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Pokemon Court Chapter 33

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the thirty-third chapter awakening: Dragon God dive! Floating astronomy
    "Come on, Swablu, let me see your progress!"

    Seviper, the tooth snake Pokémon, the personality is very violent.

    At this point, Seviper saw Swablu, who wanted to fight with himself, and immediately opened his mouth with a big mouth and bit it. The sharp fangs flashed red, and the sharp tail on the Rock was filled with a fierce taste. From the outside, it was not a good class.

    "Dodge away!!! Also be careful about its tail! ! ”

    The tail blade that secretes Toxic is Seviper's best weapon, and the agile sharp tail is also the best against Zangoose.

    "Exactly~!!!"Without hitting Swablu, Seviper became more annoyed, and the harsh noise came out of his mouth, letting Terrance cover his ears directly, but playing with Swablu was the wrong way for Seviper. Under the command of Terrance, Swablu issued a Nothing inferior to this noise and a more high-pitched voice, immediately covering the noise.

    “Agility, Peck !!”

    Swablu's white flickering, facing Seviper's chaotic Poison Tail, carefully avoiding it, while slamming Seviper's head and letting Seviper scream.

    Taking advantage of this opportunity, Terrance continued to shout: "The chaos!"

    The small and flexible body became the biggest reliance on Swablu and Seviper, and Secker, who suffered a Peck, was furious and faced another Swablu flying, directly spit out a Haze, obscuring the sight of Terrance and Swablu.

    "Haze?"Terrance, who wants to see the current situation, has no choice but to give orders: "Fly to the sky."

    "Call ~~~~~~"The light blue body was drilled from Haze and flew into Soaring in the sky. It took a small advantage, but it didn't take long for Swablu to fly. A venom followed from Haze, if not Terrance. Looking at the situation in Haze, I am afraid that this venom has already hit the Swablu who turned to Flying.

    "Swablu, just in the air, let the power of awakening!! Attacking Haze in full force! ! ”

    Terrance issued a command and heard that Swablu immediately spit out a blue breath and slammed into Haze, causing a wave of relief that directly broke Haze. However, Seviper was now in Haze and seemed to be unaffected.

    Without more thought, Terrance immediately issued a trick against cotton defense and Feather Dance to interfere with Seviper. Seviper's mood was impatient in the face of white cotton feathers swarming.

    After Seviper seemed to be stuck by the feathers, Terrance lit up and continued to command: "Use the power of awakening again!!"

    Swablu's timing was very accurate. When Seviper, who was entangled by Feather Dance, broke away, he didn't care about Swablu. The blue-violet awakening force hit Seviper's head directly, and the effect was excellent!

    Looking at Seviper that dizzy expression, Swablu immediately happy called a sound, as if in for their victory cheers, but at this time, shook his head, Seviper issued a more furious growl, red eyes directly mixed with rage hissing stare to Swablu, Unprepared to immerse in the joy of the Swablu, directly startled, nerve paralysis, the body a soft, from the air lost balance slowly fell.

    这是It is Glare! ”Seeing this scene, Terrance’s heart burst into a scream, and the battle was not over. I didn’t expect Swablu to relax first, and was negligently hit by the opponent’s trick! !

    This Seviper…Glare …

    "It's okay, Swablu?!!"In a hurry, Terrance picked up Swablu and turned the numb medicine in his hand.

    "啾~~啾~~" softly screamed, Terrance can see that Swablu's Contest Condition is not very good at this moment, and the nerve paralysis brought by Glare has a great influence on the young Swablu.

    “Got it!”I was delighted to pull out a bottle of potion, and Terrance immediately used it for Swablu. After seeing Swablu's expression ease, I was relieved.

    But at the moment, a shadow climbed behind Terrance and made a squeaking sound. Terrance looked back and saw Seviper staring at himself with a big mouth—

    "啪~" The thick tail swept, and Terrance was directly attacked. The huge pain made Terrance snoring, but in order not to reach Swablu, Terrance hurriedly held Swablu in his arms, then turned over and rubbed the ground behind him. Sliding out a long distance.

    Are you OkaySwablu. ”The pain made Terrance's face change significantly. Looking at Seviper, who had to climb over again, Terrance had to tighten his teeth. "Swablu, try to fly."

    Swablu hasn't completely eased from nerve palsy, and now is not a good time to deal with Seviper.

    On the other hand, Seviper didn't stop and still stared at them fiercely, trying to continue the offensive.

    "呯!!!"A venom flew again, and Terrance quickly took a few rolls with Swablu and just escaped.



    The numbness slowly eased, and Swablu's consciousness gradually became clear. It also realized the crisis of life, directly broke away from Terrance's arms and flew up!


    At this moment, Terrance and Seviper's eyes stayed on Swablu.

    Looking at the flying Swablu, Terrance didn't think Swablu was planning to run away.

    "if I recall it correctly…Both Swablu and Altaria are proud of Pokémon…"

    Once you have a Trainer that is connected to your mind –

    Blocking your pride and working hard for them is the dignity of Swablu!



    Hovering in the air, watching the clothes that had been worn behind Terrance, Swablu screamed directly.

    The fierce sound of the fierce sound, only the extreme Rage and self-blame!



    For the newly born Swablu, Terrance is like its parent Normal, always taking care of it, and now –

    In order to protect it, Terrance fled and attacked, obviously not related to Trainer's battle, but because of his negligence, Bringing Terrance into it.


    The nerves left behind by the nerves, but the anger of Swablu is burning more vigorously!

    The moment Seviper attacked Terrance, the direct contact encountered the taboo in Swablu's mind.

    It wants to save its own sloppy!

    "Recovered, Swablu…"Calm standing up, Terrance as a Trainer, feeling the mood of Swablu, this time, what he needs to do is to save their dignity with Swablu!

    However, everything at the moment is beyond the imagination of Terrance!

    Swablu's Contest Condition seems a bit strange!

    At this time, Swablu, the consciousness seems to have not yet completely Smelling Salts, mixed with the sound of Rage, like a Volcano Normal to break out –


    jerked, Swablu Flying speed faster, the whole body out of blue and purple flame light, release a Terrance can feel the horror of the breath, piercing a sound, break empty and go, Flying speed comparable to agility, at the same time the whole body of blue and purple flame surging, like take down, This Terrance does not pay attention to the trick, only because Swablu's body shape is too small, play a limited role, but at this time, the whole body of the flame light led to swablu flying, full of killing breath mixed with swablu faith, see this scene, Terrance directly a Zheng And shouted out in shock.

    "Dragon God..Dive! ”

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