Pokemon Court Chapter 20

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the twentieth chapter of the text returns to Mt. Chimney, Astronomy
    The things of Tianguan College made Terrance very concerned. The test of the old man is of great benefit to the development of Terrance. Terrance can also see that the master of Wicktor is very optimistic about him.

    Unlike Wallace, who already has Master's genius, or a background-like genius like Little June, people like Terrance are often loved by Wicktor masters.

    The Breeder family assessment was over, everything had subsided, Wallace said goodbye to Terrance, and they embarked on a new practice alone, and Little June, after being successfully assessed as a junior Breeder, was also picked up by the family. gone.

    Originally, Wicktor was invited together, but for Terrance, he refused the celebration.

    "are you ready?"Looking at Terrance, who is looking calm, Wicktor is looking forward to it.

    The test he prepared was purely a matter of his own. The original idea was to let Little June finish it, but did not expect to encounter the accident of Terrance. Compared with Little June, Terrance seemed to be more testified by this test. Suitable for.

    This made him change his mind.

    "The place we are going to is Mt. Chimney

    Mt. Chimney, Terrance is no stranger, he lived for four years in the Nepro Road Museum, which is in Mt. Chimney, just didn't think so fast, he was going back there.

    But this time back, it wasn't the return of the wanderer, and he was not ready to return to the Olde Green House to report to him. The purpose of this trip was for the Wicktor Masters.

    "The content of the assessment…But it is very difficult. ”Thinking of that, even the Wicktor master felt a little embarrassed.

    On a private jet, Terrance and Wicktor set off.

    Mt. Chimney is a Volcano, but not so monotonous. There is still a forest-like, grass-like environment around him.

    After coming here, Terrance knows that this is Mt. The core of Chimney is different from the place he used to train with Beautifly, just the periphery.

    There is a large amount of Pokémon living here, which is no longer within the reach of human beings.

    "Where are we going?"Terrance asked.

    Until now, Wicktor Master has not told him the clear assessment.

    "Go to see an elf."

    With an aged body, it is easy for Wicktor Masters to walk in this environment.


    A Seviper came, Terrance had not reacted, and Seviper was directly shot.

    In the eye, it is a sculpture, Contest's wings have just been fanned, and the sharp eyes stare at Seviper like a king.

    It was only slightly blocked, and while Seviper flew out, the surrounding trees were directly bent, causing no small fluctuations.

    This should be Pokémon of Wicktor Master, and Terrance has seen the Poké Ball in his hands.

    "Be careful, the elves around are not very friendly."He said with a smile.

    Then, Master Wicktor continued to tell the eagle: "Go and call it out,"


    who is it?

    The beautiful wings of the sculptures leaped into the air with incredible Flying speed and circling.


    The huge storm was bulged, and the wind screamed that Terrance could hear it clearly.

    Breeder is great.

    Even if Terrance's experience is not very rich, he can see that this is better than the carving, whether it is the luster of the wings or the beautiful feathers on the head.

    It is worthy of the top master Pokémon!

    "What is calling?"Terrance looked up and was curious.

    Master Wicktor said, "Go to see an elf."What is the relationship with his assessment, come to Yanshan, his assessment will be what it is, even Terrance, can not expect to look forward to.

    The sunny Soaring in the sky, the clouds float, and the huge storms carved out are directly dotted under this beautiful scenery.

    Soon, they didn't wait for them. In the call of the eagle, there was a black dot between the clouds.

    Then, the black spots are getting bigger and bigger, and with the advent of black spots, a wonderful tone is introduced into their ears.

    "That is Altaria."Terrance finally saw the entire face of this Pokémon.

    The shape has the elegant shadow of the swan, the azure body shows its noble, the fluffy wings are as soft as cotton, and the moving songs are intoxicating.

    Altaria, cherish the Dragon Type Pokémon.

    "It looks like it is coming."Looking at the arrival of Altaria, Master Wicktor smiled and said to Terrance: "This assessment is for you, there are two opportunities, one is Tianguan College's quota, and the other is its recognition."

    "What recognition?"Terrance doesn't understand.

    "Hey, they are fighting."The Wicktor master looked helplessly in the air, and Altaria, who had just arrived, launched an offensive directly against the sculpture.

    Terrance didn't talk, waiting for the explanation of Wicktor Master.

    "My research direction is what you know, genetic tricks."

    "En."Terrance nodded.

    "This Altaria is exactly what I have been paying attention to for a long time. If there is no guessing, it has magical power, or its parents and even ancestors, and there is a pure breed of Pokémon in the Kanto Region. -Dragonite."

    "So, I set the trap, it is combined with my sculpture."Master Wicktor looked at Terrance's weird expression and said with a smile.

    "I have been preparing this research for a long time. If there is nothing wrong with the direction, it is very likely that a qualification is very good. Even in the race advantage, it is comparable to the Swablu of Dragonite and Bangui."

    “This will be a good opportunity for the rise of Altaria, which is born in the Dragon Type.”

    “Where is your Swablu special in your vision?”Asked Terrance.

    "Special place."

    "Maybe just when you were born, you can comprehend multiple tricks. Don't underestimate it. A different starting point, the achievements will be different. If there is no accident, it is likely to understand the dragon god's dive in the early days. The trick."

    "Swablu? Dragon God dive? ”Terrance is a little unbelievable.

    "Nothing is impossible."Master Wicktor waved his hand. "I also have a little dragon blood in my body, although it is very thin, but if I add the medicine I have prepared, it is enough to activate Swablu's higher dragon talent. ”

    "What is the current situation?"Terrance looked up and watched the two hot Pokémons playing, not knowing what he said had anything to do with them.

    Speaking of this, Wicktor laughed and saw the smile of Wicktor's master, and Terrance suddenly had a bad feeling.

    "However, Altaria seems to be somewhat dissatisfied with my approach and cannot agree with me. But how could I be a person who gave up easily, so I won a bet with it after winning it in the game. ”

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