Pokemon Court Chapter 609

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the illusion of the 609th chapter of the text, floating astronomy

    Immersed in the combo of the thunder and the inflammation, people only feel the violence and the attack of Contest, almost forgot the time.

    When Arcanine's body fell, people didn't look at Arcanine for the first time, but went to see Galvantula and didn't.

    GollumSomeone later feared: "If it is me, I will certainly not watch my Pokémon being attacked so many times, Laiyue Elite he…Why not take back Galvantula. ”

    "Even Arcanine's shadows are not clear, but also want to take back Galvantula?"The person next to him laughed at him and said, "And you are too small to look at the Elite of Laiyue. He is one of the Elite Fours ever. Has the Elite Challenge been seen? Elite's elves have only been attacked by one strike and two strikes, and their willpower and defensive ability have been trained to a very terrible degree. ”

    "Terrance, he…And Lai Yue Elite, are gambling, bet who will fall first. ”

    Arcanine fell to the ground, representing Arcanine's exhaustion, and now, if Galvantula still has the strength to stand up under the Hurricane rain-like offensive, then…

    However, such a situation did not happen after all.

    “Galvantula, Arcanine loses combat power at the same time.”Vivian has a weird tone.

    Lai Yue looked at the unconscious Galvantula and slowly took out the Poké Ball and took it back.

    "You have done a good job, then hand it over to Electroviere."

    Looking back at Terrance, Laiyue Elite didn't open, but waited quietly for Terrance to send the next elf.

    Also recovering Arcanine's Terrance, it has proved itself with strength and has the ability to compete with Elite.

    "That Laiyue…In the beginning, the desire to win was not as strong as Terrance. ”Steven looked at the whole battle situation and shook his head slightly. The explosiveness of Terrance's Arcanine not only scared the audience, but even his champion was scared by Arcanine's desire to win.

    And now?

    Interested in looking at the Laiyue on the stage, now, Lai Yue may have to fight against Terrance as a level Rival.

    “Fallabor Gym Trainer Terrance ?!”

    The Alliance executives, who were originally interested in the celebrations of Bai Cheng, showed a surprised expression after seeing the performance of Terrance's first battle.

    No matter how to win, but in the formal downfall, he actually defeated the main force of the Elite Four-level Trainer!

    "This young man…"Glacia Elite fell silent, and the idea of Terrance going to fight with Laiyue Elite was that she spoke out, but now, this scene…

    "They also have two elves."

    Looking at the Poké Ball icon that was destroyed at the same time on the big screen, and the two remaining Poké Ball icons on both sides, everyone overthrew all the guesses about the outcome, which may not be as simple as they thought.


    “Mismagius, be careful with Rival.”

    Following Galvantula, Laiyue sent Magnezone, which won the Steel type campaign. Magnezone is the evolution of Magneton, with an UFO-like elliptical body. Both Mismagius and Magnezone float in the air, after the previous battles. The vigilance of only the elves has been raised to the maximum.

    Although in the first battle Terrance succeeded in pulling Lai Yue an elf into the water, but this does not explain anything, it is only a battle, plus the next two games, the entire 3vs3 battle is the focus of people's concern.

    Mismagius has shown great strength in the Ghost Type event. It is well known that Lai Yue Elite also knows the strength of Mismagius, but in terms of strength, Mismagius is still a level lower than Magnezone. Lai Yue is worried that Mismagius will It won't burst out of hidden power like Arcanine.

    Mismagius's illusion manipulation not only pulls Rival into the illusion space, but also directly interferes with it.

    In the face of Magnezone, Mismagius quickly retired after the start of the battle, forming two groups of Mystical Fire, and then in the eyes of everyone, the number of Mystical Fire suddenly changed from one to two, and then doubled, eventually the venue Sky floated more than a dozen flames.

    The Mystical Fire is extremely hot and extremely hot. At the height of the Mismagius, the flames are endowed with amazing destructive power.

    Mismagius waved Mystical Fire, with a burning scent, and the flames combined into a large character. Under the control of Mismagius, Mystical Fire instantly became a big word.

    This round of big-bang explosions is amazing. It seems that only one stroke can swallow Magnezone. In the face of such an amazing trick, many viewers have eyes wide.

    worthless scumLai Yue opening.

    In the face of such an amazing Mystical Fire, Magnezone began to create a transparent wall in the air under the command of Laiyue, blocking it in front of him.

    Although the size of the wall is much smaller than the “big-bang”, as the light flashes between the walls and combines with each other, under the control of Magnezone, the Light Screen is directly superimposed together, pushing it like a Barrier until it A point in the Mystical Fire that has a large character.


    When I hit the superimposed Light Screen, the Mystical Fire is instantly offset, and Terrance's face changes, and a round of big characters bursts, so it is cracked?

    "Sure enough, it is an illusion."Lai Yue saw that the remaining Mystical Fire disappeared and confirmed the opening.

    “Is the Vision and Entity directly resolved using Light Screen?”Terrance didn't expect the illusion to be cracked like this.

    Mismagius used Confuse Ray to distort the light on the platform and created an illusion, but under the control of Magnezone, the illusory vision of the distorted light was instantly captured by the Light Screen's Reflection, and Terrance took a deep breath and learned. Arrived…Light Screen can also be used like this.

    Now, unless Mismagius is able to press Magnezone on the control of light, the ordinary illusion should be useless to Magnezone, but looking at the calm expression of Laiyue Elite, Terrance knows that the other party should be serious, just the Arcanine battle, It must be very uncomfortable for the other party.

    “Not only can I use Light Screen, but I also have four ways to crack the illusion of Mismagius.”As if to guess the idea of Terrance, Laiyue opened.

    "Was I?That's interesting. ”Terrance opened his mouth and said, "Mismagius, give yourself a Lucky Chant."

    “Next, use illusion hypnosis Rival.”

    Under the Terrance order, the three red gems on the body of Mismagius flashed in an instant, followed by the strange light in the eyes of Mismagius, and the layers of spells fluctuated into nothingness, moving towards Magnezone.

    "Create waves that counteract each other's illusions."Lai Yue also ordered.

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