Pokemon Court Chapter 17

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the seventeenth chapter full score, floating astronomy
    The composition of the medicinal agent, Terrance has already inferred seven seven eight eight, there should be no mistakes.

    Terrance also knows about the twenty different tree material in front of him.

    For Terrance, it has solved more than half of the problems. This assessment has no difficulty for him.

    Next, you only need to analyze the burning of Oddish.

    Different Pokémon, different tricks, different environments, different trees and even may cause Oddish to burn, understand the true state of Oddish, and have a great guiding effect on the direction of treatment.

    Solving the problem is not perfect, what Terrance wants to do is to solve it as perfectly as possible.

    That is to pursue the perfect score.

    "Some meanings, but they should be wrong."When Terrance muttered, thinking was also a quick thought, and then, his eyes showed a bright awn.

    At this moment, he did not hesitate to pick up a red tree fruit in his right hand and cut the skin directly with the knife next to him.

    "It seems that he has found a solution."Wallace on the other side is not in a hurry, as if everything is winning, which is related to his character, everything needs to be done Contest elegant.

    In fact, all the assessors have already moved at this time, and most of them have found their way.

    Even if there are some differences, they are all ways to alleviate the burning.

    As for who is better, it needs the final assessment results to judge.

    Silence around, only the examiners are busy, and the different things of tree fruit, Leafage, herbs, and pollen are combined in their hands.



    "Guess guess, there will be several people who pass the assessment in this session."

    The invigilator is here, but also gathered together to comment on the reviewers of this session.

    "About seven or eight?"One said:

    "I am looking forward to the results of those two people."It was Nina Joy who was responsible for Terrance's first proctor.

    "Oh, those two little guys are really amazing, but I am more optimistic about Wallace."

    "The three of them are not simple. If you didn't guess wrong, the top three of this time is likely to be produced in the three of them."

    Finally, the general manager spoke: "The little devil named Terrance is said to have been recommended by Wicktor Masters, and June Joy is a student of Wicktor Master."

    This remark made the uninformed invigilation immediately shocked.

    "It turns out that it is no wonder that such a very good age has such a great ability, and it has something to do with Wicktor."

    The invigilators observed the assessors, and the time passed by, and soon, the time passed by more than half.

    Almost done!

    Terrance grinds with a wooden stick, and the herbs on the table, all of which he knows. This feeling makes Terrance very emotional. He combines the pharmacology, he thinks it is the most perfect.

    "Having read so many books, it really is good."Terrance shook his head and his hands got faster.

    Time passed, for Terrance, he did not feel the slightest effort, but the action was flowing, and finally, with a bang, he stopped moving.

    Complete now.

    Looking at the blue cream in front of me, although it is very unattractive, Terrance is convinced that it has a great effect on the burning of Oddish.

    With a deep breath, Terrance smeared Oddish with a blue ointment and raised her hand.

    "The little devil is done!!"

    Terrance is not the first one to complete, but it is not slow. You don't have to wait for the end of the assessment time, the invigilator can take the lead in checking the completion.

    The inspectors of this assessment are completely and clearly aware that they can become invigilators, and their level is at least intermediate Breeder's. The knowledge that appears in the primary Breeder's assessment is obviously unstoppable. .

    Let me help you.”Nina Joy, who has been staring at Little June and Terrance, has gone over and started the Help Terrance check.

    At this moment, the time is almost ten minutes.

    Seeing Nina Joy coming, Terrance also gave up the position, and then Nina Joy picked up Oddish and observed its condition.

    Not long after, she put Oddish down and then looked at Terrance deeply.

    "Congratulations, the results are good."

    He smiled, and it was clear that Terrance's performance was very satisfying.

    "Is that passed?"Asked Terrance.

    "Not yet, the remaining ointment you made needs to be checked by other invigilators. I just made the first judgment to prevent Oddish from happening."She smiled and said, "The final result will be announced after everyone has completed."

    "I know," Terrance nodded and looked around. At this time, Little June was finished. Wallace was a little earlier than him. After more than ten minutes, it was now at the final stage of the assessment.

    Without Terrance, he began to wait quietly. After a few minutes, the assessment was over.

    Other reviewers waited for the results, but Terrance was very leisurely.

    Walking towards Little June, Terrance can hear the inferences of the reviewers. Some of them are very strict, but there are also many strange answers.

    For example, what caused by the burning of Will-O-Wisp, the burn caused by the flame…

    "Is the burn caused by the sun?"One met with Terrance, and Little June couldn't wait to tell her inference.

    “Correct.”Like Terrance's answer, the potion burns Oddish to at least nine out of ten with Sunny Day.

    Hearing Terrance is also the answer, Little June is relieved, and although he is confident in himself, he still wants to prove it with Terrance.

    "It looks like you are doing well."At this time, Wallace also came over and smiled and said to the two.

    The three men looked at each other and gave them three written test results. The second test naturally didn't have much problem. Then, just wait for the final result to come out.

    The speed of the proctoring review was also very fast, and they were not allowed to wait. The middle-aged person in charge was already taking the list with him.

    "Next, let me publicize the passers of this appraisal."

    "A total of ten people, respectively -"

    "Wallace, 100 points!"

    "June Joy, 100 points!"

    "Terrance, 100 points!"

    I was read by ten people, from high to low, there is a 98 points, the lowest is 87 points, and the rest are all unqualified people who are less than 85 points.

    "Outstanding."Terrance breathed a sigh of relief, and he was also a Breeder home!

    After four years of hard work, it was not in vain. He wanted to report to everyone at Olde Green House, but now it is not the best time.

    The junior Breeder family is not enough, far from what it is. Terrance understands that there is still a long way to go, promote to intermediate, even advanced and even pursue the throne of the top masters!

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