Pokemon Court Chapter 590

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 590th chapter Melissa advanced, Terrance return, floating astronomy
    Because of the regular form of the Normal Type activity, this activity is very similar to the previous Ice Type activity and is very popular with Coordinators.

    Moreover, this event has the advantage that there is no such strong Coordinator and Trainer as Wallace Master and Lai Yue Master.

    Of course, although Terrance and Baicheng are also very strong, there are still some gaps compared to Wallace and Laiyue, who can be called a "master".

    The Normal Type activity, Terrance is also involved, which is a well-known thing.

    However, although Terrance won the game in an extremely high-profile manner in two events, it could not erase the fact that he also lost in two events.

    So compared to Wallace and Laiyue, although Terrance is also very threatening, it is still not as strong as they are.

    Most people have this idea in their minds. In the event of Terrance's Normal Type Pokémon, like the previous Arcanine and Gallade, isn't that strong?

    And this kind of performance-oriented activity, for the Coordinators who have also achieved the top title, naturally no one will be convinced.

    This event is the most popular event of the Top Coordinator.

    Instead, the number of Trainers participating in the event is not a lot.

    After the Steel type and Ice Type activities ended, a Coordinator was on the stage when the Normal Type activity progressed to halfway.

    Her lake's green pony tail, reddish-brown eyelids, and Skitty next to her are all about her identity.

    Top Coordinator, Ayane.

    She is one of the few people with the Normal Type Pokémon and the Top Coordinator position.

    Therefore, Ayane is considered a popular candidate for this event, and her appearance has many people paying attention.

    Ayane, wearing a cheongsam, looked around and shouted, full of sea water.

    The site of the Normal Type activity, due to conflicts with other activities, was carried out on the Mega floating site built on the sea.

    "Skitty?"Looking at the pink cute creature beside Ayane wearing a cheongsam, many Trainers shook their heads with a smile.

    Is this guy a Top Coordinator?

    Even a lot of Coordinators are silent.

    However, the performance of Skitty is not bad.

    Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Sunshine Flame, whenever Ayane's Skitty casts a trick, the audience is amazed. Are these moves that a Skity can learn?

    However, Rao is Ayane and Skitty show four different Attribute moves, and the connection is very tight, but still does not let some Trainer pay attention.

    Ayane was the first Top Coordinator to play, and she was the first to score 60 points.

    But in the eyes of most people, it is too weak. Regarding the actual combat strength, any Trainer who can get eight Badge and qualified to participate in the Alliance Conference can beat this Ayane.

    The total score of 100, the actual value and coordination are half, Ayane's Skitty, scored 21 points in actual combat, scored 41 points in coordination, with a total score of 62 points.

    "That is the Kitty Breeder."Wallace, watching this event, saw Ayane's performance and sighed slightly.

    "Unfortunately, the actual quality is too weak…"


    This evaluation was not given when the previous Coordinator came on, but when Ayane came to play with the Coordinator who won the Top Coordinator position with the Normal Type sprite, countless Trainers began to get sick.

    The Trainer who played before, the actual value of the game can be up to 25 points or more, just coordination, pulled down the hind legs.

    The shortcomings of Ayane and Skitty directly caused many Trainers to question the Top Coordinator and felt that the other side was like that.

    “This Ayane won the Grand Festival of the last Johto Region?”Raoul Contesta recalled and had an impression of Ayane.

    “Yes, the level of Coordinator at that time was arguably the worst in recent years, and the Hoenn Grand Festival two years ago was almost two extremes.”Sasaki squinted and recalled.

    "Well, at the time, this Ayane was indeed a triumph. It was only by the rules of Contest that it was able to beat Rival. Its Skitti had a lot of moves and it was good, but the power was too good."Raoul Contesta shook his head and said: "But the scores still have to be given according to the scoring rules. I can only hope that Terrance's appearance will bring back a little face for the Coordinator."

    "I am floating on the bubble, but I am looking forward to it."

    Ayane's performance, indeed, has reduced the gold content of the Top Coordinator title.

