Pokemon Court Chapter 1100

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1100 wrapped and wrapped, floating astronomy
    "Alright!"Terrance nodded and responded to the other person's words. At the same time, he looked at the woman holding Poipole and greeted him.

    "Mr. Terrance, then let Anno take you to familiarize yourself with the company. The 'Space Ball' project is not in a hurry. You will use this to write a complete planning book. I will help you prepare the facility. And personnel."

    "It's working."

    After Terrance thanked him, he led him by Anno, and the two began to go in the direction of the innovative R&D technology center.

    "Mr. Terrance, shouldn't you be a local?"Anno curiously asked: "Your skin color looks strange…Amount, sorry, I mean, it looks good. ”

    "do not worry about it."Terrance smiled slightly: "My skin color is indeed different from most people. It is not the first time I have been said. I am used to it."

    In the world of the elf, the normal and healthy skin color is so great that it is a strange image. Terrance is also very ugly…Who makes the people here are white skin?

    "Before I was worried that the new minister would be a difficult person to get along with. It seems that I don't have to worry about it now."Seeing Terrance so casual, Anno said with a smile, although she looks mature because she wears formal clothes, but she is not very old, and it is similar to Terrance. It is a young man and naturally does not like those serious old researchers.

    "But then, Minister Terrance, you are really amazing. Once you became a minister, you know that other seniors want to go to this position. It is difficult to accumulate without more than ten years."

    "Maybe I am lucky?"Terrance laughs.

    Anno was very curious about Terrance, the new minister, but Terrance's attention was clearly not on Anno, but he always intended to turn the topic to Anno's Poipole.

    "Can I call you Anno directly?"

    "Of course I do."

    "Nano, you have been with this Poipole for a while…Let me guess, it’s almost two years. ”Terrance Road.

    When the words fell, Anno stopped and showed an unexpected expression.

    "Mr. Terrance, it must have been told before, or how could it be…"

    How could you guess so accurate!

    Anno's Poipole, who really stayed with her for two years, seems to know that only her close people know, how does Terrance know?

    "It is very well developed. It seems that there is meticulous training…VeterinaryCareTerrance is subconsciously trying to say training, but it is no longer an elf world. It is said that Breeder is good or cares. Only the training is not suitable. Anno is not like a Trainer.

    "Mr. Terrance, how did you see it?"

    "The color, the length of the Poison Barb, don't look at me like this, I can study Poipole very much, don't forget, our next project is for these extremely exotic animals."Terrance is the color road.

    After coming to the great metropolis, Terrance also started the old line, from scratch to learn breeder knowledge, the current can find the very exotic information, all by Terrance memorized down, coupled with his years of breeder experience to do the basis, even if the first meeting of the Poipole, Terrance can also see a general talent at a glance, as for age and developmental conditions, it is easier to judge.

    The age of the Poipole is also two years old, Terrance observe the closeness of Poipole and Ann, it is not difficult to find that they have established a fairly solid friendship, Normal, unless the two have any special experience or this person with the flash point, Otherwise want to be poipole so trust, then from the other side began to cultivate is an essential step, so Terrance is really guessing to deduce, but he is very lucky, a word hit, this is not only to Terrance curious, even she held the Poipole, began to look at Terrance with glittering eyes.

    This time, the 100 Flower Company's assistant sent to Terrance was completely convinced of Terrance. He was connected to the Poipole in the study and was also curious about Terrance.

    Whether it can be recognized and fully supported by the subordinates is very important for Terrance's next plan. Terrance intends to inadvertently let Anno recognize his new minister, which is a good start.


    The Innovation R&D Technology Center is a large area. There are several research projects at the same time. Anno mainly led Terrance to familiarize himself with the layout and facilities here.

    As for when to formally build a research team that specializes in making space balls, it will take a while to complete the work. Terrance needs to get everything he needs to get 100 Flower Company ready.

    In addition to the official entry, the 100 Flower Company also had to give Terrance a formal identification. Most outsiders don't have this thing, but in the case of a great deal, there is a lot of convenience if there is an officially registered ID.

    Here…Should you take care of it? ”Terrance With Anno's revolution in the R&D Technology Center, Annoben thought that Terrance would ask what professional questions he had to ask, and she was ready to answer the questions, but who knows, Terrance didn't follow the routine. Playing cards.

    "Ahhhh…"After Anno’s glimpse, he quickly replied: “There are researchers’ exclusive dormitories. Most people have no time to leave because they are busy studying. They simply live here. As for the meal, the company also has its own canteen inside.”

    "That's fine, thank you."Terrance grinned, and these days I was in trouble with Soliera. Now the opponent's ultimate investigation team is on the verge of being tested, and it is not suitable to disturb her anymore.

    After returning, Terrance immediately said this to Soliera.

    "100 Flower Company…Have you applied successfully? ”Soliera glimpsed and said: "Congratulations."

    The 100 Flower Company is the Grand Duke division, and it is a top-notch company in the whole capital. Terrance can be an employee there, and it is indeed the expectation of Soliera, but she thinks of the mysterious intelligent robot around Terrance.

    The person who was inadvertently rescued by himself was not a simple guy…

    However, Soliera certainly did not think that Terrance's successful job was not the ordinary staff of the 100 Flower Company, but the division head of a major department.

    "Thanks."Terrance smiled and told Soliera that he needed to move into the company to live. Terrance had already mentioned it with Soliera, so now again, Soliera didn't feel the accident.

    "I heard that many researchers from the 100 Flower Company have joined the ultimate investigation team. Maybe I will have the opportunity to go in the future."

    WellI am waiting for you in the ultimate investigation team. ”Soliera said that although she has not yet been assessed, she has already seen herself as a member of the ultimate investigation team.

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