Pokemon Court Chapter 39

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the thirty-ninth chapter Xiaogang, floating astronomy
    "Sorry, I am very sorry!!"The figure stopped and after he found himself hitting someone, he quickly bent down and apologized.

    No Worries."Terrance said carelessly, "Be careful next time."

    "I am really sorry…I am bothering you. ”When I heard that Terrance didn't blame me, the other person smiled and said embarrassedly.

    Terrance also raised his head and looked at this boy who was about the same age as himself.

    Tawny black skin, small eyes, and Terrance didn't know why he felt "friendly". This person gave him an inexplicable familiar feeling.

    "We have to change the perception that the backstop could be a trap from which the UK could not escape," May told EU leaders, according to Downing Street.Have you seen it before? ”Terrance asked, and he shook his head and erased the possibility.

    "Have seen?!"The other party said, "No, I am from the city of Nibi in Kanto. It is the first time I came to Hoenn today."

    "This way, you are from Kanto."Terrance snorted and immediately felt that something was wrong. You mean where you came from? ”

    "Nity City in Kanto Place…Excuse me, is there any problem? ”

“……”Terrance squinted and stared at him. The other person's appearance seemed to be somewhat similar to the one he had in mind, but the memory was a bit fuzzy, and the age was not right. He didn't dare to confirm for a while. "No. Yes, I haven't asked what to call."

    "Xiao Gang, my name is Xiaogang."The other side said it.

    Terrance is stunned, really.

    Unexpectedly, here he can meet the famous names, and there are only a handful of original characters that are remembered in his memory.

    The one who accompanied Ash and experienced four of the Alliance Conferences?

    Terrance squinted, Xiaogang in front of her eyes, still very young, but also ten years old, not as mature as the original.

    “In the impression, Xiao Gang seems to be a Breeder home too?”Terrance is not sure. The anime description of the career of the Breeder family is very vague. After he learned a lot about the world, he realized that the status of the Breeder family is not inferior to the Trainer, and even in some respects, More rare, noble!

    "Maybe I admit it wrong, my name is Terrance, from the Naipur Road Hall in Hoenn, but my hometown is Cerulean City in the Kanto Region."Terrance said.

    Xiaogang is very enthusiastic. In the face of Terrance, a child who looks like his age, it instantly aroused the curiosity of Xiaogang.

    "Terrance, you said you are from Cerulean City? Cerulean City I have been to my dad several times, maybe we have seen it at that time? ”

    MAYBETerrance smiled and said, "It's really possible."

    “Ewww.”I remember the Naplu Road Museum is far away, Terrance, what do you come to in the city? ”Xiao Gang’s words are endless. “I want to see some books about the Breeder’s house.”

    “Breeder home?”Terrance had some surprises, "I am going to the 'Breeder House' library."

    ReallyXiaogang’s eyes are bright. “That’s great. That place seems to be the biggest library in the city…Is Terrance also interested in the Breeder family? ”

    "Yes, my words, maybe I have to check out some books about Pokémon training."Terrance said, "Is Xiaogang ready to be a Breeder?"

    "Breeder home…"Xiao Gangyi, "Of course!"

    “My grandmother is a Breeder family. My grandmother taught me a lot when I was alive, so I am very interested in the Breeder family and taking care of Pokémon.”

    "Because Dad is the Taoist trainer, I often come into contact with Pokémon…Most of the Pokémon in the pavilion is also under my care, and I hope that Pokémon will be able to grow up healthy and happy under my care. This is what I am most looking forward to. ”Xiaogang said with a smile.

    "That's amazing."Terrance laughed, and compared with Xiao Gang, his original intention was much more vulgar.

    Xiao Gang, at least he is still a child of the Taoist Trainer. Under the wave of this era, he is a lucky guy than most people.

    Xiaogang sighed. "Unfortunately, if you want to become an official Breeder, you still need to review it. I don't know how long I can learn."After a moment, Xiao Gang continued to say "and the assessment contains the basic knowledge of the four regions of Kanto, Johto Region, Hoenn, Sinnoh, except for Kanto Pokémon …I am not very familiar with it at all. ”

    “There is no way, the Breeder home assessment is a comprehensive test after all.”Terrance said. He also has a deep understanding of this point, and the Hoenn place is the location of the Breeder home headquarters, which has the largest proportion of questions.

    “Fortunately, the Unova Region far away from us, and even the recent Alliance is releasing propaganda, suggesting immigration, and Pokémon in the Kalos Region, which plans to set up a new Alliance in a year, is not included, and it is farther away from us. The knowledge of the four Regions, although cumbersome, is not difficult to understand."Terrance comforted Xiao Gang.

    "Unova, Kalos?"Xiao Gang looks blank.

    Terrance smiled. For a ten-year-old boy, even the more common geography knowledge, no one would pay too much attention. If he didn't have the memory of his previous life, he would not go into it after deliberately paying attention to it. .

    Terrance didn't explain it, but he and Xiao Gang continued to walk toward the Breeder House Library. With a simple speech, Terrance's image in Xiao Gang's mind instantly grew taller.

    "Look, it's over."

    Aquatic city, and even Hoenn Region, the most authoritative, largest, most abundant collection of libraries, known as the Sea of books, "Breeder House" library, with unimaginable specifications, just the floor, divided into six layers, covering the area, at least more than olde Green House It's nearly 10 times times larger, accommodating, and is estimated to allow tens of thousands of people to watch at the same time.

    However, although the scale is very large, not all of them can be viewed by Solaceon.

    The first three floors can be viewed at a fee, while on the fourth floor, you need some achievements or honors, contests, roadside Trainer, Breeder certification, various Ribbon…Both are involved.

    Moreover, in order to prevent some precious books from being stolen and the library known as the wisdom of the attack is attacked, the defense here is also very strict. Miss Junsha, who is patrolling outside, does not say that the hired Trainer, the police, is always paying attention. Everything around you. In the library, there is also a special Psychic, Ghost department Pokémon secretly guarding everything.

    For Xiao Gang, entering the first floor has already made him excited for a long time.

    Can not underestimate the first layer of books because of the low number of layers, although most of them are only basic analysis, even Attribute restraint, common trick effect, but these are just the most of Trainer and ordinary people. If you don't have the knowledge, if you can remember one floor of the Breeder House and tens of thousands of basic books, it is a breeze to pass the assessment of the junior Breeder.

    Put the basic knowledge about Pokémon, Trainer on the first floor, for people with aquatic hukou to watch for free, breeder home headquarters is also good intentions, but most people still prefer the second floor, biographical class almost novel like books, compared to boring knowledge, The words of such travel are more enjoyable for them, and it is not known whether they can be learned from anything.

    "Let's go in."Looking at the splendid, huge building, in the heart of Terrance, suddenly a ridiculous thought rose.

    If a Trainer can have all the knowledge in the library, how powerful is he?

    However, this thought only came out in an instant. Terrance laughed himself. How could it be? I don’t want to say such a huge amount of books. It’s just that the human brain needs to understand. I’m afraid I can’t understand thousands of things in my life.

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