    Although her score is already higher than any previous participant, it is a shortcoming in actual combat value, which makes many Trainers think that the Coordinator is a vase.

    "Coordinator like Terrance and Wallace, after all, is a minority."Bai Cheng looked at the live broadcast on the big screen and shook his head.

    He hasn't seen Terrance in these days, and he doesn't know where this guy is going.

    "Riean is over, it’s starting soon."

    The Poison Type event is also attended by many people.

    This activity is quite special, and the toxicity of Pokémon is tested.

    Whether it is venom, poison or what, the more toxic it is, the more likely it is to advance.

    The criterion is to use a more anti-toxic agent as a control. The degree of Poison Type Pokémon's move to infect this drug is the key to the achievement.

    "The venom made by Morgar's Gengar…I still have black gas when I am infected with antidote…"

    “It’s just one minute, and it’s 60% of the poison.”Many people have swallowed their mouth, which means that even if the ordinary Pokémon has the same antidote as the antidote, it will only lose consciousness in less than 2 minutes.

    However, the antidote itself is formulated by various anti-poisonous plants. Most of Pokémon's anti-virulence ability is not enough for one tenth of this antidote.

    "It's the force of Ghost Type energy…"Melissa saw Morty's performance, her eyes stunned, and coincidentally, she was also a Ghost Type expert, and she also planned to use Gengar for toxicity testing.

    Morty Gengar's poison is a poison with Curse properties, which is more threatening than ordinary venom.

    Just as Melissa watched Morty's performance, Riean walked past her and let Melissa sneak, then shouted to the other side: "Ms. Riean."

    "You have also participated in this event."

    Riean stopped and looked at Melissa in confusion.

    “I remember you have won the Fire Type event?”Melissa thought about it, said.

    “Correct.”Riean nodded.

    “Speaking of this, this Poison Type activity is my last chance.”

    Thinking of her own encounters in these activities, Melissa smiled in her heart. As a well-known actor, she suffered such treatment.

    So this time the Poison Type activity, she is bound to win, whether it is Morty, or has already won a winning mysterious Trainer Riean, she must win.

    "In the event, please advise."Melissa said that she had made an invitation to Riean and then walked towards the venue.

    Riean looked at the figure that Melissa left, silenced and continued to move forward.

    At the Poison Type event, many participants worked together. At the location, Melissa summoned Gengar, Gengar looked at the antidote, smiled, and Spit Up a black-red venom.

    When the venom erodes the antidote, it will have a burning effect, and it will burn the antidote.

    "Fire poison?!"Many people saw the performance of Gengar and were surprised.

    “Will the perfect combination of Will-O-Wisp and venom?”The antidote burns very quickly, much faster than Morty's Cruise, which means that Melissa's development of Gengar toxicity is much better than Morty!

    After seeing Morty's performance, Melissa apparently has confidence in herself. What she cares most about is actually Riean's performance.

    "The purest corrosion poison?"On the Riean side, Roserade, a grassy and poisonous system, shows the most Prima's corrosive poison, a venom that specifically erodes life. This venom kills the most plants, but now it faces antidote, which is actually venom. It also exerts a very strong effect, and the speed of phagocytosis is extremely fast.

    However, this speed is still inferior to that of Melissa's fire.

    Riean and Melissa looked at each other at the same time, and both of them were calm.

    "I won."Melissa said.

    "This girl, hahahahahaha."Bai Cheng was on the side, watching the picture sneer, although Riean looked blank, but he knew that if Riean met Melissa in the next game, I am afraid she should try her best.

    The Poison Type event ended with Melissa winning, which made Raoul Contesta and others relieved.

    At the very least, so far, the number of candidates for Coordinator and Trainer has been equal.

    "The next Normal Type activity…"The official staff of several Contest contests looked at the long list of appearances. If there were no accidents, there were so many Top Coordinators involved. This Normal Type activity should also be won by Coordinator.

    The next day.

    Terrance returned to Sootopolis City for the appearance of the Normal Type event.

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