At this time, a lot of people have gathered underneath, and even the ultra-investigation team stationed in the surrounding area responsible for protecting the Great Metropolis Tower has come one after another. They look at Soaring in the sky, which is wrapped in blue light and floats on Terrance in the air and Gardevoir and Altaria around him have an inexplicable shock.

Under Terrance, Ninetales stood on a round of icing, proudly releasing a chill, making it difficult to get close. While releasing a strong chill, Ninetales floated around four blue stones, floating by its Extrasensory control. And continue to provide energy for it.

The Ice Attribute mysterious ore that they brought back from the different space, Terrance can’t wait until the day of thorough research, let Ninetales use it in the simplest and most rude way. Today, he must take Diancie and get Diancie back as soon as possible. Treat it for it.

Hey! ! !

Around Terrance, countless laser beams came in, all of them were forcibly twisted by Gardevoir with Confusion, ejected into Soaring in the sky, Terrance gaze away, and there were countless lasers directed at Ninetales, but all were made by Ninetales. The ice wall has withstood, and so far, there have been no attacks that can break through the Ninetales defense.

“Step aside.”

In the end, looking at the silver-haired man, Terrance said.

“Mr. Terrance… I didn’t think that it was you…”

Ying Ji looked at Terrance and regretted the opening. He reached out and was very puzzled: “Why do you want to do this kind of thing? As a member of the ultimate investigation team, no matter what the reason, you should not attack it.” tower.”

Terrance is naturally not in the mood to argue with them. With Gardevoir scorning, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief, and the space barrier between the Laboratory and the outside world finally disappeared.

“Block him, his goal is the pink diamond of the Underground Laboratory.”

Inside the ultimate investigation team, the speed of information circulation is very fast. The purpose of Terrance is quickly known. But it is too late, Gardevoir is in a moment without hindrance, Confusion is down and down, and Fast Lock On is on. On top of the heavily protected pink diamond, Confusion coordinates were laid.

“Satay -”

With Gardevoir’s Ally Switch move, suddenly, the pink diamond appeared in front of Terrance. Seeing this scene, the underside of the eagle looks changed, and the bad appearance reveals the expression of wanting to kill.

This pink diamond is the harvest of their eagle squad at the expense of several members and using a lot of resources to launch large-scale weapons. It is something that is vital to the great will, such as Terrance. The practice has already touched his bottom line.

“Diancie…it’s really you.”

Touching the pink diamonds by hand, the familiar feelings are passed into the heart, Terrance looks like a joy, Altaria’s fire of life and Fairy Aura quickly wrap the diamond.

After completing the life control of Tapu Lele, Altaria has been able to integrate life energy with Fairy Aura, perfectly controlling the life energy in Fairy’s energy, and thus using the best flame with Fairy energy, Fire of Life and Fairy Aura Wrapped in a diamond made by Diancie, it is like Diancie undergoing a triple perfect cure, but the treatment in Terrance’s eyes, in the eyes of others, is that Terrance is destroying this piece of great importance to the great capital. Diamonds.

The diamond was swallowed up in the flame, and suddenly many people were crazy.

“Hey…” Terrance sighed and wanted Gardevoir to send them away. In the great metropolis, Gardevoir had already pre-arranged the Confusion coordinates, and Terrance made the worst plan at the beginning, in order to get back all the way. ,but……

“I don’t want to leave in good condition.”

I don’t know when it’s time, the glare of the great metropolis towers condensed, and it’s concentrated in this part of the area, so that the nearby space seems to be blocked Normal, so that Gardevoir can’t feel the Confusion coordinates except this area. presence.

Terrance changed his face and looked down at Captain Eagle, clenching his fist.

“Terrance, let’s stop.” At the side of Yingji, Captain Sioniila also came and looked at Terrance. His heart was so complicated that he didn’t expect it to eventually become like this. If he knew… he would anyway Change the decision to avoid this happening.

Sionilas… underestimated Diancie’s position in Terrance’s mind.

After all, for a stone…even for a very strange animal, going to Taunt for the whole thing will be such a thing, it can’t be understood by ordinary people.

“Captain Sioniella…” Terrance shook his head and said that it was too late to do so. He didn’t believe he was a friend of the metropolis.

“I don’t want to cause more damage, so… please don’t stop me. Otherwise, I can only use some necessary means!”

Regardless of the fierce eyes of the hundreds of members of the investigation team gathered underneath, Terrance looked at them coldly. Due to the mysterious power interference, Terrance could not leave here through Teleport. This made Terrance feel tricky, he just wanted to find Go back to Diancie and go straight away. I don’t want to fight with the ultimate.

Now, because it is Shionila who is in charge of the investigation team, the two sides have not yet launched the final battle. However, this kind of thing… is destined to be resolved by negotiation.

Luna squad base.

Members of the Luna team, including several 100 Flower Company researchers who studied the polar ball, although they felt the outside world, did not know what happened.

However, Terrance was the chief culprit of this incident, and they, inextricably linked with Terrance, are destined to suffer a lot.

boom! boom! boom!

When the atmosphere of the Great Metropolis Tower intensified, the Luna squad base was also surrounded by a heavily armed investigation team. Under the aim of countless weapons, more than a dozen people in the Luna squad base looked stunned. The incomprehensible hands raised and the two sides formed an overwhelming situation.

“Feng, Sien, Anno, Danda…” successively read a few personal names, surrounded by the leader of the Yueshen team base, and looked at them seriously and cautiously: “Because of Luna Terrance, the temporary head of the squad, attacked the Great Metropolis Tower. It has already constituted a crime against humanity. Before you suspicion, you will temporarily deprive you of all your personal freedom. Please do not resist, otherwise we can only attack.”

As soon as this words fell, the eyes of the Luna team screamed.

Terrance instructor he…

Minister Terrance, he…

“The attack is a great metropolis tower…you…is it true?” The wind gnawed his teeth and asked for a dignified look.

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