Pokemon Court Chapter 564

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the first activity of the main chapter 564, the dragon fight! Floating astronomy
    With the explanation of the three Hosts, people around Sootopolis City and even four Regions who watched the celebration in front of the TV were looking forward to it.

    But what is the identity of the sudden appearance of the Elite Four? Terrance is eager to know that if he is next to the Elite Four-level Trainer and is not seriously prepared, he will definitely roll over. Bai Cheng is strong, but Terrance knows him well, but this sudden Elite Four, Terrance doesn't know anything about the other person.

    Suddenly encountered in the next activity…Terrance may be caught off guard. The six elves he currently carries, each one, are all holding the belief of winning.

    Can't lose!

    Next, the important figure of Wallace was on the stage. He was wearing a white sailor dress, and the long green hair Solaceon under the white sailor cap was dazzling and dazzling. On the stage, Wallace's every move was prepared. By the attention.

    As the coordinator of the Contest Contest, Wallace's social status is not lower than that of the Elite Four. Elite Four has more than one Region, but the Coordinator, there is only one person in the world, that is Wallace!

    At this point, the three hosts who have been talking about will give the microphone to the master of the scene, and things seem to be moving in an interesting direction.

    Since Wallace was on the stage as a representative of the Coordinator, it was not beyond the expectations of Terrance. Next, the sudden appearance of the Elite Four was also promoted to the stage of the Trainer. Although he had retired, he used to It is the Elite Four. It is this, and it has been admired by countless Trainers.

    Mr. Raoul Contesta and Mr. Suzuki, who are concerned here, sat together and watched the Unova who was calm and mobilized with Trainer's emotions in two sentences, taking up the Elite Four.

    "Unova took over Elite Four, Lai Yue, he came here…What kind of mentality is it? ”Sasaki did not squint, but was surprised.

    “The rumor that the Elite Four is not very big, although the talent is very high, it becomes Elite Four at a young age, but for some reason, the time in place is extremely short…”Raoul Contesta Road.

    "Which talent is it, which Elite Four will be worse?"Sasaki shook his head.

    It makes senseRaoul Contesta said, "But it's hard. The reason why he came to Hoenn really is because of Mr. Steven?"

    The grudges between Steven and Lai Yue are known to many people.

    When a company was co-operating with a large company in the Unova area, Steven met an Elite Four there in Unova.

    And, Steven has launched a challenge. The Elite Four was defeated, and the first Pokémon was easily solved. The Elite Four didn't stop, and sent his own Trump Card, but lost to Steven.

    A Pokémon defeated the Elite Four two elves, one of which was the other's Trump Card. In that battle, the Elite Four was questioned by many people. It was known that Steven at that time was not a Hoenn champion and did not participate. Passed the Masters, unknown.

    Losing to Steven, who is much younger than his age, the Elite Four couldn't stand the pressure and went straight to the Elite Four.

    These things…It can also be said that Steven's early experience, after Steven became the Hoenn champion, these experiences have been dug up.

    In fact, when Steven became the Hoenn champion, Lai Yue’s loss…It can also be understood by people, but the Elite Four, which is Lai Yue himself, can't let go.

    He has always been convinced of the fear of Hoenn Champion Steven!

    "Is this really the case?"It’s hard to believe that a top Trainer will have such a obsession, but after changing his position, he has some understanding of each other, but…

    They are not optimistic about the Lai Yue Elite Four.

    Not to mention that there are fewer resources available after the abdication, even if it is Elite Four…What is the other side's enthusiasm to go with the heirs of the text?

    What's more, today's Steven is the champion of Hoenn!

    To the top of Hoenn's Elite Four Championship in an absolutely strong posture!

    "It seems that this Laiyue Elite should know that the relationship between Mr. Steven and Wallace is not shallow. This time, it is really prepared."Raoul Contesta laughed, but the two were not worried, there was Wallace, an Elite Four, and there was no situation that could not control the situation.

    Although the opening ceremony is wonderful, everyone’s expectations are not here.

    This link is destined to be suffering…It was not until the first event, the exclusive Flying Type's “obstacle avoidance” time and the number of participants, that people began to cheer.

    Flying Type can be said to be an Attribute that every Trainer has contacted. Almost no Trainer team has a Flying Type Pokémon.

    Therefore, this project has a terrible number of participants.

    A full thousand people! !

    As soon as the specific figures were announced, countless people took a breath of cold, even if they were enrolled, they did not expect that there would be so many competitions for Rival.

    How many thousands of people stand out?

    Think about toothache.

    Among them, there are certainly people who have not signed up for this event. After all, the content of "obstacle avoiding Flying" has been announced. Some people think that their Flying Type elves are not suitable for participation. If they do not win the championship, they will give up.

    But Rao is like this, there are thousands of people…

    Terrance clasps Beautifly's Poké Ball. This project, Altaria is not suitable, and has learned the specific rules. Terrance has no confidence, and Solaceon wins among thousands of people.

    Therefore, Beautifly, who is very good at Flying skills, is undoubtedly the best elf for this project!

    Fortunately, this event is located in the Soaring in the sky outside Sootopolis City. The venue is arguably large enough, even if there are more people, it can go smoothly.

    Each participant walks in a different direction according to the registration number at the time of registration.

    The organization of order is still carried out by police officers, and there are many staff members. This day will undoubtedly become a dog.

    In fact, after the opening ceremony, Top Coordinator, Wallace, Elite Four, the "Celebrity effect" brought by these people has faded a lot.

    First, the observation time is long, the second is the three Hosts, and the joint efforts of the staff and police officers. Most people actually have a bit of a mind, knowing what happens in the event of a situation, whether it is for themselves or for others. Very bad influence.

    The crowds of people are heading towards the starting point, and Terrance’s heart is stunned. No wonder the celebration will last for half a month. This battle…The first event is just like a dragon fight!

    "Mr. Terrance, drink water."Assistant Sharan didn't know where to run and handed a bottle of mineral water to Terrance.

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