Pokemon Court Chapter 359

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 359th chapter walks freely, floating astronomy
    Card Hey!

    Venomoth waved his wings and covered it with a layer of shallow slag.

    The purple hair of Venonat's whole body is twisted together by ice slag, as if it had been poured cold water and then thrown into the refrigerator.

    “Although the Hail effect of the floating bubble has not yet been half the intensity of the rain, if the Assist has a huge rain, the rain will be converted into ice and snow, and the intensity will increase greatly.”

    "But this kind of transformation is too much trouble. It depends on the first-hand praying rain. It is far better to save time by directly summoning Hail."

    Terrance looked at Venomoth, Venonat and other elves whose movements were temporarily blocked. Mismagius and floating bubbles seized the opportunity. One side once again created an endless illusion space to kill Venomoth's reaction. One side blew Poweder Snow and one by one. Beat it off.

    Terrance's rush was so rushing, and the two elves quickly stepped forward and threw the flat wild fruit into the backpack, probably more than a dozen, and then waited for these Venonas Venomoth to react and quickly slip away.

    "The action is very ugly, it should not be the first time…"Looking at Terrance's movements, Joy's examiner looked a glimpse, and Terrance began to discover the wild fruit. The purpose was always obvious, not to defeat the elves in front of him, but to take away the wild fruits, sealed with snow and illusion. The actions of Venomoth and Venonat have to be said to be very clever.

    "The ability to float bubbles is exaggerated, not the Normal Trainer can come out of Breeder, the power of the Mismagius…Although it has been a long time of doubt, it seems that it should be a mental attack that interferes with Rival. ”

    The Joy examiner quietly recorded it.

    On the second day of the actual assessment, Terrance and Mismagius, floating bubbles, two elves from the hands of dozens of Venomoth, Venonat easily get the wild fruit, easy to go.



    I got the wild fruit, Terrance and Mismagius, and the floating bubble took the lead back to the cave.

    Joy's examiner's movement was a step faster than Terrance. When Terrance saw her, she saw that she was leaning on the mountain and seemed to be thinking.

    "Thirteen flat wild fruits, save some use…Stubborn enough. ”Terrance dumped all the harvest and planned to process it again. It was wasteful to eat directly, and the nutrition was easy to spread. Terrance wanted to find some ingredients to mix.

    Terrance then stopped Arcanine and Beautifly to let them rest, work and rest.

    At this time, the test examiner walked into the cave and looked boring.

    Everything Terrance has done from start to now is too stable, giving her the feeling that her examiner is very useless.

    If Terrance is in danger, she can reach out and help, and it won't be so boring.

    Looking at Terrance, who arranged everything in order, Joy snow sulking and suddenly felt a little depressed.

    Originally thought that the Trainer Trainer was very interesting, but in the end it was found to be more fun to solve some strange things.

    The other direction.

    There is no desert island side Hearthome.

    Altaria fell on a cliff overlooking the innocent sea, and he didn't know what to think in his deep eyes.

    Flying from the middle of the desert island, Altaria across the countless elf territory, was attacked by many elves, but these attackers were all defeated by Altaria, understand that Rival is not easy to provoke, let it go.

    There are also tough elves who are not willing to let go of Altaria. The battle can only last forever until Altaria completely kills each other and collapses their consciousness.

    There is no dust on the white cotton feathers. Although the blue body does not look too big, there are countless small scars.

    Altaria has a light, clean, too dirty body that it can't stand. After the battle, it will use Purify to clean the body.

    Terrance gave the tour to the island only halfway through, and Altaria suddenly settled on this cliff, recalling it at Mt. Chimney's time.

    Compared to Mt. Chimney's Totem Altaria, its strength has actually surpassed the mother soon, and even under special conditions, Altaria may be blue and better than blue.

    Master Wicktor once told Mt. Terrance. Chimney The Totem Altaria might not be inferior to the Elite Four trained elves. From the perspective of Terrance, perhaps this training is not the main force of the Elite Four, the Trump Card, but it is also the second elf power. It is.

    You know, how can Trainer and Terrance, after debuting for three years, will conquer six elves?

    If it is not necessary to establish a pavilion, this three-year period may be extended…

    Each Elite Four, which has served dozens of sprites, is standard and only a lot more.


    Altaria screamed and scared a bunch of weak elves on the ground. With a sea breeze, Altaria waved his wings again and flew over Soaring in the sky.

    On the Ground, Wurmple saw the blue figure on Soaring in the sky, and even the head did not dare to explore, shrinking in the grass waiting for the other side to fly.

    Three years ago, Altaria's first match was with a Wurmple, who was almost overturned at the time, thanks to the genetic trick of the unexpected awakening, Feather Dance.

    But now, flying in the Soaring in the sky on the deserted island, Altaria slowly began to have its mother's style, from the inside out, the temperament has undergone a tremendous change, which is the confidence from the strength.

    Terrance walked in the other direction, looking for materials for the medicines that the elves had to deploy, and continued to look for food.

    It is very late at noon. The food he collected last night has a lot of surplus, but obviously he can't hold on for seven days. He can't sit on the mountain and take more troubles.

    Looking at Terrance and leaving again, Joy's examiner blinked and didn't bother to keep up. Although he had been with Terrance for a day, she also saw that the little devil would not put himself in danger.

    However, in keeping with the professional conduct of the examiner, she still followed it.

    Terrance brought Beautifly and Mismagius this time, and the floating bubbles and Arcanine were left by him.

    There are two elves around, and Terrance thinks that there should not be too many accidents. The most unsuccessful escape should be no problem.

    I figured out the accident, isn't there a Joe tester to follow, and the score is a little less, so it doesn't matter if the other party takes the test once.

    However, Terrance also had to sigh, the following Joe Examiner was really responsible, such a harsh environment can still be so tight, record his performance to score, Joy home is really hidden, all are enchanting.

    While humming, Terrance walked on the flat path blown by Beautifly.

    After the Joy examiner looked at the leisurely appearance of Terrance, and looked at his own comments, it seems to be very close to the "walking freely", thinking about the age of the other party, there is really the level of the Trainer, the Joy examiner is dizzy, this can be It is not the family-style Taoist Trainer that was inherited from the fathers, but it is a test of creating a new pavilion.

    Although they are all Taoist Trainers, the concept is different. If the teenager in front of you can really become the Taoist Trainer, will it be the youngest trainer in Hoenn? Joy examiner felt it necessary to check the information of each avenue afterwards.

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