Unexpected counterattacks made Terrance look amazingly at the Glaceon that came from the air. At this time, Glaceon had been struggling to stand still, but it was almost as powerful as Altena’s performance. Let Terrance be very surprised.

“Working hard, Glaceon.” Sirona retracted Glaceon, a slight glimpse… no flaws, Altaria’s understanding of Fairy’s energy is too exaggerated.

Gloron of Girona is able to recover her energy through the ice and snow energy of the Frozen Assist’s external Assist. This ability has been exposed to the prototype of Assist’s natural energy under the development of Girona. Just now Glaceon is the Mirror Coat of Assist outside the ice and snow energy. Although Altaria’s flames restrained the snow, don’t forget that the entire Mt. Coronet is snowing for many years. The snow and ice energy here is not as strong as the Sunny Day that Altaria Solaceon condenses. Just now Glaceon delayed the time. It is the feeling of ice and snow energy from the outside world.

Under this technique, Glaceon’s Mirror Coat resisted the fire of life and Moonblast. However, even with the power of ice and snow to restore strength, it also exhausted all the strength of Glaceon. Altaria’s two attacks are terrible. The former is against it. There is absolute restraint, the latter, the destructive power of the advanced Fairy energy is also very strange, if Glaceon does not use Mirror Coat to resist, a single blow is enough to hit it to make it lose its combat ability.

Mirror Coat can take 2 times more damage from Rival to the same Rival. Glaceon’s Mirror Coat is built with physical strength that goes beyond its limits, except for the effects of flames and frost on Altaria, twice the power. Moonblast was instantly resolved by Altaria, which had to be regretted by Sirona.

“Good risk.” Terrance smiled, and if he suddenly realized that Glaceon was hiding in the Hurricane snow, using the mirror tactics, Altaria would almost be hit hard.

This extreme tactic of sacrificing all physical strength, Girona really thought of it, but Glaceon can resist the two attacks and reflect back, but also let Terrance look at it.

It’s a pity that Altaria has the ability to master Fairy Aura. In this world, it’s hard to have Fairy’s power to hurt it.


Sirona did not release the third elf, but spoke to the opening of Terrance, who was interested in replacing the elf.

“Let me see all of its power.”

Sirona looked calm and knew that the battle was coming to an end, but she was even more curious that Altaria has not shown all her strength so far.

Terrance gave up the plan to replace the elf, and he sighed in his heart. Then he should be blamed by the floating bubble, but Rival asked for it…

“as you wish.”

Altaria’s full strength? In this place, it can’t be shown at all, there is no strong natural energy, and it is far from letting Altaria reach the upper limit of power. What Terrance and Altaria can do now is to deal with the last card of Sirona with all the efforts.

As Sirona sent the last elf, she took out Key Stone for the second time, and the final battle was launched!

In the auditorium, Bai Cheng looked at Mega Lucario who was fighting Altia. It was uncomfortable: “Although I don’t want to admit it, the strength of this Lucario, even if I increase my Lucario by the power of the waveguide, is far worse.”

“I didn’t think that in addition to Mega Garchomp, Miss Girona has another Trump Card that is not inferior to Garchomp,” Riean said with emotion.

Mega Lucario!

Sirona’s last card, the strength also reached the level of the champion Trump Card, this is the first time that Girona showed another Mega Evolution, and in this informal event, it is enough to see that Sirona is against Terrance. Value.

However, the stronger the strength of Lucario, the better the strength of Altaria.

In the ring, Lucario moves with Extreme Speed, achieving the ultimate speed, supplemented by the waveguide perception, tyrannical attack. It can be said that this Lucario is the same as Garchomp, but there is no flaw, but Altaria is not, although the speed is slightly weaker, Lucario, But by surpassing the horrible physical qualities of the previous Garchomp, Altaria and Lucario showed an amazing collision.

The impact of the metal Bone Club and the wings, the contrast between Iron Defense and Fairy’s light, has caused the audience to stop paying attention to the outcome, and concentrate on the four Trainers and elves who have been fully involved in the game.

The most terrifying thing is that after the two elves confronted each other for a few more rounds, there was still a strong sense of war, and the scars left on the body seemed to have no effect on the two elves. It lasted for about ten minutes, followed by one. The winds of the stocks blew from the side, and Sirona looked at the silent sulcus in the ring, and could only barely squat on Lucario.

Under the smog, Lucario’s expression was a little unwilling, and such a fierce offensive did not allow the other party to lose. This is the second time that Girona’s Lucario has been deeply defeated in addition to the Garchomp of the same team.

“It’s enough, Lucario.” Gilona said: “We lost.”

Gilona shook her head and she would one day be picked one by one, which she had never thought of.

At the same time, the entire battlefield of Tianguan College was once again silent…

Didn’t you get it wrong?

Miss Girona… actually admitted to losing…

Terrance played for Tianguan Academy, but at this time, even the old dean of Tianguan College did not show any happy expression. Although it was only a private battle, but Xialona’s fiasco was a fact, most of it is here. Sinnoh people, seeing this picture, there are many unspeakable feelings in the bottom of my heart.

“Hey.” The mustard Professor, who recovered from the shock, sighed, didn’t think… his granddaughter actually lost?

“Win it?” Bai Cheng made a fuss, muttering.

“Well.” Riean nodded whispered.

The first to stand up is Joan Teacher. As a witness to this battle, he coughed, but he couldn’t help but look at Terrance. This Altaria gave him a feeling of being reborn and completed the feat. Terrance should know what it means, even Joan himself, did not think that this battle would have evolved into such a situation.

“A very exciting match.” Sirona and Terrance went forward to shake hands, each showing a smile.

There is a feeling of sympathy. Although she lost, she didn’t feel anything. In her early twenties, it was the best age of Trainer. She still had enough time to perfect the Elf Breeder and Terrance’s Altaria. She proved that there is still a way to go after the championship and continue to become more viable.

The same is true of Terrance. Since Altaria has entered the legendary field, he thought that no Trainer could threaten himself, but now it seems that if Sirona has perfected the skills of Garchomp, then Altaria is defeated today, after all, master The fire of life, such as the healing means, and the strong physical support of Altaria is too BUG, ​​one-on-one to face the comprehensive strength can not compete with its Rival, occupying an absolute advantage, a long-lasting battle must win! However, he and Altaria are just lucky to take this step ahead of time. Apart from the power of Altaria, there are still many shortcomings compared to Girona.

This is also good… In the face of Giovanni, who has conquered Mewtwo in parallel, and the next series of disasters, Trainer needs more Mega power.

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