Pokemon Court Chapter 606

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 606 Arcanine vs. Galvantula, Astronomy
    This match is not formal, but it is also extremely traditional.

    Although it is not a test of Trainer's 6vs6 full-player battle, the 3vs3 battle form is the most used match rule for Trainer.

    At the same time, Terrance and Laiyue took out the Poké Ball and threw it.


    A fluffy hair with linen, wearing a black-orange pattern, the body is like a wind-infused Arcanine, appearing on the site in Ember, and then screaming at the opposite Galvantula.

    Galvantula, a spider-like body with mostly yellow electric and Bug Type elves, faced with Arcanine's intimidation, the elf instantly showed a smile, completely unaffected by the threat of Ability.

    “It’s the Pokémon of Master Trainer Breeder…”

    Terrance sees Arcanine's intimidation, but it doesn't matter. The Galvantula's willpower seems to be high, and the strength is even more important. Terrance has returned to Sootopolis City to watch this Galvantula event video. In the Bug Type event, this Galvantula was able to win with a superb insect silk technique.

    Galvantula's use of insect silk is much higher than Terrance's Beautifly.


    When Terrance sent the elves, many of the audience showed an incomprehensible expression, this Arcanine…

    Not the one in the Fire Type activity?

    In terms of performance at that time, the strength of this Arcanine is really not powerful. For a time, most people don't know what Terrance is thinking.

    Mismagius, floating bubbles, Altaria, Beautifly…Isn't this a lot of elves to choose from?

    "It was Growlithe at that time…"

    Forona's Winona looks at the Arcanine, which is a lot bigger than the usual Arcanine, with awesome color and a majestic look. It recalls the one that Terrance took with a Growlithe and her two years ago. Play against the field.

    "This Arcanine's fighting style should be a slap type?"After a little recall, she remembered the Growlithe's combat style at the time. To be honest, this fighting style shocked her at the time. Growlithe's fierceness exceeded her imagination and she did not give her a chance to respond. Just defeated her Swablu.

    "This Arcanine…"Raoul Contesta is also in memory.

    Anyone familiar with Terrance knows that the Fire Type activity rule is not suitable for his Arcanine play, but most people, the Arcanine knowledge just stayed in that Fire Type activity.

    "This Arcanine has a good control of the flame, but it is not very powerful?"

    "Use this Arcanine to deal with the main force of Elite Four, but fortunately Attribute has an advantage…"Most people think of this, and Arcanine's only advantage now is Attribute.

    "The expression is good."Looking at Arcanine, Laiyue was the first to look closely at Terrance's elves.

    "Thank you."Terrance opening.

    After that, he looked at Arcanine, the first battle, and handed it to Arcanine, it was Terrance's style.

    The so-called first battle, is the momentum, regardless of winning or losing, but also to make Rival fearful, after the loss of Fire Type activities, Arcanine has long been eager to show their talents.

    On the platform, the yellow Galvantula confronts Arcanine, wearing a black-orange road, and the atmosphere is tense.

    Lai Yue and Terrance, who did not attack first, the scene suddenly dignified.

    "Want to find a flaw?"Lai Yue saw Terrance not moving, no longer waiting, the first to let Galvantula launch an attack.

    The golden electric mans are like a big net hitting the air, blocking the past in all directions of the Ground. Lai Yue let Galvantula make a Discharge trick.

    The current is dense, like a woven cage, which seems to suppress Arcanine.

    The Arcanine reaction was also very fast. The steps started directly, and along the Smack Down point, they hid to the side. Numerous currents continued to fall into the ground. Galvantula controlled the current to be smooth, and at this moment, Arcanine's coordination ability finally broke out.

    Its ability to coordinate is not reflected in the control of the flame, but in the control of the body.

    When the body and the trick merge with each other, it is Arcanine's full force.

    In the face of the constant sweeping current, Arcanine's dodging method shows amazing coordination, as if every muscle can be carefully controlled by it, Arcanine can always force change of the body in the next moment of Rival attack. Move the direction and then successfully avoid.

    “What is Terrance doing?”

    Lai Yue and Terrance's move made the audience into a loss.

    "It's warming up."Only a small number of people showed a strange expression. Bai Cheng is one of them. He looked at the scene seriously. Lai Yue was testing, and Terrance was also testing. The two sides did not dare to act rashly when they did not find out the other side’s cards. .

    "Terrance is no problem, how is the Elite Four so careful?"Bai Cheng is puzzled. He knows that when he was in the Dragon Type activity, he casually said two words to Lai Yue Elite, so that the other party had to pay attention to Terrance.

    "But ah…Continue to test it down…This Arcanine may accumulate more power. ”

    Galvantula attacked, Arcanine evaded, and several breathing exercises in this battle have been carried out in this way.

    After a moment, Laiyue’s expression stretched out and said: “Only this degree of coordination?”

    At the same time, Terrance is the same: "After warming up, is there only such an offensive?"

    The two men tempted each other, and no one was caught by the ability shown by both parties. Terrance knew that the Galavantula's worming silk is electrically conductive, the same as his Beautifly's worm Breeder, but compared to the Beautifly's worms. The work of this Galvantula on the Breeder of the silk is certainly not Beautifly.

    Since it is electrically conductive, combined with the current intensity, Terrance can safely let Arcanine attack.

    In Terrance's view, the most difficult thing about this Galvantula is the variable conductive filaments. However, since it is a silk, it will definitely fear the flame. If it is not specifically in the anti-fire direction Breeder, Galvantula's silk is absolutely resistant. Can't live with the flames.

    "Arcanine, show your strength."

    With the constant movement, Arcanine's body has already become hot and entered the best Contest Condition. The rich flame energy in the body is just around the corner. If it is not suppressed by Arcanine, I am afraid that there will be an infinite flame.

    “Galvantula, covering the entire field with insects.”

    When a touch of red mans flashed from Arcanine's eyes and entered the Arcanine of the Outrage Contest Condition, the wildness was fully opened, and at the same time, Galvantula gave up the Discharge and figured out the Arcanine coordination ability. How to suppress Arcanine.

    Both sides are self-defeating, just a round of confrontation, they will find that the other party will fall into their own fighting rhythm.

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