Pokemon Court Chapter 16

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the sixteenth chapter Oddish Legion, floating astronomy
    Talk to each other a few words, Terrance they have a preliminary understanding of Wallace's character.

    From the Wallace mouth, Terrance also got him to assess the Breeder home.

    Wallace listened to the advice of a friend and hoped to increase her strength through the practice of the Breeder family.

    "My friend, an intermediate Breeder, but he has a better talent in the trainer."

    Terrance understands that it seems that he is not only discovering himself, but also many talented Trainers and Coordinators. They all see the importance of Breeder's knowledge and use it as a means to enrich themselves.

    "The first pass, please go to the second assessment point immediately."

    The news was shouted three times, and the second assessment site was informed. They looked at each other and they stopped talking and started to go to the second assessment site.

    Wallace, June Joy, and Terrance walked together and attracted a lot of attention. The three geniuses, the invigilators who were silently watching in the dark, could not help but expect the next three assessments.

    The second assessment site was a large courtyard behind the headquarters.

    The order is still the responsibility of the inspectors of the first written test.

    After the arrival of the people, a middle-aged man once again announced the second assessment question: "Emergency rescue, you have already learned, and the specific content, please see here."

    The men fell, and in the place visible to the passers, a group of green Pokémons came out.

    这是Oddish .."Someone saw the Pokémon and made a surprised sound.

    "Oh my God, there are probably nearly a hundred Oddish."

    Someone has counted the number of Oddish, and it feels incredible.

    "They are the subject of our second assessment?"When I saw this, most people raised their own questions.

    However, he guessed it. The middle-aged man in charge of the whole assessment nodded and said: "Yes, the second related assessment of your assessment is this group of Oddish."

    Having said that, the Terrance trio also looked at them and observed these Oddish.

    "It's ordinary Oddish."

    After a moment of observation, they came to this conclusion.

    Seeing the doubts of the people, he continued to say: "There are a total of eighty-eight Oddish here, and you will be assigned one each, and at the same time, you will be sent to you by a senior Breeder. The prescription of the drug."

    "This potion can simulate a burn caused by a trick. After using this potion for Oddish, you each have 15 minutes to solve the Oddish injury through the materials we provide, and once more than 20 minutes, Oddish burns. It will become more serious, so your time is only 15 minutes. If it cannot be solved beyond this time, it will be regarded as unqualified."

    “At the same time, by solving the different effects and time of burning, the invigilators will also rate you. If you have more than 85 points, you can get the primary Breeder certificate through this assessment.

    The audience was stunned and did not expect that the emergency rescue would be carried out in this form. Over the years, this form was the first time. Eighty-eight Oddish, eighty-eight bottles of pharmacy by the senior Breeder family, this time the Breeder home headquarters It’s really big.

    "Do you have any questions?"

    Silence for a moment, everyone did not make a sound, and obviously, each of them has begun to extract some necessary information from the man's words.

    Oddish, burning.

    Every minute of the situation, etc., was not let go by the assessors present.

    Those who can pass the first assessment, there is no one who is a leisurely fisherman.

    The pass rate of the primary Breeder family is lower than that of the intermediate or even the advanced Breeder. This is a basic problem. As long as the foundation is well established, in addition to the level of the top masters in the future, it can be studied in a large amount of time.

    The people who can become the primary Breeder family are all excellent, and they are talented.

    More than 10,000 people are currently registered with the Breeder family in Alliance.

    And the population of the Hoenn Region alone has millions.

    "What is the subject of this assessment?"After listening to the middle-aged man, Terrance was eager to try.

    He also wants to examine how much he can achieve in this situation.

    "It seems that both of you are very confident."Little June smiled and looked at Terrance and Wallace and found that they didn't show any nervousness.

    "Of course, as a Coordinator, you must always maintain a peace of mind and grace."Wallace said.

    "Let's pick Oddish and get the potion."Terrance looked at the assessors and they all started to act, speaking to the two.

    "Good, start!"Little June shouted.

    Eighty-eight Oddish, each of which is actually a small difference, Oddish should be housed by the Breeder headquarters, after all, their pollen and the evolution of Gloom's saliva are very valuable materials.

    "Please advise me."After receiving the pharmacy, Terrance took away an Oddish. Oddish also knew his mission. Fortunately, with a high-level Breeder home configuration, the burning effect would not cause serious damage to Oddish in a short time, and it was also given to the assessors. enough time.

    With Oddish coming to his place, Terrance saw all the materials that could be used.

    There are almost twenty or so, of course, it is impossible to use them all. As for how to match and exert the best results, it depends on the choice of the examiners.

    When everyone is ready, the middle-aged man reiterates the rules again, and warns the appraisers that if they are not sure enough, don't dispose of the drug because of time constraints, otherwise they will be subject to the Punishment for life ban.

    Finally, the assessment began, and the big clock that counted down in fifteen minutes swayed directly.

    With a sly pointer, Terrance, like all the assessors, first spoke to Oddish, and after Oddish confirmed that he was ready, he quickly applied the agent to Oddish's leaves.

    Next, he will configure the drug through the condition of Oddish!

    There are many reasons for burning. Different burning methods require different methods to achieve better results, but it does not mean that other burning drugs have no effect. The most famous one is burning medicine, which is almost a panacea. Although the effect may not be the best, it can be used for all burnings currently known.

    First, I smelled the smell of the medicine, and Terrance looked at Oddish.

    "Oddish, how are you feeling?"

    Half a minute passed, and Terrance paused and began to ask Oddish.


    Although Oddish also wants to work with Terrance, it is difficult for Terrance to understand what Oddish is saying and to observe it based on its subtleties.

    The first is Oddish's expression, the change in leaf color, the main ingredients of the drug that can be known, and the reaction time of burning. Terrance recalls the pharmacology and reasonably reasoned.

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