Pokemon Court Chapter 574

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 574 Arcanine defeat, floating astronomy
    Surf is a wave-based extreme sport, and the number of participants is still a thousand, but it is several times less than the Flying Type event.

    The culling rate of the Flying Type activity is mainly to scare most people. If the activity is just eliminated at the beginning, it is okay for oneself. If you are with an acquaintance, how sly, how humiliating.

    So people who think they don't have much confidence in this activity are not willing to participate, especially if Wallace is sure to win.

    The Fire Type shooting activity is continuously promoted according to the comprehensive score, not all the participants.

    Like the Flying Type activity, this activity is divided into several competition zones. It is a rule that needs to break through a lot of levels and then improve the shooting difficulty so that the outstanding players who are short-listed can compete with each other.

    Terrance's Arcanine sign up, and Arcanine is not proficient in this aspect when it is not too competitive, but it is very easy to beat them compared to the usual Coordinator and Trainer.

    Northern shooting area, a shooting range.

    In the face of the moving Frisbee, Arcanine spits out a flame, the flame condenses a thin beam of light, runs through the three Frisbees, and leaves a trace on the Frisbee.

    The Frisbee is made of a special material that melts when exposed to fire, but does not deform due to temperature.

    On the frisbee, a number of rings are divided, according to the place where the flame runs through, and the number of frisbees that a flame runs through at the same time, which is used as a standard to assign points to the fire elves.

    This is just the rule of the qualifiers. In the later period, the form of the event will change further and the difficulty will increase.

    In the fire department, Terrance also encountered a familiar face, that is the heir of the Hoenn Lavaridge pavilion, Asha.

    I haven't seen it for a year, and the strength of the opponent has increased a lot compared to the battles with Fallabor Gym and Terrance. In the northern division, it is a slightly noteworthy Rival of Arcanine, but the threat is not big.

    as time flows.

    The Surf activity is nearing completion.

    In the outer waters of Sootopolis, a beautiful elf resembling a sea snake attracted the attention of the audience.

    This elf is called Milotic.

    And this Milotic, it has a different identity, that is the master of coordination, specializing in the water system Pokémon Wallace's Trump Card.

    On top of the huge waves, Milotic was swayed by the tails covered by blue and pink scales, and numerous waters rushed out to destroy a wave of Rival.

    Its movements are elegant. With the movement, the beautiful scales reflect the rainbow-like color. As the viewing angle is different, the color of the scales continues to change into various colors.

    It is this that makes it difficult for everyone's attention to dissipate from Milotic. It is so beautiful. In addition to Milotic, there are several water-breaking Pokémons that are chasing after the madness.

    Bai Cheng's Gyarados is located in it. The waves rolled up by Gyarados seem to be much more turbulent than the waves that Milotic rolled up, but including Gyarados, and numerous Pokémons chasing Milotic around them, their expressions are very dignified.

    The waves they control give them a feeling that they will collapse at any time.

    On weekdays, Solaceon can easily control the flow of water, and now its mastery has become raw.

    This change has put a lot of pressure on these water systems Pokémon.

    "It's Water Pulse…"Bai Cheng gritted his teeth, Wallace's Milotic, from the beginning to the end, showed three tricks, these three tricks, eliminated more than a thousand players.

    At this point, the water flow outside the entire Sootopolis was completely disturbed by Water Pulse and became unstable. If it had not had excellent control over the current, it would be impossible for even the waves to pick up.

    "This kind of control…"Terrance was also watching the Surf competition during the shooting event, and Wallace's Milotic, the use of the Water Type trick, reached an incredible level.

    In other words, this "Water Pulse" trick is not only inferior to the top-level skills of Beautifly.

    Simply using a trick that affects the flow fluctuations in the entire sea area, this control…This coordination ability, Terrance is not as good as it is, no matter which Pokémon he is in today, the level of coordination has not reached the level of Wallace.

    “This is the combination of the water column tail and the Aqua Ring.”

    This Surf activity is not so much a test, but Wallace's solo show, a "Water Pulse", affecting the entire sea area, eliminating 90% of the players.

    The rest of the better water system elves were also swallowed up in the vortex created by Milotic using the water column tail together with the Aqua Ring.

    The beautiful tail gently pats, the vortex condenses, devours the competition of Rival, the precise control of terror, and makes all the chasing Pokémon desperate.

    "There are two brushes."Elite Four Lai Yue silently watched Wallace's performance. He specializes in Electric Type. He is not afraid of Wallace. He also has a Lanturn. He wanted to slam Wallace at the Water Type event. Unfortunately, the non-water system cannot be used in Surf activities. The trick, so I considered it a bit, Laiyue gave up this plan and put my mind on the battle after the event.

    In this way, the Water Type Surf event, Wallace won the victory without any suspense.

    On the afternoon of the second day of the celebration, the Fire Type shooting competition came to an end. Terrance looked at the woman on the field and the figure of Ninetales, sighing slightly.

    Arcanine …Lost.

    In controlling the release of flames, Arcanine is not a strong point. Although the performance of the road is first-class, it is more than enough, but it is still a lot worse than the distance.

    "Terrance lost."

    Since the first event, Terrance has received less attention than Wallace has received, and his participation in Fire Type shooting has been a concern.

    The performance at the beginning was quite satisfactory, and did not disappoint most people, because Beautifly is like this, hiding the strength, and finally a blockbuster.

    The audience is also looking forward to Terrance's Arcanine, but…From the beginning to the end, Arcanine's skills are at the same level, so after the results, Terrance and Arcanine's performance will inevitably disappoint the audience.

    "呜~~" Arcanine lost his head and was sorry for his defeat. If it was in the past, it is definitely not the same. If it wins, will it fall over Terrance?

    Arcanine also knew that her own defeat had a bad effect on Terrance, so this time, it is very honest.

    "Don't be discouraged, isn't it being looked down on?"Terrance smiled and touched Arcanine's head and said: "Your strengths are not here, rest assured, the battle will definitely let you show your talents and fight back all the momentum!"

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