Pokemon Court Chapter 1135

“Captain Sioniella… There should be room for maneuver, let me give the diamond to me first, that kind of energy, I can get it for you. I can help you with the question of the great source of light. the study.”

Terrance is also as calm as possible and is going to deal with Sionella. It is because he knows that the new light source is of great importance to human beings, so it will be tricky. It can be said that if Terrance takes the pink diamond directly. Is to be an enemy of this world.

Therefore, he is not willing to use his extreme means to retrieve Diancie and want to resolve it through peaceful negotiations.

“Hey… Terrance, you give me some time, I can only try to help you.”

Sioniella sighed in his heart. If this time he found someone else, he would never be so soft. In his heart, it is extremely important to restore the great light of the city, but Terrance, the Trainer, can’t see Throughout, he doesn’t want to do things too much, so he can only believe in Terrance, and the value of Trainer also has a certain position in the heart of Sionia.

“Okay, I only have to wait 10 minutes.” Terrance said.

Sioniila smiles, 10 minutes… 10 minutes, where is enough, it is really difficult for him. What he doesn’t know is that if the ruins of Rotom Pokédex and Gardevoir are not in the middle of the world, Terrance is working for the most. The bad results are intended. Even for 10 minutes, Terrance is not willing to wait. Diancie’s current situation, waiting for a second, may be more dangerous.



Terrance, the earliest appearance time was 3 months ago, from the identity of an ordinary person of unknown origin, joined the 100 Flower Company as the designer of the polar ball, and was later appreciated by the team leader of the team of the West Infinity. At the invitation of Onila, I joined the ultimate investigation team and became the instructor of the Luna team.

Such a background, can not get the right to speak in this matter, Sioniila does not know, so he can only tell Terrance’s original words to the person who is most qualified to decide this matter, Even if he is, he can’t order Ying Ji and the experimental institution of the Great Metropolis Tower… and there are not many people who are qualified to intervene in this matter. They are all true decision makers.


After 10 minutes, Sioniera received a reply. At the moment of seeing the news, Sioniella’s eyes were wide and I couldn’t believe that the group of decision makers would make such a decisive decision. The light source replacement experiment has been determined. , listed as the highest item, will not change for any reason…

“Terrance, as a member of the ultimate investigation team, deserves to contribute to the restoration of the great metropolis. If you know more information, you should not conceal it.”

Seeing this order, Sioniila’s intestines are remorseful. In theory, every member of the ultimate investigation team will swear to give everything and sacrifice everything for the great purpose. Light, paying everything, but Terrance is not a member of the traditional ultimate investigation team, he came in through a privilege invitation, he did not know, Terrance has no such belief.

In the decision-making of the great metropolitan tower decision-makers, there is nothing special about it, because in the ultimate investigation team, their vocation and mission are to obey orders and restore the great metropolis.

If this thing is placed on him, he is willing to give everything, but Terrance is not him, he can not guess the idea of ​​Terrance.

The volatility of Sioniera’s flashing mood was finally noticed by Gardevoir. In fact, from the beginning, Gardevoir sensed the contradictory feelings of Sioni, but the previous mood was far less intense.

Terrance sighed, and there was a picture of Gardevoir’s avatar in his mind. He saw the pink diamonds in a huge laboratory, and his expression was somewhat disappointing.

“Terrance, obedience is the vocation of the members of the ultimate investigation team. Recovering the great metropolitan light is the mission of the members of the ultimate investigation team. Although I don’t know how important the pink diamond is to you, I hope you can calm down. Treat, if you have a great new light source, then you…maybe become a hero…”

Sioniela looked at Terrance in a dilemma, and at this time, Terrance’s mind was obviously not here.

Sure enough, his current status is only supported by the captain of the research team of Sioniella. There is no right to speak at all. The strength shown is only assessed as a well-equipped investigation team. In awe, in the end, in the eyes of the world’s policy makers, he is only a character like the “soldier”. His thoughts on reviving the great metropolis are not necessary.

“Sorry, Captain Sioniella…” Terrance looked at Sionella: “I have been waiting for a minute, and I will not be able to sacrifice important partners for the sake of greatness.”

And this kind of sacrifice… can be completely avoided, but it is ridiculous because his position is not enough to be valued by the decision makers of this world.

“Terrance you -”

Seeing this kind of expression in Terrance, Sionella once again sighed in this way. Does Terrance want to use Superpower to take the pink diamond from the Great Metro Tower? !

There, there is… the place to suppress the violent Necrozma. It is also the place where the great metropolitan armed forces are the strongest. Terrance’s approach is undoubtedly to die…



“The news of the little ghost of Sioniora? Is there something important?”

“Yeah.” A white-bearded old man shook his head. “Because some small things have to interrupt the latest light source replacement experiment below, I have refused.”

In front of the old man with white beard, he is another old man. When he hears the old man with white beard, his expression looks solemnly at Soaring in the sky.

He didn’t take the old man’s words in his heart, because finding new sources of light is already a matter of great urgency, and it is more important than anything else.

In addition to being the main source of the great metropolis, at the same time, it is still the place where the violent Necrozma is suppressed. In ancient times, the great people will lose the light because of the anger of Necrozma. The Metro Tower has become an extremely important building for the great capital. Now, the power of the suppressed Necrozma has gradually recovered. If you don’t find a new light source, you will concentrate on the power of the Great Metropolis Tower to suppress Necrozma. There will be more serious things happening.

World’s Mightiest The creature Necrozma is suppressed in the Great Metropolis Tower. Few people know that the whole study will be great and will not know more than 15 people. Terrance is also naturally unknown. Lucas is the god of Alola Region. Actually not far from him.

“The mistakes of the ancients, but we want to bear it… I hope that this experiment will succeed… even if I find a new direction.”

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