Pokemon Court Chapter 1134

“Is it really wrong?”

The banquet lasted for half a day until the end, and Terrance still didn’t get the answer he wanted.

Looking at the pink diamond in the center of the stage, Terrance went back with a complicated mood.

The pink diamonds that the ultimate investigation team brought back from the different space have the potential to solve the crisis of the great metropolis.

Imagine if the world of elves suddenly had no sunshine, only endless cold and dark nights, life barely living under the light, what would the world and humans look like? In the accustomed to the sun bathing, all of a sudden lost these, then both elves and humans will have an unparalleled Covet to the sun.

For the elves who can wage war for a little resource, the elves who fight for food can obviously have a greater significance.

It is such a situation, since the loss of light, you can only rely on the great metro tower to survive, the people here have reached the extreme for the Covet of light.

At this moment, whether the pink diamond is Diancie or not, Terrance asks for it. Obviously there is only one result, that is, it is rejected and even regarded as a public enemy.

In the base of the Luna team, Terrance was anxious. At this time, Rotom Pokédex was attached to multiple crystal brains and tried to analyze the composition of the pink diamond.

Terrance actually hopes that it is just an ordinary ore full of energy, so that there is room for manoeuvre.

However, one day later, when Rotom Pokédex trembled, Terrance’s mind was still involuntarily roaring.

On the crystal brain screen, the interior of the pink diamond isolated by the ultimate investigative team was finally analyzed by Rotom Pokédex for a clear structure.

This is an anthropomorphic silhouette with a round diamond in the shape of the head and a crown surrounded by four octahedral diamonds and two long strips of diamond. The neck part of the silhouette is also inlaid with an octahedral diamond. The upper part of the body is a white skirt. The lower part of the body is a diamond-like part of the original stone. These features make Terrance silent…

By now, he can already be sure.

Although I don’t know what caused Diancie to meet Lunala and let Diancie Ken to provide Lunala with energy as a sacred diamond, but without a doubt, most of the energy was consumed, and Lunala resisted the ultimate investigation team. Diancie, who is attacking the weapon, is already in a very weak Contest Condition, falling into deep sleep and dying of life.

Seeing the Diancie figure inside the pink diamond, Terrance took a long breath and turned and left, but Rotom Pokédex quickly stopped in front of him.

“Wait a minute, what are you going to do with Rotto.”

Rotom Pokédex can understand that Terrance wants to get Diancie back soon to treat it, but Rotom Pokédex also knows the complexity of the matter, how to get in touch with the pink diamond in the hands of the ultimate investigative team, for Terrance Saying is not a simple matter.

“I am going to find Sionia.”

Terrance forced himself to calm down and tried to prevent himself from acting, but no one knew more about Diancie than he did. The first generation of Diancie in the diamond-mining country of Kalos Region paid a half-life to create a sacred diamond. Diancie now has an avatar. The sacred diamonds of great energy resist the attack and the situation is already very crisisy.

Now, only Sionella can help him.


Terrance calls Gardevoir, smashing Rotom Pokédex into his clothes and let Gardevoir use Teleport to leave the area.



Most of the time, Sionia is also in the headquarters of the ultimate investigation team, so it is not difficult for Terrance to find Sioni.

At this time, Sioniila stayed in his own laboratory and browsed the latest information about the pink diamond that the Yingji team had obtained. His eyes were serious.

At the banquet, after many researchers spent nearly a day of discussion and research, they have established the value of pink diamonds.

Among them, the researcher representing the Great Metropolis Tower decided to use pink diamonds as an energy source to try the light source replacement experiment in the local Region.

“But the problem is still there. Although this energy does have great value, according to Yingji, the energy of this stone is running low. If the experiment goes smoothly… then I am afraid that the next investigation team All the squads in the squad will rush to the universe to study the kind of planet that will shine, to analyze how to convert that light into a peaceful light according to this special ore.

“If the experiment fails… although there is no substantial loss…”

But with such a big expectation, many people will be disappointed.

Sioniela sighed, but suddenly, his expression was clean, and then the Laboratory issued a violent alarm. When Sioniora wanted to take the next step, he saw the slow emergence of Terrance and Gardevoir figure.

“Terrance… how could it be you.”

Sioniela raised his hand and put it down, looked at Terrance inexplicably, and then interrupted the alarm.

“Sorry… come in this way.”

Gardevoir’s Teleport was detected… strange.

Terrance didn’t tangled other details, and directly entered the theme with Sioniella, and opened the door: “Captain Sioniella, I need that pink diamond, there is a living body, it is my important partner. ,Can you help me.”

“What…what?!” Sioniella was so wrong that he couldn’t digest the meaning of Terrance in a short time.

“It can be understood that the diamond is a very strange animal, a life.” Terrance calmed down, but calmed down, but made Sioniela feel that today’s Terrance is different.

Terrance’s words have a great impact on him. Although the meaning on the surface is well understood, it makes him somewhat lost.

Or, to think of the abnormality of Terrance’s banquet in the cathedral before, and the relationship with the pink diamond before Terrance, he has already guessed the truth that made him very headache.

“Terrance, this thing… is very complicated. You listen to me. Captain Yingji has already planned to conduct a light source replacement experiment with the research institute of the Great Metro Tower. The new light source core is that diamond, and this thing, Whether it is the other high-level investigative team, or the decision-makers of the Great Metropolis Tower, or the weights of all walks of life, all involved, before this energy body is not thoroughly studied, even if I want After contacting the diamond after the experimental plan is determined, it must be justified and approved.”

Sioniara had a terrible headache. What he didn’t expect was that the energy body brought back by the Yingji team turned out to be something of Terrance.

If the other person brings back something that doesn’t matter, he can even cost Terrance to come.


The light source involved in studying the great metropolis, even him, cannot guarantee that he can ignore this opportunity.

Although it is still impossible to determine 100% of the diamonds can solve the problem of the light source of the great metropolis, but as long as there is a glimmer of hope, it will be great for people to try. Sioniora is also this attitude, facing Terrance, although he wants to stabilize Terrance as much as possible at this time, but his heart is very messy.

The original intention of the ultimate investigation team was to find a solution to the great source of light.

It can be said that all the things about solving the great metropolis light source are the highest projects in the ultimate investigation team, and they have to be dealt with first.

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