Pokemon Court Chapter 608

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 608 Thunder and inflammation, the shocking first battle, floating astronomy
    The video installation constantly captures the mysterious atmosphere that pervades Arcanine, the source of the sudden surge of power from Arcanine.

    At that moment, Arcanine's physical fitness was reinforced to a very high level, and its body can withstand more power in an instant.

    With Arcanine's wild explosive power, this change directly pushes Arcanine's power and speed to a very high level.

    Galvantula controlled the Electro Web shield, and looked nervously at Arcanine, which was like the phantom Normal. Everything in the middle, but it happened in an instant, Arcanine broke out at an all-powerful level, with its explosive power, people The sight of it has long been unable to see its movements.

    However, the rising flames indicate that Arcanine is launching a fatal blow to Galvantula!

    The Devil of Fire is in constant contact with the Electro Web Shield, and the infinite current instantly rushes out, splashing toward the flames, trying to defeat Arcanine's attack, but in the face of crazy intrusion, the next moment, Arcanine physically reoccurs. Amazing changes.

    I saw that there were countless current erosions, and Arcanine also started Spark. At the same time, Arcanine showed four moves.

    Outrage, Extreme Speed, Flare Blitz, Wild Volt!

    This bold move made many Top Coordinators afraid after a while, and they were worried.

    It’s extremely difficult to run three moves at the same time. Now Arcanine’s move is undoubtedly a death for most people.

    To say that the three tricks still have a certain degree of confrontation, but the two tricks of Flare Blitz and Wild Volt are completely contradictory moves.

    At the same time, such an attack, Arcanine is not afraid of the energy conflict between electricity and fire, causing an explosion? !

    "He is using the wild Volt trick to absorb the current from the Electro Web Shield and, by the way, find a chance to break through."Wallace looked at the current, the flames of the confrontation, and the strange colors in his eyes.

    Such a bold idea, I am afraid, is not what Terrance came up with in response to the current situation…

    As a Top Coordinator, Terrance must know the consequences of this failure, understand the consequences, still choose, and the results are self-evident.

    That's where Terrance has a lot of confidence in Arcanine, or that this technique has been practiced by countless times.

    "Let's try it, the combination of thunder and inflammation…"

    Looking at the yellow and red intertwined picture, Terrance has a tight heart. Although the usual practice can be successful, using the wild Volt to resist the current, he and Arcanine are indeed the first time. This is also a helpless choice. The attack is unsuccessful. He lost!


    The sound of the deafening sound came out, Soaring in the sky was instantly occupied by scattered fire snakes, and countless currents were scattered. The next moment, Arcanine, which bursts with current and flame, directly stepped on the void and turned into a flash, breaking through the Electro Web shield. Blocking, the ferocious gaze directly locked On the back of Galvantula.

    Galvantula, dodge with Agility!

    Laiyue Elite has already ordered, Galvantula has also been ordered, but even Agility, in front of this horrible monster, Galvantula also felt a deep despair.

    Even with Agility, it loses in speed, or in the coordination and neural response of the body.

    "This, this, Galvantula is -" Vivian swallowed, talking a little stuttered, watching the successive attacks, turning into Arcanine of Ray and Flash, Vivian began to doubt life, what she saw ?

    One of Elite Four's main elves, even being hit by a combo can't resist? !

    "boom!!! boom! ! ! boom! ! ! ! ! ! ”

    Galvantula is completely wrapped in thunder and inflammation. It has been eroded by flames and lightning, and Arcanine, which is also driving lightning and flames, doesn't even know if it is sensible.

    In this scenario, Arcanine is really like the beast Normal.

    A powerful impact hits Galvantula's body in madness. In addition to the simple power, the impact of flames and thunder and lightning bursts, it also falls on Galvantula.

    Elite Four's Pokémon, it is impossible to knock down. Now, before Arcanine is completely out of consciousness, what is to be done is unlimited attack, unlimited impact!


    Galvantula wanted to use the insects to stick to the Ground to escape, but as the Heat Wave rolled over, a Contest's thunderstorm burst into flames and fell to its side. The huge impact caused Galvantula to fall into the Ground again.



    Gawd…… "

    Regardless of his identity, the audience, the Top Coordinator, or the top Trainer, and perhaps the top of the celebration party, saw Arcanine’s crazy combo, stood up, and looked incredulously at the calm. Lai Yue.

    Elite Four Laiyue…He was suppressed, although his expression has not changed, but from his indifference, anyone can see his powerlessness. In the face of crazy combos like Arcanine, he can't get rid of Galvantula!

    "You can only wait."

    At the same time, Lai Yue can also see that Arcanine's consumption is so large that it is exaggerated. Now the only thing he can do is to pray for Galvantula, which can last longer than Arcanine.

    "I didn't expect this Arcanine to grow to this point now, this combo…It can be suppressed to Lai Yue Elite! ! ”Raoul Contesta was excited to stand up directly, excitedly watching the scene of the thunder and the intertwined scene.

    "Somewhat terrible…"Bai Cheng’s face was dignified. At this time, Arcanine made him feel the threat. He waved the force and constantly felt the mysterious atmosphere of Arcanine, but he did not gain anything.

    "Outrage has stimulated the wildness and raised Arcanine's combat consciousness to an incredible degree. Even if there is a gap in the experience of the opponent, it will make up for it. The most amazing thing is the perfect connection between the thunder and the inflammation. A trick is enough to spread the name of your Coordinator."Wallace did not expect that this first battle was actually a great advantage from Terrance.

    "When I was playing against me, Growlithe wanted to hit Swablu in Flying and it would be very bad. It was only for such a short time. This Arcanine could even give the Galvantula attack in the air with Stomp's bursting flame…"Winona was so stunned that she found that Terrance's progress was far beyond her imagination.

    At the same time, people around the world saw the first battle between Arcanine and Galvantula.

    The horrible offensive that Arcanine showed made people completely change the gentle image it left in the Fire Type activity.

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