Pokemon Court Chapter 18

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the eighteenth chapter selection, floating astronomy
    "Congratulations to you ten people!!"

    The grand announcement of the scene symbolizes the perfect end of the assessment. The deputy of the Breeder headquarters is awarded the certificate of ten people who passed the examination. The representative who took the first is the Wallace with the highest total score.

    The assessment is over, at 17:00, the results of the assessment will be disseminated immediately, and the certificate awarding ceremony will be held at this time.

    Primary Breeder home certificate.

    The sky-blue booklet symbolizes the identity of the Breeder family, and Terrance finally got it.

    Take your hands and open the certificate with your own avatar, Terrance, and then the date and age of his assessment.

    At this moment, the camera equipment under the stage was smashed. Whether it is the two-year-old Breeder or Wallace, they are a very hot topic, they can't miss it.

    But in the end, the stories of Little June and Wallace were announced, causing many people to admire, but the news of Terrance seems to be erased by whom.

    "Oh, it’s good."

    Master Wicktor smiled at the two little guys, and their performance was excellent even in his opinion.

    "Master, have you not forgotten the reward you said? The two of us got the second and third place respectively. ”Not only is Terrance, but even Little June is obsessed with the rewards Wicktor said.

    "Of course, I can't lie, but I need to carefully prepare for you."Haha smiled, Master Wicktor said quickly.

    Terrance is also looking forward to it, not knowing what he will get…

    Now think of it, I am really fortunate to meet the two masters of Little June and Wicktor, otherwise he may not even get the qualification to participate in the assessment.

    It seems that luck is also very important.

    The news that Wallace and June Joy became the Breeder's home was quickly reported and quickly caused an uproar in the circle. Wallace itself is a public figure in Fengyuan Region, and now it is strong in the Breeder family, is it why?Those who are concerned immediately pay attention to this young boy.

    June Joy, who became a Breeder at the age of ten, has not had such a great Rookie for many years.

    However, under the two auras of the Joy family and the Wicktor master, it did not cause much shock. In addition to praise, there are some reasons for it, as well as expectations for future achievements.

    Even so, June Joy's achievements at this age are among the best in the Joy family.

    Terrance also saw the report, which was almost the news of Wallace and Little June. He and other contestants just mentioned it a little, and didn't even have a name.

    Although I don't know why, Terrance doesn't care, even if his age can be promoted, but even then he can't eat a fat man at most, at most, it will be paid more attention by some big people.

    But in front of me, the big man is by his side, still thinking so much.



    "Master Wicktor, are you looking for me?"Terrance looked at the old man in front of him, respectfully said.

    "Come on Terrance, yes, I came to you because of yesterday."Wicktor master laughs.

    What happened yesterday?

    "Is it rewarding?"The opening of Terrance is delighted.

    "Yes, since I promised to give you two little guys some rewards, then I won't say anything."Ass sat down, Wicktor did not show his identity, or what Terrance first saw.

    At the request of Master Wicktor, Terrance also sat down.

    "What about Little June?"At this time, Terrance asked, if it is a good reward, there should be a small Vincent.

    "She. She is different from yours, so the rewards are naturally different. ”Master Wicktor smiled and answered Terrance.

    Wenling, Terrance no longer talks.

    "Terrance, are you orphaned?"Silenced, the master Wicktor suddenly spoke.

    This made Terrance know what the other party knows. Did he investigate him? As a Wicktor master, it is not difficult to know these.

    It was the real situation, and Terrance didn't have to cover it and nodded.

    "Your birth is much worse than Little June. Have you ever thought about your future?"Seeing Terrance nod, the Wicktor Master continued.

    "What about the future?"

    Terrance has his own goals, but he is really at a loss as to how to achieve his goals.

    I have become a junior Breeder home. Next, continue to improve and become a coordinated Trainer?

    Then, how much time does it take for yourself to work hard…

    "Yes, a top coordinated Trainer, even…Together become the top Breeder home. ”Think about it, Terrance said.

    Master Wicktor stunned. He had thought about Terrance's answer. He had imagined the top Breeder home, even Coordinator and Trainer, but Terrance's words did give him a feeling of Power Trip.

    "Which achievement you have made, it is not easy to achieve. It is a brilliant achievement for a person to earn one of his achievements in his life."The old man said with a heavy heart.

    Shaking his head, Terrance said: "But I still want to stick."

    The top Coordinator, that is the old dream of the Olde Green House children.

    The top Breeder family, that is, the decision to prop up the future of Olde Green House, the vows promised to be the top Breeder home, make a lot of money, and let everyone have a bright future.

    The two seemingly conflicting professions each contain Terrance's own ideas.

    WellDo you think you can really reach that point? The 10-year-old Breeder home is amazing, but it is only a junior Breeder home. After you have worked hard, you have become a middle-level and high-level Breeder home with rich knowledge and experience, but how long does it take, you said Every goal can be achieved without distraction. ”

    Wicktor's words are said to have entered the heart of Terrance.

    The knowledge of the primary Breeder family is relatively shallow, but at the intermediate Breeder home, the senior Breeder home, the knowledge, even the books on the market can be learned, in his identity, it takes a lot to get it. effort.

    The achievement of the junior Breeder family took four years, and most of the time, wasted on finding books. Then, will he still be so smooth?

    Becoming a top-level Coordinator, or even a powerful Trainer, is nothing to talk about.

    Finally, Terrance looked at the Wicktor master and wanted to see what he would say.

    "So, I want to give you a chance, but it is not free."

    “There are two choices here, and it’s a reward for you.”

    The Wicktor master is optimistic about Terrance, but he does not want him to be smooth sailing. Only after suffering, a piece of jade can only give out Lucas he deserves.

    So, he decided to let Terrance choose his own.

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