Pokemon Court Chapter 2

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the second chapter of the body will not stop, the astronomy
    A place where you can find all kinds of Pokémon, Hoenn Continental, Naplu Road Museum.

    The food is fragrant and covers the entire Olde Green House.

    Satisfied with his masterpiece, the rich and light and nutritious lunch, is the last Present that Terrance has left for everyone.

    He doesn't know what will happen when he leaves here, but instead of indulging in the ordinary, Terrance would rather break the boat and do his best. The world is not as beautiful as anime. Even if you want to be an ordinary Trainer, you need a lot of conditions. limit.

    Olde Green House is an orphanage. In fact, there are seven children. There is only one person who takes care of the children. It is Grandma Ellen. When she was young, Grandma Ellen was a coordinated Trainer, but now she has only one person, and Grandma Ellen does not. Zi, with only the remaining savings, she established the orphanage called Olde Green House.

    Because of Ellen's grandmother, the children grew up listening to her younger stories, so they naturally became very interested in the Coordinator.

    Almost every child at Olde Green House has a future dream of becoming a great Coordinator, and Terrance is no exception.

    However, the children who are usually flying are still somewhat silent today. Obviously, they already know the decision of Terrance to leave.

    Around the table, a teenager couldn't help but open his mouth: "Terrance, do you really want to go?"

    Terrance nodded and came here for four years, and at the end of the day, he was also dependent on Olde Green House, and although he usually did a lot of things, that wasn't enough to offset grandma Ellen and Olde Green House's kindness to him, and without them, Terrance It is hard to imagine whether, with the daze and confusion of his recent arrival, he would cause any great trouble, and he would not inherit any property, even in the face of a simple livelihood, which could be a big problem.

    The past life was a lonely man, and Olde Green House really gave him too many things he didn't have.

    So things have come to this point, Terrance can no longer rely on it here, the children have grown up, no longer need his care, these years of accumulation, Terrance feels it is time to go on their own journey.

    Maybe you can really do something meaningful for everyone at Olde Green House after you go out.

    ButEveryone's voice was a little choked. Although they already knew Terrance's choices, they were very reluctant to think about separation. The big brother who has been taking care of them is about to leave. Even if you can meet again, this long-term separation is not something that these children under the age of ten can afford.

    "Hey, kids, respect Terrance for his choice."

    Outside, the gray-haired grandmother Ellen came in and saw him, and the children immediately gave a place to Ellen Grandma.

    "Mr. Ellen, you are here."The children said Qi Qi.

    "Come for lunch, Grandma."Terrance said.

    In the face of the children's retention, it is impossible for Terrance to not have a slight shake. Although she did not regard herself as a child of the same age, she took care of the children at the beginning to pay for their kindness. Usually, although the children were mischievous, they experienced So much, living together for so long, people are not grass, can you be ruthless?

    After living here for four years, Terrance didn't want to wait a lot of years to see Olde Green House's sluggish, run-down scene.

    "Let's eat."Terrance looked at the children who were not feeling well and said.

    In this way, under the urging of Grandma Ellen and Terrance, the children began to rush to eat a few lunches, this fine lunch, spent in such a low environment.

    The pleasant atmosphere of the past can no longer be found. Grandma Ellen tried to adjust the atmosphere, but anyone can see that the children and Terrance are a little absent-minded.

    The long lunch time was finally over.

    "I am going to pack things up."

    After speaking silently, Terrance left here.

    Lazily lying on the bed, Terrance's eyes stayed on the ceiling.

    Although the children are eager to retain, these will not change his determination.

    Terrance's footsteps, his heart, do not allow him to stay in this place.

    Maybe he will fail, but who will make it clear in the future?

    For four years of hard work, Terrance is not white, and confident in this kind of thing, Terrance is naturally not lacking!


    The beautiful Beautifly danced on Terrance's head, and now, only it ran to comfort Terrance.

    The window is clean, this is all Beautifly's credit. Some tricks are in its hands, it can be perfectly manipulated, and the Terrain is cleaned to the yard.

    Beautifly was Terrance's first companion and Terrance was the first to train as a beginner.

    Listening to the story of Grandma Ellen, Terrance is also very interested in the Coordinator, and even with Wurmple, I am very much looking forward to the stage of Contest.

    It was realistic to let Terrance understand that he had no advantage. After careful consideration, Terrance finally decided to become a Breeder home.

    Being a Breeder home has no small benefits for Terrance's immediate situation.

    The Pokémon Breeder family, like the Coordinator, is a type of Trainer.

    Their Breeder has a lot of different Pokémons, although their strength may be weaker than the professional Trainer, but their Pokémon Normal will form a complete team, and they will be much stronger than the usual Trainer in terms of growth, health, and breeding status. .

    Most of the Breeder's homes make a living from the special job of breeding houses, and the Breeder home is also very suitable for living in this world.

    Nowhere is an excellent Breeder home.

    If Terrance is able to pass the assessment of the junior Breeder home, his start will improve a lot, even one step to the sky.

    After all, he is still young.

    Age is accompanied by mature thoughts, which is the biggest advantage for Terrance! With such a good start, although the starting point is a bit low, there are still many things that Terrance wants to do after coming here.


    Looking at the ceiling of Terrance, I heard the sound of knocking on the door.

    "come in."

    Without thinking about it, Terrance knows that people who come at this time are mostly Grandma Ellen.

    “The children’s mood is very low.”As soon as she entered the door, Grandma Ellen sighed.

    "Sure.Terrance said.

    "Your child, the tone is always so strong, but it is to go out and travel, it is like saying that life is dead."

    Shaking his head, Grandma Ellen looked at Terrance, some puzzled and helpless.

    “Not just travel.”

    “Mr. Ellen, how long do you think if we stay at Olde Green House with your savings and support Olde Green House?”

    “Do you really think these children can find their own life?”

    Grandma Ellen is silent.

    "So, for myself, and for Olde Green House, I can only choose to leave."

    Lying in bed, Terrance spoke to himself despite the shocked look of Grandma Ellen.

    Terrance understands that staying at Olde Green House, although it may be smooth and comfortable for a while, then he will miss his best advantage in vain, and in the end, the real failure is a mess!

    So, Terrance said this naturally.

    Perhaps, in addition to seeing the beauty of the world, Olde Green House is a concern for Terrance. I don't want to see Terrance where Olde Green House is falling. I can only change it through my own efforts!

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