The Great Metropolis Tower is a mysterious building that releases the glare in a world that has been robbed by the Lucas god Necrozma.

It is the crystallization of all wisdom and hard work since the study of science and technology, and it is the highest embodiment of the world’s technological level.

Earlier, Altaria felt that it was a threat to the Great Metropolis Tower, so it was too late to fly into the Great Metropolis. For its creatures close to the legendary level, it was already very sensitive to the perception of danger. It can make Altaria feel jealous, but I can imagine how terrible the energy contained in the Metropolis Tower will be.

In the underground of the Great Metropolis Tower, there is a special Laboratory, independent of the ultimate investigation team, but it is also a cooperative relationship with the ultimate investigation team. Most of the researchers who have retired from the investigation team will come here to spend their old age. , engaged in some stable research.

The researchers here have been members of the ultimate investigation team, and even those with relatively high status. They are highly qualified, and most of the projects they study are some of the more important topics. It can be said that the research projects here are casually disclosed. A little bit, you can create a large enterprise like the 100 Flower Company.

However, no one has ever dared to play this Laboratory’s idea. Although the researchers here are old and not good at fighting, but the great metropolis tower, but has the world’s top security defense measures, claiming that even a thousand is extremely different. The beasts attacked together and could not be broken.

Moreover, the Great Metropolis Tower is not too far from the headquarters of the Ultimate Investigation Team. It is stationed in the vast majority of the forces of the Great Metropolis, which leads to no one even dare to attack the Great Metropolis Tower. The idea.

In the Laboratory under the Great Metropolis Tower, several old researchers who are highly respected in the great metropolis are deciphering the mysterious diamonds that have recently been sent. For this mysterious diamond, they are also unprecedented, so before starting the experiment, They want to digitize it, analyze it clearly and continue the experiment. If they don’t understand the structure of the diamond and the experiment process goes wrong, they can’t afford it.

“Strange, is there really life fluctuation in this diamond?”

I don’t know why, the frequency of this mysterious diamond has changed a bit fast, and it has been very different from the previous tests. This makes the researchers wonder, especially the detection of life fluctuations in mysterious pink diamonds. Let them be the most difficult to understand.

There is life fluctuations. This information has been mentioned roughly by Captain Yingji, but it has only been a flash, and there has never been such a situation. Most people have not taken it, but now life is fluctuating again. Jumping, is this really an ore life?

“We will test it again, the light source replacement experiment is not trivial, and no mistake can be made.”

“Let’s continue.”

Several researchers continued to study in mutual communication, but with the faint vibration of the surface, they frowned and raised their heads.

This Laboratory is built on the ground floor of the Great Metropolis Tower, and it is very stable. Why is it shocking?

If the experiment is affected, can the above idiots stand up?

But what these researchers didn’t think was that the shock was not an accident, but an artificial one. With the first shock, the second more violent shock followed, and with a shrill alarm, they All the instruments used for the experiment stopped working, and between them, they even saw countless pale blue frosts that gradually spread from the ceiling.

“what happened!!”

Unspeakable chills came in and began to freeze all the security defense facilities that could be frozen. I wanted to force the storm into the Laboratory through the power of frost. This is already a terrorist attack. It has never been encountered since the establishment of the Metropolis Tower. Terrorist attacks! !

The researchers looked at them with horror. Some couldn’t believe it. They already felt it. It seemed that something serious happened.

“Is it Necrozma awakened??”

One of the old researchers trembled and put down the meter in his hand, slammed back one step, and began to press the emergency communication team’s communication equipment.


“Terrance !!”

“You can’t do this.”

At the headquarters of the ultimate investigation team, Sionia was looking red and looking at everything in front of him, and his heart was anxious.

Got away again…

This is another strange way of transmitting, how many secrets are hidden in your body.

Terrance suddenly broke into his Laboratory, and he said such a call, and Sioniila understood that Terrance wanted to solve this problem peacefully through him, but it was counterproductive, and this matter was not properly handled. Sioni Pull originally intended that if Terrance couldn’t accept it, he would continue to follow up and fight for Terrance, but what he didn’t think was that Terrance was so decisive and decided.

Terrance’s decision is already obvious… He didn’t want to wait, he wanted to get back the pink diamond immediately, even if he used force.

Ionila didn’t know what it was that made Terrance dare to make such a decision, but he was so scared at the moment that he recalled the picture of Altaria and Naganadel, recalling the picture of Altaria and Kartana… these Will it be the limit of Terrance? If you have to fight hard, I am afraid that the investigation team will leave a lot of blood…

boom! ! !

When Sioniora heard a huge roar, his brain slammed, yelling, and ran out desperately.


at the same time.

The Great Metro Tower was attacked and it began to spread through the speed of the Normal.

This kind of thing has never happened since the establishment of the Great Metropolis Tower. Anyone who knows the power of the great metropolis towers dare not face such a high-tech crystallization. They cannot understand at the same time. Whoever dares to go to the ultimate investigation team, and even the whole research will be absolutely right.

“The enemy… there is only one person.”

In the Soaring in the sky, Terrance and Gardevoir looked at the giants in front of them and looked at the underground. They were waiting for an opportunity. The Great Metropolis Tower was shrouded in a mysterious force, and Gardevoir could not enter through the Teleport space. In this case, Terrance was the first to encounter.

However, since they have already appeared, they have already prepared for the perfection. Although this force also indirectly protects the Laboratory of the Great Metro Tower, the Laboratory of this independent building is not completely dependent on the Metropolis. Within the tower, the frost power of Assist Ninetales, the Laboratory’s connection with the Great Metropolis Tower, is gradually being cut off, protecting the various facilities of the Laboratory, which are also frozen by the force of frost and cannot run smoothly.

These security defense facilities can indeed play a big role in the face of normal intrusion, but for creatures such as Ninetales, people will not understand half of them at all, and naturally they cannot talk about targeted defense equipment. So the invasion of Terrance has caused super-scale damage here.

At least, in a short period of time, it is difficult for the relevant personnel inside to react.

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