Pokemon Court Chapter 607

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 607th chapter Totem gas field, crazy attack, floating astronomy
    Starting from Galvantula, countless white insects spread all over the site. This silkworm, like a graffiti pen, was whitening the platform at a very fast speed. The silkworm spread to Arcanine's feet.


    Seeing the strong attack of the silk, Arcanine's eyes flashed fiercely, and the flames of the limbs with fluff rose, and there were countless fires in the whole body, directly swallowing its body and turning it into a flame demon.

    The silk touched Arcanine and was instantly burned to ashes.

    Galvantula's proud insect silk, under the nemesis flame, can't be close to Arcanine's body. Seeing this scene, the Trainer supporting Laiyue is in the heart and anxious for Galvantula.

    However, Galvantula's Trainer himself, Laiyue Elite did not worry about it. He saw that the silk was burned by the flame, and he had no accident at all.


    The next moment, all over the field of worm silk, the flash of gold shining, countless currents permeated in the worm silk, the ground spread a blanket of electricity, arcanine step down, the flame and current interwoven together, for a time both sides of the energy oppressive restraint, who can not devour who, but because the flame entangled arcanine The cause of the body, Arcanine suffered more damage.

    “After giving the conductive Ability, use the current directly to resist the flame.”Bai Cheng touched his chin. This is the most direct method. Terrance should have thought of it, then how should Terrance face it?

    "Sure enough, this Arcanine's ability to coordinate the fire is also related to the body. So, you can't show the full strength of the Fire Type activity."At the moment of confrontation, Lai Yue saw the fighting style of Arcanine.

    He has already guessed the next Arcanine action.

    Looking at Terrance, Laiyue was surprised, what was the temperament, and let Terrance choose to declare war directly with him, let Arcanine collide with Galvantula.

    At this time, the coordination ability of Arcanine's body on the electric field has been completely restricted.

    "Arcanine, Flare Blitz."

    Terrance breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Galvantula in the middle of the venue. If you can win, see if Arcanine can come to Galvantula!

    With Terrance's command, Arcanine directly burns the body's accumulated flame energy into power, and advances Extreme Speed skills to maximize their explosive power, and at this moment, Arcanine's entwined flame bursts even more in the air. The four-shot current contacts and instantly makes a roar.


    Lai Yue thought in his heart, just rushed over like this?

    I am afraid that I have not been exposed to Galvantula, and I will be swallowed by the endless currents on the way. Even if there is flame resistance, Arcanine's body will have to withstand the aftermath of the energy impact.

    This process is enough to make Arcanine riddled with holes.

    “So let Arcanine rush over?”At the master level of Trainer, almost no one can see Arcanine's fighting style, Wallace frowned, and Arcanine's flames could not completely suppress Galvantula's Electro Web.

    In terms of strength, Arcanine is still inferior to Galvantula.

    This has led to the fact that in the face of Laiyue Elite's suppression, it is difficult for Terrance to let Arcanine attack smoothly.

    "What do you want to do?"

    Obviously knowing that this process will be very damaging, but Terrance resolutely decided to let Arcanine choose the offense, and everyone wants to know what Terrance is.

    “呜~~~” The heart-rending Growl is sent from the Arcanine mouth. After the triple buck of Outrage, Extreme Speed, and Flare Blitz, Arcanine has entered the best Contest Condition, but it still feels the collision of current and flame. Wrinkled.

    At this point, Galvantula can still suppress it.

    "Arcanine."Seeing that Galvantula had to control Ground's insect nets, intertwined into cages to block them, Terrance quickly spoke loudly.

    "Give me all the power to devour these currents!"

    "Give me all the power to devour these currents!"

    Terrance's words are constantly echoing on the ground, so that everyone who hears this order is a glimpse.

    Just kidding, Arcanine's strength itself is weaker than Galvantula. The flame and current collision process will definitely cause irreversible damage to the body. In this case, what does the engulfing current do? Self-mutilation?

    And this degree of bursting flame, can not completely suppress this current.

    "Wait, wait a minute!!"Vivian, who was responsible for the explanation, suddenly stopped.

    At that moment, Arcanine's speed was reached to the utmost. At the moment before the moment, a touch of red awns appeared on Arcanine's brown eyelids, and Vivian caught it with his own eyes, and filled the yellowish gas field on Arcanine! !

    "The body of Arcanine seems to have changed!!"

    Only Arcanine can hear the roar of the body itself, countless flames burning in the body, and the strength limit of the leg and body Performance is amazingly strengthened because the Totem gas field is no longer suppressed.

    The constant flow of power, the more cohesive flames, let Arcanine Snarl want to vent his excitement at the moment.

    It is too much to be able to control this power.


    One foot and one foot Stomp On the Electro Web, even if the wind is swaying, the insects are immediately burned into a blackened fire by the bursting flame. Even the special Ground is left with a flame mark.

    "Galvantula, control the insect defense."

    The exaggerated changes in Arcanine made Laiyue shrink, and I don’t know why, suddenly, the strength of Arcanine has changed dramatically.

    This force, even the Arcanine that is currently out of full force, has overwhelmed Galvantula in terms of destructive power and speed.

    The current that was swallowed up was the most direct manifestation of the rise of Arcanine. Looking at the Arcanine, which was wildly galloping like the beast, Galvantula controlled the speed of the insects to the extreme, and dared not let Arcanine come to himself.

    Countless Electro Web gathers like a snake to form a protective cover to block Galvantula. In the face of Arcanine's attack, Lai Yue reveals a dignified expression. He can see that this blow should contain most of the power of Arcanine.

    "Using the ability to coordinate with the body, I suddenly mobilized so much power, it was a madman."

    Lai Yue’s heart is dark, and he knows where the Coordinator will use such a rude battle.

    The harsh rubbing sound continued to ring in the ring. As the flames rose up in Arcanine, it was black and black, and the powerful explosive force made Arcanine's body bear great pressure all the time.

    This extreme force mobilized by Totem's gas field has already made Arcanine's attack power a terrible level.

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