Pokemon Court Chapter 566

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 566th chapter of the southern division, floating astronomy
    In the first round of attacks, nearly a thousand elves were eliminated.

    At the starting point of the four divisions in the southeast and northwest, Terrance belongs to one of the many starting points in the southern division.

    In this area, there are more than 20 elves in the elves that have started at the same time.

    Not that these elves are too weak, but they are not strong enough. When they first set off, the number of sprites was too large and intensive and did not enter the Contest Condition. At this time, it was the "Flying" attack, and the Smack Down Flying was the best time.

    A sprite that is better than other elves, regardless of the method, has successfully avoided the first round of attacks by the Flying.

    Beautifly flies in dozens of Flying genies, and its shape and race are not eye-catching.

    At this time, because of the distance from the target location, the Flying spirits did not fight, the Trainer in the room knew that they also told their elves, before reaching the center of the champion props, the biggest The enemy is the Flying machine in Soaring in the sky, not the competition Rival.

    Instead, a certain number of Flying genies fly to the center of the circle, which can spread the attack range of the projector, and the sprite can more easily save the physical strength and move toward the center of the circle.

    Beautifly Flying is not fast, but it follows the big forces. It takes advantage of its small size and, with its own experience, hides in the middle of these dozens of Flying spirits, which is the dead end of the Flying attack.

    Like Beautifly, it's not just one of them. Whether it's a small or a big elf, it means having other guys as shields. During the Flying process, these Flying Pokémons are constantly changing positions, trying to find out A coordinate that can be safely flying.

    It is a pity that when every Pokémon thinks this way, there are only a handful of elves that can succeed.

    These elves are all in one aspect, with unique talents, or after rigorous training!

    In addition to this, there are also elves who think they are superior in speed and have just rushed out from the beginning.

    Terrance looked at the big screen, a wide wing that was swept by the vulture, and accelerated the flight with "Agility", which instantly overtook all the Pokémons in the starting point.

    Even the first round of attacks by the Focuser against this wave of sprites did not succeed in Lock On.

    Proud than the carving, the beautiful wings are waving, but I haven't waited for it to be happy for too long, and the countless figures are like having a sense of independence.I chose to attack all the elves beyond the large forces.

    Soaring in the sky, many of the Flying devices simultaneously Lock On an elf, the ultra-high-speed light rays, woven into a large net, which is a speed that is faster than the carving, and still has no success in escaping the Shadow. .

    Idiot.Seeing this performance than the sculpture, countless people gave such an evaluation to its Trainer.

    "The gun hit the head bird, hehe."Terrance laughed.

    In the introduction of the event, I didn't say that the attacker's attack mode was so bold before I figured it out. How confident is this ability?

    Among the nearly one hundred players who started at the starting point of Terrance, less than half of them were eliminated under three rounds of attack.

    One of the most popular is the Beautifly of Terrance. Beautifly uses the airflow mastering technique. Even if it doesn't need to fly too fast, as long as the surrounding gas flows to the heart, it can be easily interspersed in its own competitive Rival, blatantly. Use the other party as a shield, or the other party can't react with the reaction.

    When following the change of airflow, Beautifly seems to predict the future Normal, such as a point of water in the air, a node and a node change position, so far no ray can enter its body area.

    Because of the ray emission, there must be Pokémon blocked by Beautifly.

    This ray principle is unknown. It is not only able to leave marks on Pokémon. After being hit, Pokémon will be temporarily weak, unable to fly, and unable to keep up with the big troops. This is no different from the elimination.

    In addition to Beautifly, a Crobat with fierce eyes can do the same thing as Beautifly, like Future Sight Normal, avoiding rays and making the rays invisible.

    This Crobat, with its ears erected, receives the Supersonic that was sent back, and the unscrupulous Flying.

    "Haha, what about Farfetch'd, it's funny."

    In the southern division, a Farfetch'd was captured by video. Compared to other Flying systems, Pokémon has a flying posture. The Flying device seems to be attacking Normal for it. But this Farfetch'd is also a genius. At the most dangerous moments, I made a funny gesture to hide.

    "The consciousness is good."Terrance commented.

    Not long after Beautifly's Flying, the Flying Wizards at each starting point in the Southern Division began to meet.

    As the Flying genie at each starting point meets, the large units of the Flying genie are again densely packed, and the difficulty of avoiding the ray is increased again.

    And at this time, there was a small range of friction.

    What surprised the contestants most was that when the planes of the various starting point areas began to gather together with the movement of the Flying system Pokémon, the number changes as if to avoid the difficulty, from simple mode to difficult mode.

    At this time, the audience and tourists still don't know who the elves are, but a few screens, the outstanding elves, have been noticed by most people.

    A Charizard is physically strong, Flying is extremely fast, and the simple body collision is impossible to fight with it, not to mention Beautifly, Butterfree, Beedrill and other elves.

    A Scyther, using Double Team, Agility, Quick Attack, even with the Flying, is in the object of the other party.

    There is also a whole body orange, with a pair of winglets, but the flying speed is very fast, the spirit of the extremely sensitive elves, flying in a strong posture in the southern division of the large forces, like a monarch.


    There is also a strange Xatu, with its quirky Psychic, so that countless pairs of eyes have not seen its Flying way, dodging way, from the beginning to the end are ranked in the forefront of the large forces in the Southern Division.

    Countless Flying is the Pokémon, which spans the sea. Under the increasing number of Shadow attacks, the powerful Pokémon is finally noticed.

    At this point, just a few minutes from the start of the event, the battle in the southern division was very fierce, and Pokémon was eliminated every second.

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