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Mikey turned his head and glanced at A silver, his face flushed.


“What are you talking about!”


“How can I leave you alone and leave, but it is only 60 World of Warcraft, follow me, let’s break out together!!”


Surrounded by the World of Warcraft, the two men’s “Poké Ball” has also been opened. Mikey’s Trump Card is a Blastoise. The two Hydro Pumps at the front of the turtle shell are raised high, aiming at the weakest array. In the direction, at the same time, A Yin’s sucker magician’s hands also swayed and set up a wall.


At this time, in front of them, 60 of the World of Warcraft, one is more than three times larger than the normal one. The sculpture is slowly falling down, falling behind a middle-aged person with long hair, sharp eyes staring at the front. The two people who are eager to move seem to want to tear them.


“Rebel army… It really appeared here.”


The leader of the kingdom army sneered, and one day ago they got intelligence that the rebel army had secretly launched an action, and it seems that it is indeed happening.


Among them, they also got an accurate information that a group of Rebel members will go to the Pallet Town mountainside.


As the only one after another, the kingdom army gave a high degree of attention and dispatched a group of main troops to investigate.


“Flying feathers make Kurokawa…”


“The situation is very bad.”


Faced with this middle-aged man, Mikey braved the cold sweat on his forehead, even if he was one-on-one, he could not cope with this Warcraft. Now, with so many helpers, he is stubborn, but Mikey understands that The hope of people to escape is minimal.






“The overall strength of this army is weaker than imagined…”


Just because Mikey regrets why he can’t think of a Help that doesn’t know that there is a non-existent Warcraft, Terrance has always been aware of all the changes here.


Or, this is all arranged by him.


This is also an important part of his trust in the rebel army.


Compared to the modern elf army, the ancient so-called Warcraft army seems to be armed, but it is only Superpower.


At least in ancient times, the Breeder, which was positioned for the elves, was far behind the modern Breeder. If the Azure battle was also the enemy of this level, Terrance had the confidence to reverse the situation in the case of hiding his identity.


Even so, the huge Warcraft army in front of us is not the same as Mikey and Ayin, which is what Terrance wants at this time.


The two have fallen into desperation, and watching it, Terrance knows that he should be playing.


Outsiders, Mikey and Ayin back to back, face to face serious, and the heart is smashing through the smashing, it is not psychological quality, but under the crisis of life and death, few people can completely calm down.


The surrounding World of Warcraft regiments, the formation is also more rigorous, the leader of Heikawa looked at the two posing, and laughed, just wanted to order, but at this time a voice suddenly broke the tension.




In this crisis moment, this voice is no less than thrilling. It is shocked that two groups of people looked at the huge mountain behind Mikey and Ayin.


The voice… is here!


The sound that Rock was pushed was clearly heard, and Mikey and A-Yin were somewhat eager to look back towards where they had just leaned back.


This mountain… is actually empty?


Things like Shimen were pushed away. I saw a short-haired man with a sullen look on his face. The rags on his body seemed to have not changed for years. It was like a savage, making people look a bit unnatural.


“you you you……”


Mikey stunned and looked at the man with amazement. Some of his head couldn’t turn around. The original nervous heart suddenly broke short.


This person… isn’t that the mysterious Senior who guided his power in the waveguide when he was a child?


Although it seems that there are a lot of vicissitudes, this look of decadence will definitely not go wrong. Has the other side been living in the mountains for ten years?


“Not good means that suddenly you are scared. But you don’t feel that you are a bit noisy, my dreams can all be disturbed by you.”


Terrance licked his ears with his fingers.


“Who is you.”


This kingdom army, with more than 20 members and 64 World of Warcraft, all well-trained. It is very difficult to cultivate a well-trained World of Warcraft in ancient times. They can be said to be the elite of the best, and the leader. Fei Yu makes Kurokawa a top-ranking Warcraft ambassador in the kingdom, but even so, it is inevitable that there will be some mistakes when you see the situation in front of you.


At this moment, the deputy of this army suddenly remembered something, and slightly crossed the side and said a few words in the ear of the leader.


“This rebellion seems to be looking for allies. This person is probably their helper.”


Kurokawa’s face changed, but he didn’t care. Even the helper was just one person. Then, Mikey’s move made him confirm the deputy’s reminder.


After Terrance appeared, Mikey was excited and excitedly showed his sense of existence. He hurriedly said: “Baiwu uncle, do you remember me? I am the little devil who used to run up the mountain.”


“Right, this.” After all, Mikey released the power of the waveguide to try to prove his identity.


Baiwu is the pseudonym of Terrance. Not only has the name changed, but Terrance has changed his image. It is not a illusion, nor a prop. It is a kind of body shape and appearance that is purely changed by drugs. This kind of cosmopolitan cosmetic medicine, if it is put into the past life, will make everyone rush, like a Minimize medicine taken by a certain death god pupil. The naked eye can not see the changes of Terrance with the naked eye and the instrument. It can be said that it is real. “Take the truth.”


“Eh.” Terrance glanced at Mikey inadvertently and began to play the play. After recollecting, some of them suddenly realized: “I remember you, you are the little devil, I thought you died, for so long. No, your waveguide progress is not small.”


“Ha…ha…” Mikey smirked and didn’t know how to answer.


However, at this time, A-Yin suddenly pulled Mikey’s clothes and reminded him of the situation. After he realized that he was still in a crisis of life and death, Mikey could not laugh. Some apologetically looked towards Terrance. : “Baiwu uncle, sorry, these people…”


He did not expect to bring a group of enemies here, brought so much trouble, and then can get the help of Baiwu uncle… Inexplicably, he was involved in the incident, and I am afraid that no one will be happy.


This time… It’s too late to explain too much!


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