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Pokemon Court Chapter 1103

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 1103 goes to the core area of the Great Metropolis, floating astronomy
    Although Terrance is currently only exposed to the tip of the world's iceberg, it has to be said that some parts of the world have come to the front of the Elven world.

    Explore the universe…The development of the planet, after all, this kind of thing, the elf world is just getting started.

    Got it

    After getting useful information, Terrance and Denda thanked and walked toward Nabba.

    Nabba is undoubtedly a dedicated researcher. Even if he hears his footsteps and knows that someone has come to his side, he has not stopped working. He continues to work hard.

    Terrance coughed and greeted him, and Nabba raised his head and asked Terrance what happened.

    "Naba, I heard that your father is a member of the ultimate investigation team?"

    "Mm."Nabba nodded and did not show any expression, and the yearnings like Denda were completely different from worship.

    "Hmph!"Have you ever experienced the experience of the investigation team? ”Terrance curiously asked, just now Danda said that Nabba had the opportunity to join the ultimate investigation team, but gave up, which made Terrance very puzzled.

    "I …Nabba shook his head: "My father is a member of the ultimate investigation team. I don't have to check. As long as he recommends me, I can take over my dad's work directly."

    Terrance : "…"

    Is the ultimate investigation team so casual? Can you still inherit the father's business? There is a slot in Terrance's heart that can't be spit out. This information is not recorded in the information he got.

    In fact, Nabba did not say completely. His father was working in a special department. The department had a very low demand for scientific research ability. The selection of people was not so strict. It was also a feature of the same line.

    If Terrance wants to pass the assessment into the ultimate investigation team, then it must be started from the bottom. The members of the bottom of the investigation team, Normal are listening to the command of various field investigations, and they are bitter and tired, and the benefits are not necessarily The welfare of the branch minister who is now Terrance is better, but…Enterprises like the 100 Flower Company are, after all, only private enterprises, and the ultimate investigation team is an official organization, which gathers a group of researchers who are the most advanced in the metropolis. The strength is not comparable to that of private enterprises. And if you want to get a higher right and status, know all kinds of secrets, joining the ultimate investigation team is also a way to go through.

    "To tell the truth, my father has been in the investigation team for 16 years and has been carrying out a task, but this task has never been completed. I am not interested in his work."In the eyes of Nabba, I smeared the boring look: "Compared with the meaningless work of the ruined time, Minister Terrance, the 'space ball' you designed, is a more epoch-making research. Believe me, although I can’t see it now. What is going on, but one day, it will show its value."

    Uh …AlrightTerrance smiled and borrowed your words, but I don't want to ask about it.

    Soon, he began to step into the topic and turned the topic to the opposite space.

    When it comes to the different space, Nabba reveals a different color. He said: "The ultimate investigation team does have the technology to open different spaces. After all, exploring the unknown space is also a job of the ultimate investigation team."

    “Is the 100 Flower Company not mastering this technology?”Terrance frowned, the 100 Flower Company focused on space compression technology, he thought, maybe the 100 Flower Company would have a corresponding approach.

    "Maybe you have mastered it, but in the great metropolis, only the ultimate investigation team is qualified to open the space. Although there is no law clearly, this is indeed an unwritten rule, perhaps in addition to the ultimate investigation team. There are a small number of people who can open different spaces, but I don't know about those people."Nabba shook his head: "Mr. Terrance, are you interested in different spaces?"

    "Yeah."Terrance sighed, how can this be good, is it necessary to get into the ultimate investigation team, is it possible to find Gardevoir?

    Terrance hasn't tangled this thing for a while, knowing that he can't eat hot tofu, maybe Gardevoir will be able to come out of Teleport on his own.

    It’s boring to entangle this kind of unproductive thing now, at least it’s enough to prove that Gardevoir is safe and in a different space.

    Forget itNext, there are Diancie and Ninetales…They should not be in different spaces? ”Terrance has a toothache.

    Two days later, the space ball project was completely announced. The research team consisting of 7 people, including Terrance, immediately went to the 100 Flower Company headquarters in the core area of Metropolis with the results of the research. Through the light of the 100 Flower Company, Terrance successfully entered the core area of the Great Metropolis. What impressed Terrance most was the all-in-one Black building, and the intricate streets, which had a feeling of letting him faint. I don't know how people here lived in this monotonous color.

    But now Terrance also knows the meaning of Black's architectural style. Black can effectively absorb the glare of the great metro tower, at least to make the physique of the great metropolis rise to a higher level. If the building changes color, Terrance sees the ultimate. The skin of a metropolis may be even more terrible than the pale skin of the present.

    Terrance was walking down the street and had to say that the core area of the Great Metropolis was much more prosperous than the marginal area.

    "Although we are all old people, this time, Minister Terrance is your boss."Danda said with a smile.

    In addition to Terrance and Anno, the other five people are researchers at the 100 Flower Company headquarters. They are very familiar with it, but Terrance is here for the first time.

    "Actually, I am thinking…The food here will be better than the outside. ”Terrance touched his chin.

    "Well, don't be kidding, or think about how to proceed tomorrow's conference."Anno said nervously that as a branch employee, she came to the headquarters for the first time and she was the most nervous one.

    "Minister, you can't be a little nervous!"

    "The main part is from me. The nonsense of the guest is up to you, how can it be done?"Terrance shrugged and shrugged, and the internal product launch was so nervous for him that Anor, who was about the same age as Terrance, probably couldn’t think of it, the lazy youth a few months ago. I was still sitting and talking with a lot of big sisters who managed to manage the area without losing to the great metropolis.

    "it's me again……"Annoy desperate, as the only female and low-qualified person in the research team, this work fell on her head every time.

    During the joke, Terrance looked at the towering metropolis tower, which was getting closer and closer. It took less than a month to finally come inside the great metropolis. I don’t know when, I am qualified and here. People are right.

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