Mikey wants to seek the “Terrance” help in memory. Although it is only a temporary idea, the idea is unexpectedly strong.

Seeing Mikey’s confidence, the high-ranking Rebels at the scene only hesitated for a moment, and they agreed… It must be said that a powerful World of Warcraft is really important to the Rebels.

“If your description is not wrong, time has passed so long, no one knows what happened during this period, and it is also unknown that the person is still there.”

“I understand that if there is an accident, I will return immediately and will not delay the next battle,” Mikey assured.

“Well, if this is the case, then you will join the battle, and contact the other teams to contact the allies who may be able to get together. Whether it is successful or not, we will be here and here…”

In the conference room, the specific combat items for the Azure campaign were discussed. After simply remembering the combat drawings of the other party, Terrance knew that he should also be ready to prepare.

In what way do you contact these rebel forces, how to figure out the details of the Rockets in this time and space is the next thing to consider.

When the Rebels acted, the Azure campaign launched by the Kingdom of Phoenix against Ho-Oh also entered the core stage of preparation.

The battle of the Phoenix royal family did not mean to hide. The pre-war information spread very fast, even in countries far from Kanto and Johto Region continent, I heard about it.

The indigenous people of this time and space, after hearing about the information of this battle, are undoubtedly very surprised, but in addition to them, there are other people who have been affected by this battle information and made important decisions.

The seven Alliance investigators led by Ariana, one of the Rockets’ four generals, and the Seven Alliance investigators, after arriving in this time and space, originally investigated in the Hoenn Region, but when they learned the information, the Alliance investigators noticed something wrong. The Rockets began to make a strong request to change the survey, so that the Rockets’ two Executives had to take them to Kanto to witness the battle.

However, the Alliance investigators are still unclear at this time, this is only the result of the Rockets deliberately.

At the same time, a woman with a red-haired lady’s appearance came to a secret room from Hoenn to a huge R-shaped airship in Kanto.

I saw her slowly walked to the wall, gently pressed the back half of the wall and suddenly turned into a screen, and after entering a few passwords, a blurred silhouette gradually appeared.

The silhouette that emerged on the screen is the Rockets’ bossGiovanni.

“Giovanni boss, we have brought the seven investigators from Alliance from Hoenn. As you expected, after hearing about the battle initiated by the Kingdom of Phoenix, the Interpol and Lorelei Elite joined forces and others proposed to go to Kanto. Requirements.”

“Yea, very good.”

“After the ‘Azure Battle’, these people should start investigating the Kingdom of Phoenix. When they know that behind the kingdom, our Rockets will support this information, and our plan will be further Giovanni confessed on the screen: “So you know, this battle can’t be wrong, you have to take care of the seven people, don’t let the Lorelei and Interpol guys think about this battle. At least that thing must fall into our hands.”

“As you bid!” Ariana.


Inside the airship, on the other side, one of the former Elite Four, and now the Alleance investigator Lorelei has been in the Contest Condition since coming to this parallel time and space.

She understands that the investigation results of this investigation team can only slow down the Rockets’ “temporal integration plan”, but it will not play a decisive role, but even so, the Elf Alliance should delay the Rockets as much as possible. Progress, to fight for time.

In the process of investigating Hoenn, Lorelei was in a bad mood. She, or the entire Elf Alliance, underestimated the richness of the resources of a feudal society. Some of the modern resources here have not been developed at all. If these resources make the elf world some Small businesses are exclusive, even from the scale they can quickly catch up with those first-class big consortiums. Similarly, if they are swallowed by those big consortiums, their status will be even more impossible, and they will have greater voice in the Alliance system. .

This is a very bad result. No one can guarantee that someone will be indifferent to such a huge interest.

As long as the balance of the Elven world is now a little tilted, the Alliance system will be completely broken.

In addition, let Lorelei even more taboo is the news from this time and space Kanto.

The Battle of Azure… The war that resembled a “revolution” occurred in the world when they arrived, and Lorelei was very suspicious of the truth behind it.


one day later.

The Rebels have been dispersed, and Mikey and A-Bank are still acting in a two-person squad, secretly heading to the Pallet Town area.

However, this action was somewhat unexpected and they were battered and exhausted.

“Awful, obviously has arrived at the destination, even at this time -”

Mikey gasped in a big mouth, hiding behind a rock mass, close to the mountain, while A-Yin was supervising the movements around him, his face pale.

“At least a large-scale team with 60 World of Warcraft, it’s hard to hide.”

A team of 60 Warcraft-sized teams is enough to compete for a war in a territory. There are only two people on their side, and they cannot fight at all.

Screaming… snoring…

There was no movement around. Although the two wanted to take a break, they knew very well that it is dangerous everywhere.

Fortunately, the mountainside terrain in Pallet Town is complex, and if you change to a wide plain, they won’t hide for long.


Suddenly, Mikey’s power of the Waves stirred up. He glanced at Soaring in the sky. A huge glider like a lightning bolt. The extremely fast speed almost made his waveguide not respond. Seeing this is only a vulture. In an instant, Mikey understood that they had met the famous team in the army of the Phoenix Kingdom.

But what Mikey doesn’t understand is why the kingdom’s main army will appear in this place.

The air blade slammed down, letting the two rushed away, and the huge explosion provided the exact coordinates for the Warcraft squad that was searched elsewhere. But before they heard the movement, Mikey and Ayin clenched their teeth. … no way, they have been surrounded tightly.


A large number of giant beasts are surrounded. Sandslash, Nidoking, Golem, and Nidoqueen are all armed with armor. The style of fighting the ancient world of the Elven world is the same. Although not as flexible as modern battles, this heavy sense is extremely stressful. .

Upon seeing it, the two quickly touched the “Poké Ball” made of cones at the waist and had to make a plan to break through.

“Mikey, I am a bait, you have to find a chance to run, you must find the Senior, if you can’t find it, you will meet with the Executive, and the next battle will require your guide.”

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