Pokemon Court Chapter 549

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 549 Aether Foundation, floating astronomy
    On the side of Altar of the Sunne, Terrance walked around, although there are many strange buildings that look very mysterious, but for Terrance, these are just like the heavenly books, they don't understand much.

    "Rotom Pokédex, as long as there are strange places to take."

    “哔哩哔哩哔哩哔哩~~” Rotom Pokédex flew up.

    Terrance stayed at Altar of the Sunne for a while, but there was no special discovery. For Altar of the Sunne, he had to call Rotom Pokédex. Rotom Pokédex recorded a lot of Alola information, but Terrance didn’t know Not useful to him.

    "If Altar of the Sunne corresponds to Solgaleo, Altar of the Moone corresponds to Lunala, then Necrozma?"

    Necrozma is a Legendary Pokémon that is ten times more mysterious than Solgaleo and Lunala. Even if Terrance has a lot of information, it is open or secret. Necrozma's record is much less than the other two elves. It is like recording It has been erased by life, and it is incomplete.

    “If Necrozma and Solgaleo appeared at the same time as Lunala, why is it not known to people in the Alola Region?”

    "If the past was recorded, who was erased by the record?"

    Terrance shook his head, although in Altar of the Sunne he saw many buildings with light appearances, but if you didn't understand history, you couldn't get any valuable information from the superficial things that were floating.

    Some of these things have been recorded before Rotom Pokédex, and now Terrance has been here for a long time, but unfortunately there is not much gain.

    After that, Terrance planned to go to Altar of the Moone to see it, but he and Altaria had not yet started, and the slow-moving figure in the distance made Terrance look a little.

    Totem Kommo-o, this guy is coming again.

    Although it is a very unfavorable battle for Arcanine, Terrance is not disgusted, and the experience gained from fighting Totem Kommo-o is more than the dozens of other games played by Arcanine.

    "Come on."Terrance took Arcanine's Poké Ball from his waist and walked in the direction of Kommo-o.


    In a twinkling of an eye, a week passed.

    This week, Terrance stayed in Vast Poni Canyon. Compared to research, his goal was to rely on Totem Kommo-o.

    Arcanine is not willing to admit defeat anyway, but every battle will be scarred.

    Every time I go to the Elf Center twice, Nurse Joy wonders if Terrance is a big bad guy who specializes in abusing elves.

    More than a few times, even if Nurse Joy is an outsider, I can't help but intervene in Terrance. Fortunately, Terrance owns the identity of the Alliance Road Trainer, and holds the certificate of the islands, plus Arcanine's resilience is also witnessed by Nurse Joy. She believes that Terrance and Arcanine are really doing special training.

    But Rao is like this, Nurse Joy has repeatedly warned Terrance not to go too far, Terrance helpless, can only agree again and again.

    But this…Still can't change the fact that Terrance and Arcanine go to the center of the wizard every day, slowly…Nurse Joy is also used to it. As the number of times increases, Arcanine recovers faster and faster, and finally makes Nurse Joy have nothing to say.

    Arcanine's progress Terrance can be seen every day, but research, Terrance is about to wipe the sun and moon altar in the past few days, progress is really poor.


    Once again, around the altar of Vast Poni Canyon, Terrance frowned, and there seems to be something special today than it used to be.

    "What happened to that group of people."

    This is a group of people wearing white research clothes, headed by a woman with lavender hair, who is now directing a group of people to expel the Jangmo-o community, not knowing what to do.

    "What about Kommo-o?"

    Kommo-o is far from the Jangmo-o, but it should be the one that has been silently guarding them somewhere.

    This group of people blatantly expelled the Jangmo-o community, aren't they afraid of Totem Kommo-o looking for trouble?

    "This time period Totem Kommo-o may not be there, but when Kommo-o comes back, they may not have a good result…"Terrance first hesitated, and then found out that he should have misunderstood something.

    "Rotom Pokédex."Terrance greeted him.

    "哔哩哔哩Rotto arrives."Rotom Pokédex flew out.

    "Scanning their costumes."

    "99%…100%…After the scan is completed, the other party is…Aether Foundation. ”

    Aether Foundation ?

    The Aether Foundation is a charity and research organization that works at the Alola Region to protect injured elves and maintain ecological stability. The base is the artificial island "Aether Paradise" in the Alola Region.

    Terrance is no stranger to this organization, and in the years of Alola, the masters of Wicktor assisted them in researching “the most exotic animals”.

    Just as Terrance decided not to go out, a roar came out, a behemoth rushed out and swept a light wave to stop the Aether Foundation.

    Totem Kommo-o !

    Terrance stopped and saw Rage's Kommo-o, knowing that things would not be so simple, regardless of the purpose of the Aether Foundation, you must first let the Totem fire.

    "Kommo-o, stop attacking first."

    Watching the Aether Foundation's employees blast by Kommo-o's attack, Terrance immediately stepped out and shouted at Kommo-o.

    Seeing Terrance, Kommo-o is obviously a glimpse. In the battle with Terranc's Arcanine in a week, it is also familiar with Terrance. For the humans who gave themselves to Potion after this battle, it is not disgusting. But every time I have to desperately hurt my own Arcanine, Totem Kommo-o is also very admired.

    "There may be misunderstandings in this."Terrance came over.

    The first attack, Kommo-o was just a threat, and the Aether Foundation was defeated by the aftermath. The Jangmo-o were still there, and Totem Kommo-o was not too ferocious.

    But Terrance has no doubt that if the situation escalates, Totem Kommo-o will go away.

    "Thank you, but…"At this time, a gentle female voice interrupted Terrance. The woman with lavender hair that Terrance saw before slowly came and said: "Give me the work explained by Kommo-o."

    Beside her, there is also a Kirlia, which at this time uses "psychic" to act as a translator, as if explaining something to Totem Kommo-o.

    With Kirlia's explanation, Totem Kommo-o's expression continued to ease, and eventually he showed his kind eyes.

    In the future, I will not set a flag in the absence of a draft. I have no time to write it. I will continue to push it…

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