Pokemon Court Chapter 1101

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, Chapter 1101 is like an arrow, floating astronomy
    It’s been a long time since Terrance moved out of Soliera’s home and started a “space ball” research project at the 100 Flower Company.

    Counting the time when Terrance came to the Great Metropolis, he has been in this world for 21 days. In 21 days, Terrance adapts to the light of this world, and at the same time, it is a bit dazed.

    This stunned, similar to when he had just crossed the elves of the world, when Terras was surrounded by strangers, Terrance could only pass the time to learn Breeder knowledge to pass the time, and during that time, the Olde Green House was successful. Let Terrance get out of the air.

    This time, Terrance is a little better, with Altaria and Rotom Pokédex on his side, and he has the motivation to do it in the short term, and it is full every day.

    Even so, Terrance is very upset, he still has a few concerns, such as what if he really can't go back, such as…Even if I go back, the elf world is already awkward.

    Terrance not want to think about those, he is not afraid of hard work, but afraid of hard work after no results, even if has become the elf world standing on the top floor of a group of people, but to a completely closed place, or let Terrance some heart plug, if he in the Elf world worry about also forget, But there are also a lot of things that make him difficult to discard, such as Grandma Ellen and master Wicktor …If the other person knows his or her situation, it is very likely that they will not be able to support their age and body.

    In addition, if you can't go back, then Beautifly they…It is very likely that I will wait for myself until the old age, the embarrassment between Trainer and Pokémon has been verified in history for countless times…


    In the lab, a tall man with a terrible look at the dazed Terrance, did not ask.

    Why did the Minister of Terrance be so serious and careful, suddenly he was in a daze.

    “Donda, concentrate on work.”Terrance coughed and said seriously.

    Got it

    The tallest man is a member of the research team on the Space Ball project where Terrance is located. In addition to him and Anno, there are four members.

    Counting Terrance, a total of seven people, formed the research team.

    In addition to Terrance and Anno, the other five researchers are elite researchers from the 100 Flower Company from the headquarters. Each is very proud, but after only two days, all five people are obedient to Terrance. In this case, even the head of the 100 Flower Company division did not expect it.

    Whether it is personality charm or from Rotom Pokédex there to learn from the top scientific research philosophy, in short, Terrance has become a worthy leader of the research team, each member of the Terrance issued by the task of the implementation of the Hundred percent, This also led to their research progress is particularly fast, in less than half a month, the first batch of "space ball" can begin to use the test.

    Today, what they are doing is the sixth test of the finished space ball.

    In fact, these space balls were not the first Poké Balls born in the world. As early as more than a week ago, Terrance had already created a Poké Ball alone.

    At that time, the materials he used were very simple. The core was the fruit. Using the ancient fruit ball technique of the Elven world, the Poké Ball was also rough. The chances of conquering the elves were very low, but the situation was special, in order to let Altaria hide as soon as possible. Get up, this Poké Ball must be done in advance.

    Of course, the fruit ball has now been modified many times by Rotom Pokédex, and the quality is not inferior to the space ball that is now being produced.

    At present, Terrance led by the research team to create the space ball, the use of the modern Pokéball concept, is the future can be carried out in the pipeline production, in the factory can be manufactured in bulk of the Pokéball species, in order to make this pokéball can easily took demon the exotic, The material used in the space ball is very rare, the manufacturing steps are more cumbersome, especially the energy similar to the rage energy, in this world is very difficult to find, it can be imagined that even if the space ball has a big sale of the day, it is impossible to have the same hand as Pokéball, unless someone later to simplify the space ball manufacturing materials, but then, The quality of the space ball will certainly be greatly reduced.

    “Poipole, how are you feeling?”

    For each test, Anno's Poipole will spend different time in the space ball, the first is 10 seconds, the second is 30 seconds, the third is 1 minute, until now, it is 30 minutes.

    After 30 minutes in the space ball, Poipole didn't feel any discomfort, but the spirit was greatly relaxed. Denda looked at the Poipole emotional waveform on the crystal brain. Something incredible: "It's not just that it can make a difference." The beast is still in it. Does the ball still have a calming effect on the emotions and body of the extremely exotic beast?"

    "Mr. Terrance, how do you say this important thing now?"

    "forgotten……"Terrance bored looking away, this is the effect of any Poké Ball, he didn't take it seriously, but it seems that this effect is very exaggerated for this great metropolis without Poké Ball. phenomenon……

    "Poipole, it's hard for you."After the incident, Anno hugged Poipole and said with joy.

    "Okay, there are 1 hour, 4 hours, 12 hours, 1 day test."Terrance said: "Everyone continues to work hard, and soon you will be free."

    After the space ball has been tested, the finished product can be launched. As for the 100 Flower Company to test for a longer time to ensure the safety of the space ball, or to immediately hit the reputation of the space ball, Terrance is not interested to know.

    Using the resources of the 100 Flower Company, he and Rotom Pokédex have been modified with several enhanced versions of the Poké Ball, enough to conquer those more powerful aliens. What Terrance needs is just the Poké Ball.


    In fact, these researchers did not think that such an important project could be completed in just half a month. It took half a month to exchange for the benefit of a lifetime. How can these researchers be calmed down, if not In a hurry, Terrance didn't mind delaying for a while, lengthening the space ball manufacturing process, and developing a space ball in half a month. He could only prove to the outside world that Terrance had mastered the complete space ball design from the beginning.

    "The birth of the space ball will inevitably affect the development of the great metropolis…"In Terrance's research team, an old researcher swallowed his mouth and knew more about the meaning of the invention than the other young people.

    But at the beginning of the new round of testing, Terrance suddenly frowned, and Rotom Pokédex passed a message to Terrance's consciousness in a special way.

    UncoverThe trace of Gardevoir!

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