Pokemon Court Chapter 3

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the third chapter of the text, the beginning of the wind, floating astronomy
    "Hey, your child, it’s really confusing…"

    With silence and a sigh, Ellen's thoughts began to return to the day of adopting Terrance, a Cerulean City in the Kanto Region. When he was six years old, his parents died because of an accident, due to lack of minimum living security, Terrance He soon became a loner, and even with the subsidy of Alliance, it is difficult for him to live a normal life.

    Ellen, who accidentally passed through Kanto, and after obtaining the consent of Terrance, applied to Alliance for a series of formalities and adopted him in the name of the orphanage.

    Children like Terrance are not the first and not the last one at Olde Green House.

    But Terrance is indeed the most special child Ellen has ever seen.

    From the beginning of silence and isolation, to later mature and stable, understanding, it is difficult to imagine, this is a six-year-old child, and addicted to the book of the crazy Momentum, let Ellen are very surprised, for those boring and cumbersome, any children of the same age do not want to contact the knowledge, Ellen found that Terrance Should be able to see the obsession, and even, analysis of the head-to-head, relish!

    Serious, meticulous and mature, sometimes Ellen even forgets that Terrance is also an orphan adopted by her, but the reality is that Terrance is helping her to take care of other children.

    "It’s our luck to meet you."Looking at the glamorous Terrance, Grandma Ellen was a little dumbfounded. She didn't know what the child was thinking all day. He now has a childlike innocence, sometimes watching Terrance's focus, and even Ellen's grandmother will even be scared. Emotion, this child, is so special that he has an unreal feeling.

    "I'm afraid!"Whispered, Terrance didn't know how to continue the topic.

    In any case, he will not change the decision to leave Olde Green House!

    Silence for a long time, Grandma Ellen looked at Beautifly. "The purpose of my coming here is to tell you, take this child away."Looking softly at Beautifly, Grandma Ellen sighed, "It also grows up."

    Wenlish, Terrance slammed.

    Take Beautifly?

    The idea is that Terrance is not born, but Beautifly is also a member of Olde Green House. Although Terrance is the main care, everyone here has given different efforts.

    In other words, Beautifly is not the Pokémon of Terrance.

    In fact, Beautifly has not been accepted by anyone.

    And the cost of all Beautifly food has always been borne by Ellen Grandma!

    "Let it stay with the children."

    Shaking his head, Terrance refused.

    Taking Beautifly will bring advantages to his next trip, but it is too irresponsible.

    After all, Beautifly is not his personal belongings.

    Every member of Olde Green House has given different efforts to Beautifly.

    "I knew you would say that, but the children have agreed, and they hope that Beautifly can go out with you to see the world outside."

    The Buddha’s answer was already expected, and Grandma Ellen said.

    "Hold this."

    Ellen grandma patted Terrance's shoulder and handed him the same thing –

    这是Poké Ball? ”

    Poké Ball is pure white, and Terrance looks at it carefully, and his fist can't help but clench.

    On the pure white Poké Ball, the children’s names were written in a mess.

    "This is what I got in a Contest contest when I was young. It is a Premier Ball. It has the same function as Poké Ball, but it now contains the support of the children. Come, kids, use it to conquer Beautifly, you guys. When the two go out together, we can be more assured."

    Eyes staring at the Premier Ball, Terrance's mouth opened slightly and wanted to say something, but in the end, he was still silent.

    The Premier Ball is in the hands, and Terrance feels heavy and hot!

    Silence didn't last long. Finally, Terrance looked at Grandma Ellen and said, "I understand."

    "This child will be handed over to me. If it agrees to be my Pokémon, I will take it with him to complete the children's dreams."Firmly nodded, Terrance said to Grandma Ellen.

    Later, Terrance turned his eyes to Beautifly, hovering in the air, watching.

    More like asking.

    "Hoothoot ~"

    At this time, Beautifly seemed to understand everything that happened now. When he saw Terrance's invitation, he did not hesitate and screamed directly.

    Terrance pays close attention to it, and every time he evolves, he is carefully cared for. The hard training in the same boat, although harsh and harsh, how can he forget the sweat that has been shed?

    Becoming a Pokémon of Terrance is also a must for Beautifly!

    "congratulation."Grandma Ellen said with a smile, such a big age, in this case, she is also inevitably sad.

    "thank you all."Too lame, Terrance clenched the Premier Ball.

    Grandma Ellen smiled still on her face, looking at Terrance, and she couldn’t help but laugh. "It’s a strange child."

    The pure white color of the Poké Ball is the hallmark of Terrance's dream.

    Feeling the breeze from the window, Terrance looked at Beautifly and his thoughts drifted back to the past.

    Terrance and Beautifly at the time, greeted Morning Sun, and practiced the trick together.

    Beautifly's String Shot is like a piece of silk under the sun, forming a large net, and the current on the Internet is filled with spurs.

    This is the process of upgrading the String Shot trick to the Electro Web trick by Terrance and Beautifly at the suggestion of Grandma Ellen.

    This special training cost Terrance a lot of work. From the Wurmple period, Terrance deliberately cultivated Wurmple, making it no ruined String Shot.

    In Terrance's opinion, the trick of String Shot, if used properly, will be very useful.

    Therefore, in addition to special training, Terrance has been working hard to add protein to Wurmple, and it can increase the number of silkworms and the whitening fruit that enhances the toughness of the insects. He often goes to the jungle and picks it up alone. .

    The flesh and fruit of the ginkgo is the favorite food of the Pokémon, and the ginkgo is better served by Beautifly after the Terrance blend.

    After a few months of work by Terrance, Beautifly's String Shot has made great progress and has good electrical conductivity. Finally, with Ma Maguo, Beautifly finally realized the Electro Web with its unique insect powder. The trick.

    This is also the biggest achievement of the year when Terrance and Beautifly get along.

    In addition, Beautifly's excellent airflow sensing, subtle wind speed control, and Silver Wind filled with all kinds of scales are the result of the joint efforts of Terrance and Beautifly.

    It can be said that Beautifly may not be outstanding in strength, but in the use of tricks, it is a good player, a little guy who was born for the Contest contest.

    Because it carries the Contest dreams of the children of the entire Olde Green House, Ellen's grandmother's experience is also the biggest boost to its growth.

    The breeze blew again, and it made Terrance Smelling Salts all at once. He knew that this was the starting wind for him.

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