Pokemon Court Chapter 19

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the nineteenth chapter of the Tianguan Academy, floating astronomy
    "Two choices, the first one, I can help you register for Trainer qualification, and you will get a Pokémon from a Pokémon Alliance."

    Trainer qualification, that is 100,000 yuan, as for the beginner Pokémon, it is 100,000 yuan.

    200,000 yuan, for Olde Green House, is the cost of many years, which is why, Ellen Grandma has no spare capacity to support a child to become a Trainer.

    The two thousand yuan that Terrance brought out was that Terrance had fallen a little over four years.

    So, the first choice that Wicktor master gave to Terrance will give Terrance a huge help, not only to solve the place where he lives, but even to have the identity of Trainer, not only can enjoy the Pokémon Center, but even in many places, There are huge benefits.

    "What about the second choice?"Terrance is not in a hurry to make a decision.

    "The second choice, that is, I will give you a chance to enter Tianguan Academy."Master Wicktor said without hesitation.

    "Tianguan Academy? So what's that

    When I heard this special noun, Terrance felt strange.

    However, Master Wicktor still gave Terrance a patient explanation.

    “Tianguan College, a comprehensive institution in the Sinnoh Region, and the champion college of the Kanto Region, the Silver College in the Johto Region Region, is known as the cradle of three talents. The achievements of every graduate in the college will not be inferior to one. Can get the top three players in the local Conference, of course, this is only average."

    "However, Tianguan College's graduation requirements are also very difficult, but it is not something that ordinary people can achieve. Similarly, the requirements of entering Tianguan College are even more demanding. If you don't have a very high talent or background, you want to use money. If you buy an admission qualification, you need a million dollars…"

    Tianguan, silver, champion, three colleges!

    The words of Master Wicktor gave Terrance a lesson. I didn't think there were these three special places in the world. He didn't even hear about it in the books.

    "But it's not as powerful as you think. The three colleges are the products of the old times. Take the Wallace. Even if he enters the Tianguan Academy, he is one of the top talents. No one can match it."Explain to Terrance that it was a bit of a slap in the hands of Wicktor.

    "The second option, I give you a chance to placement the academy, where you can dispense with tuition fees, have free accommodation, food, can learn freely whether it is breeder home, Coordinator, or a variety of trainer combat tactics, you can learn on your own, but, choose this , you need to go through a scathing assessment, and if you fail, you will lose two chances at the same time. ”

    The two roads are in front of Terrance.

    The first one, get the qualification of Trainer, so that with the effort, you can reach your dream step by step, but what happens in the process of your own exploration, no one can tell.

    The second one is to get an opportunity to enter Tianguan Academy through an unknown assessment. The college mentioned by Wicktor Master is not a simple place. Although it is not qualified for Trainer, it is free to eat and live. Learning opportunities such as Coordinator, Breeder's home, tactics, etc. seems to be a difficult place to reject, and each of the outstanding graduates, each with outstanding achievements, is being vyed by major institutions.

    "Is it decided?"

    decision to your proposition.

    Without hesitation, as a qualified passer, Terrance knew what to choose.

    This obvious simple mode and difficult mode two options, for time-critical, there is no reason to choose a simple mode.

    As Wicktor masters think, Terrance can only make greater progress if it is honed.

    "I am willing to accept the assessment."

    Terrance looks at the "old-spirited" look of a passer-by, who believes that Master Wicktor also wants him to make this choice.

    "Are you sure? If my assessment fails, you may lose all opportunities. ”The Wicktor master once again wanted Terrance to shake, but the more he did, the less the Terrance was moved.

    The hints are so obvious, can I still refuse?

    "Yes, I want to give it a try."Terrance believes that Wicktor is not difficult for him. As long as it is possible to complete the assessment, he will try his best to achieve it!

    "Haha, well, since you have chosen this road, then I will talk to you about the situation of Tianguan College. This will also motivate your fighting spirit. As for the assessment, it is not the time."Master Wicktor smiled and said that Terrance's choice really satisfied him.

    Tianguan College.

    Established a hundred years ago, by a master-level Trainer at the time to promote the career of Trainer, after a hundred years of development, Tianguan College did not grow into a giant like the Alliance, but it is also an independent force recognized by the Pokémon Alliance.

    Very strong, the comprehensive strength of the college, the dean of each generation, the strength will not be weaker than Elite Four, the teachers are also very strong, mostly graduated from the college, the elites returning from various fields, whether it is Coordinator Breeder Trainer scholar Everything is involved, and there are even a lot of Taoist and even Elite who have studied at Tianguan College.

    Since the development of Pokémon Alliance, the number of Trainer has increased significantly, since the establishment of region Conference and Taoism, field safety has been improved, Trainer welfare has increased, Trainer like to travel alone, collect badge, Took Demon more Pokémon, experience the fun of travel, the status of the college has been greatly reduced, although there are still some traditional aristocratic schools, kindergarten schools, but also can not become a climate.

    Tianguan College, Silver College, and Champion College are the only remaining places where they still have the status of orthodox school.

    The centuries-old heritage and public form are unmatched by the educational institutions and organizations of other emerging aristocrats.

    Master Wicktor graduated from Tianguan College and is now the Associate Dean of Tianguan College. Therefore, Terrance's transfer is full of enthusiasm.

    “If you can graduate from Tianguan College, you can even apply to the Pokémon Alliance to own a pavilion and enjoy the subsidy from Alliance.”

    Tianguan College is a four-year system, which is a primary class, an intermediate class, an advanced class and a graduating class. In theory, at the age of ten, students will graduate at the age of fourteen, but this is only a theory, only a few qualified people, Can pass the college graduation assessment.

    Some people, even ruined to the age of 20, have not graduated and were eventually dismissed.

    When there is a genius, but I applied for a jump, I have completed all the courses in two or three years, and I am not weaker than Teacher.

    This is the Tianguan Academy, abandoned by the times, but passed through the recommendation, feedback and other means to pass on a genius of genius.

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