, saying that if the project is truly successful, Terrance is likely to be transferred to the headquarters to work in the core area of the Great Metropolis.

    Study the space ball and enter the core area of the great metropolis…Even joining the ultimate investigation team is one of Terrance's goals. If you can go home, you can rely on it.

    So for this contract, he is still satisfied, he chose 100 Flower Company, also because 100 Flower Company has a good reputation.

    As for the 10-year contract period…Terrance didn't care. For him, the contract was just a piece of paper. There were countless ways to solve it. He just intended to use the 100 Flower Company as a springboard. It is impossible to really study a broken Poké Ball for 10 years.

    After signing the contract, Terrance officially became the division head of the Innovation and R&D Technology Center of the 100 Flower Company division. The salary level is considered to be the top in the area of the extreme capital, and it has surpassed countless people for many years. The struggle, although the income when he was Elite Four was a lot worse.

    "Mr. Terrance, hello, I am the assistant of the research team you are responsible for."

    After Terrance negotiated with the head of the branch, a woman with a Poipole who looked very intellectual went into the room.

    “Terrance Minister, Anno is the only employee in the Innovation R&D Technology Center who has raised Poipole. Next, her Poipole will also join the development of the 'space ball'. I hope you can get along very well, hahaha. ."

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