“I just don’t know this energy body. Can you replace the possibility of a great metro tower light source, as Captain Ying Ji said?”

Ionila told Terrance what she knew, because he didn’t treat Terrance as an outsider, but when he noticed Terrance’s sudden sinking expression, he slammed his heart and said what was wrong. ?

“The party is about to begin!”

Just then, the lobby was full of fun, and Terrance sighed and said, “Let’s go out first.”

“Good.” Sioniela looked out and nodded.

Ying Ji is about 30 years old and is the second youngest of the four top captains. A silver hair tied with a belt makes his whole person full of bad temperament, but no one can deny that since Yingji is the top captain of the ultimate investigation team. Since then, his contribution to the ultimate investigation team has been unparalleled.

The means of iron and blood combined with outstanding intelligence, this is why Yingji can become one of the top captains of the ultimate investigation team in a short time.

Under his guidance, the banquet began very soon. Although it has not yet reached the most critical stage, the people underneath have already started to talk. The captain of Sioniela was forced to communicate with other researchers. Terrance relied on him alone. On the wall, whispered with Rotom Pokédex hidden in the body.

“Give me some time Rotto.”

Terrance asked Rotom Pokédex to analyze this crystal resembling a sacred diamond, but Rotom Pokédex didn’t analyze the information very quickly, and encountered a lot of difficulties. Now it can’t feel the energy fluctuation of this pink diamond, which makes Rotom The analytical difficulty of Pokédex has increased by a hundred times, and even if Terrance is urging it, it can’t do anything about it.

“You… seems to be a bit confused from the beginning.”

Terrance opened her eyes and looked at the woman who came to her. It was different from the pale skin of other people. Her skin was white, with long blue hair and a blue bluish. The eyes, the solemn face with a hint of the upper class.

From the beginning, Terrance noticed this person, but the two had never met each other before, and Terrance is now very worried and naturally has no intention of making a connection.

This woman, like the previous Terrance, has gathered a lot of researchers around, but it is different from Terrance… Those researchers came to meet with Terrance because Terrance is the instructor of the Luna team and the researcher of the polar ball. Showing a good potential, but this woman close to her eyes is because of her identity.

Her age is a few years younger than Yingji. As one of the youngest captains of the ultimate investigation team, she has a luxurious origin. The elders are in charge of the great metropolis tower, and she is the ultimate metropolitan power. The highest generation of someone’s descendants, their own talents, plus the power of their ancestors, let this woman named Azera have a star-like treatment no matter where they go.

“Friends who care about may have an unknown danger, and it is naturally difficult to calm down.” Terrance shook his head.

“Is there anything that makes Mr. Terrance feel tricky?” Azera looked at Terrance with curiosity. As one of the top four captains of the ultimate investigation team, she naturally knew Terrance like Sioniora and Yingji. The strength of the Trainer model that Sioniela admired was initially opposed, but Terrance, the powerful Trainer, easily broke the deadlock for Sioniora.

Terrance alone will be able to top up a well-equipped survey team, which is the positioning of Terrance by several high-level investigative teams.

Such a person, there are things that make him feel tricky?

“At present, the energy of this energy body has been isolated from us to prevent further leakage. However, we have drawn a certain amount of energy samples in advance. Through this energy sample, the researcher of Brah finally got a month of research and finally got A major discovery.”

“In the universe, there is a spherical luminescent plasma that is condensed by gravity. The light brought by this plasma is theoretically the most suitable light for living things, compared to Lucas, which was spread by Necrozma in ancient times. This light may be more suitable for us.”

“But we have not tried to use this kind of light. This kind of violent Ability has made us unable to use it. We have never found a way to neutralize…”

“And now it’s different… The energy of this energy body is the same as the light from the planet in the universe! The most important thing is that it is extremely stable and gentle, let us see the light that tames the planet. Maybe.” Ying Ji was very excited.

When I heard the description of Ying Ji, the researchers present, including Sionia, all showed a shocking expression. At first, everyone didn’t care about this pink diamond, but when Ying Ji said their research conclusions, everyone I couldn’t help but look at the pink diamond with avid eyes.

The people present understand what this means. If you can thoroughly study this energy body, then they can simulate the light released by the planet in the universe, and it will bring a different Lucas to the great ones. The morbid radiance of Thane has already made the skin of the great metropolis worse. If this continues, no one knows what it will be like after a hundred years, that is, finding a new light source, Greatly, it is already an urgent matter.

“The sun…” Terranc whispered as he heard the description of Ying Ji.

“What?” Azera heard the explanation of Ying Ji, which was also very moving, but Terrance’s performance made her very strange.

“Mr. Terrance, you haven’t answered me yet.”

“Tricky… it should be tricky.” Terrance’s expression was dignified. He didn’t think that the Fairy energy from the amount of solar energy would have been so valued by the great people. Before Altaria was in front of Sioniora and others, Solaceon. The use of the Fairy system did not cause much reaction, but who knows… This researcher under the eagle, can connect Fairy energy with the sun. This connection undoubtedly made Terrance fall into a very embarrassing situation.

In addition, this energy body… also gives Terrance a bad feeling.

If the worst development in my mind is true… can you still live in peace with people in this world? Even if you are willing, Terrance can’t guarantee that he will be so calm when both sides touch on the taboos and interests that the other party can’t touch.

“Rotom Pokédex, at all costs… speed up the analysis!”

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